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A few of the techniques used by panel beaters Ivanhoe to repair vehicle bodies Trained and skilled technicians who perform repairs to vehicle bodies are known as panel beaters. They do all that is necessary to restore the shape of the vehicle that has been involved in an accident and has been damaged or the body disfigured. All the work of panel beaters Ivanhoe is conducted in workshops with ample space and whose main purpose is to repair vehicles. Who are referred to as panel beaters Auto repair involves different types of jobs such as replacement of damaged parts and repairs to the body of the vehicle and the inner parts too. Panel beaters are specialized in treating the outer body surface of the vehicle that might have got dented due to an accident. Panel beaters and the different techniques they adopt to repair the body of the vehicle There are a number of techniques used by the panel beaters to perform their job and it depends on how badly the vehicle has been damaged or distorted and the area that needs to be repaired. The technique most popular with panel beaters is PDR or paintless dent removal; it is considered the best option for removing dents from the surface of the vehicle. This is highly preferred to other options since it leaves the existing paint intact and there is no need to repaint. Thus it is less expensive and the other advantage is that it takes very little time to restore the vehicle back to factory shape. But this cannot be applied in all circumstances; the dent has to be shallow and it should not be on a curved part or difficult to reach surface of the vehicle; it depends mainly on the position, size and depth of the dent. Planishing is another commonly used technique; here the dented surface is smoothened with the help of a planishing hammer. In this technique a workman holds a stake that is shaped in accordance with the shape of the body of the vehicle and the dent is hammered out and smoothened. For small cracks on the body a sealant known as putty is applied to close the gaps. Welding is the other technique that is adopted by the panel beaters Fitzroy for vehicle repairs. And in serious accidents some of the parts may have been completely damaged and beyond repair and such parts have to be replaced with new ones. Of all the techniques PDR is supposed to be the best one; it is a specialized procedure and requires a set of different tools that are available with the panel beaters and other

mechanic shops too. The technician that has patience and a steady hand can recreate a flawless factory finish to the vehicle making it look like new again. And once the panel beaters complete their job a thorough check up is conducted to identify the flaws if any still present on the body; all such flaws identified will again be worked upon to ensure a flawless finish to the vehicle and this is what is going to be greatly appreciated by the clients.

A few of the techniques used by panel beaters Ivanhoe to repair vehicle bodies