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We started looking for featured members as soon as we started The Paranormal Alliance, we wanted to show support to those who support us. We wanted to choose those that are active on the page, answering questions and helping where they can. This is why we have chosen Kelly from H.A.L.O or Houston After Life Org, to be the first one featured. He has been very active in the chat room on the forum and on the Facebook page, He works long periods of time on a tugboat and still has shown a great deal of support to all of us. We are so honored to have people like this in The Paranormal Alliance, it shows that us in the paranormal field truly support one another. When we set out to build this page we wanted it to be a great place for everyone to share idea's with one another and with people like Kelly on here we can do that. Kelly has written a bio that will be shared with all of you, and we again say thanks for being apart of The Paranormal Alliance. Below is the links to the Facebook page for H.A.L.O or Houston After Life org.

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My name is Kelly, my wife Kim, and I have been married 28 years and both of us are very interested in the paranormal. We founded HALO, Houston After Life Org. a little over a

year ago after going to Tombstone AZ. and going on the Ghost Tour at the Birdcage Theater. Like many others, we had become paranormal show junkies not long before the trip, which only peaked our interest in Investigating. I became interested in the Paranormal many years ago but had no idea how to find out more about it until the past couple of years. On the tour, I had the wonderful experience of the cold spot, chill bumps, dizziness and then nausea. From that moment on I was hooked and began to invest heavily in equipment. My wife has yet to have any personal experiences so it keeps her skepticism alive and well. I, on the other hand, always seem to get goose bumps and some hair raising on investigations. I have been a Tugboat Pilot since 1978 and work a 28 day on 28 days off schedule when I do not ride extra days. I love to chat with others while on the boat on Yahoo messenger or the Facebook chat. It breaks the boredom of sitting alone for 12 hours a day in a small wheelhouse. Our boat runs from St Paul Minn to New Orleans La. on the Upper and Lower Mississippi Rivers and also the Illinois, Ohio and Tenn. Rivers. Our group is a bit different than some as we have about half of us in the Houston TX. area and the other half in East TX. But so far it has worked for us. We are open to having others join us from other groups or just someone interested in going out on an investigation. And we would love to go out with another group to observe how others go about an investigation and learn other investigating tips. Travel is not really a problem when I am off the boat, unless it conflicts with a Patriot Guard Mission I may be involved with. If you have not heard of the Patriot Guard Riders, we are a group of patriots that attend our fallen heroes, veterans and first responders funerals at the families request. It is a good thing to do. Check it out, at the links below. I was the 6th ride captain in the Houston area, something I am very proud of. If you are ever bored and use a Yahoo messenger MSG me, mustanger7up. I would love to chat about the paranormal or anything else you have in mind. Good hunting, Kelly n Kim Houston Area

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