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Bags that matters It has been estimated that these bags helps in transportation of over quarter of a billion of products each year and the demand is only predicted to grow in the coming years. So it is not wrong to say that these are the bags that matters. Humans have been using bags for very long; they come in different sizes, are made of different materials and fulfil various purposes. For people who are interested in carrying industrial goods over long distances there are jumbo bags also known as flexible intermediate bulk containers or FIBC. These bags are made up of thick polypropylene and generally have capacity in thousands of kilograms. They first came in to existence in 1940s and at that time they were manufactured from PVC. Initially the main utility of these bags were in the rubber industry and they were used in transporting black carbon. As the time changed the utility of these bags also changed, in 1970 they were used in cement industry but now they are used for carrying lot of products like cereals, animal feeds, chemicals etc. The best quality of these bags is their ability to be recycled easily. Apart from these jumbo bags there are various strong bags available in the market, these bags are generally plastic bags and are used as shopping bags in the market. These bags are sometimes referred as one time use bag as they are used for carrying goods from market to the houses. As the focus of the world is shifting towards sustainable development the need for producing biodegradable plastic bags and recyclable bags was felt by the scientists and after lot of efforts they were able to produce biodegradable plastic bags. These bags are made up of polyethylene making them ox-biodegradable. As the resources are scare and biodegradation is a long process the need for producing reusable or recyclable bags was felt badly. The concept of recycling allows one resource to satisfy many needs at different times, the recycling of bags is no different. Now there is no need to just discard your jumbo bags once they wear out else you can chose to recycle them and use them again as new. The utilities of these jumbo strong bags are uncountable, ranging from carrying fertilizers, chemicals, food products, grains, pigments, plastics, seeds, peanuts, starch to carrying Fibreglasses and sand. The importance of these bags for the users cannot be debated.

Jumbo bags