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COLLECTING SHELLS Ziyang collected argonaut paper nautilus combed with spiral chambers & chitons in coat-of-mail, limpet mines in amber cones of deadly poison with stinging harpoons barbed & fiery flaming augurs torching giant robber crabs dog whelks shooting acid, thornbacks pincers cracking armour-plated marlinspikes in phalanxes attacking bleeding tooth nerites, maws a fiend’s trapdoor nuclear whorls & razor shells bomb coral reefs in war

Lili Yin collected queen conch star turban

venus comb

strawberry goblet

precious wentletrap

dog-cockle pearl

imperial harp

emerald nerite

banded tulip

flamingo tongue

golden cowrie

rose-branch murex January 6, 1994; May 2-6, 2005 published The Mozzie, volume 18, issue 6, August, 2010

Michael Small