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bit of swing bit of carry bit of everything very fast outfield very flat track very great catch shots all round the wicket glorious cricket

oh dear!

beautiful six superb cover drives beautiful ground strokes wonderful session terrific crowd wonderful exhibition did it pitch outside the line? pretty good length, bit too fine

stand and deliver

big deflection genuine nick big wicket great outfield cricket tremendous throw great ball to be hit bat pad comes in, good move batsmen in the groove, surely

they’ve dug deep

such a splendid arm! what soft hands! such a good eye! what a fine leg! unbelievable tension! unbearable suspense! enormous controversy! explosive atmosphere!

dot ball, well bowled

dear, oh dear! oh dear, oh dear! got him! the finest of tickles swallowed up, clean as a whistle

cop that! oh that’s dumb that’s plumb! worth a shout out, without a doubt

down to the wire it’s a funny old game, cricket what a run feast! bowling’s licked they’re having a picnic

ouch, nutmegged! what drama, Tony Grieg! it’s all happening at the G and that’s it – tea!

Michael Small February 20, 1999; January 12-13, 2000


beautiful six stand and deliver superb cover drives beautiful ground strokes cop that! oh that’s dumb wonderful session terrific crowd that’...

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