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The trayne now standin at platform one is callin at Lancin Worthin West Worthin Durringtn Gorin Ammerin n Littelamtn upson downs upson downs upson downs up some downs down some ups down sunups downland ups upland downs downdown ups upupdowns down di down downland rabbity up and upland down nettles and briars down brambles and byres beetles and docks holly and hocks gorse and poppies juniper coppices milkwort and vetch hawthorn and hedge sage and speedwell cowslips harebells flint n stone brick n bone wheat n sheep sheep n wheat S E A W E E D!

doggedy rose doggedy rose chockety chalk fidgety worts chalkety walks bridles n track saddles n tack burrows n barrows furrows n farrows rape and clover snipe and plover ox eye daisy downs thistledown on donkey down knapweed low down knapped flint high down honeysuckle yew crowns burnet rose ivy bounds heigh ho berry berry down hedgerows soughing sparrows down slowing down rolling downs sloe down whoa down low down sssslowwww downs The trayne now standin at platform one is callin at Worthin All chaynge for East Worthin

Michael Small July 7-July 9, 1997