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CIRCUMVOLUTION a free for Rex Hunt and Micky Martyn cops one high but the man mountains pinged for an offence on The Cranium and big Mick goes ape droppings as Mil snakes out a handpass to Spalding but The Golf Ball makes a pigs breakfast of a junior giraffe kick to Diesel intercepted by Fairley whos f a a irly good and says thank your mother for the rabbits and charging through is Schwass Sticker who props cops one in the mush for his pains its over the shoulder boulder holder gains a free and fires in a rip snorter to C O R E Y on his lonesome

who eats those

or ought to un believ able

the Sherrin wouldnt stick and now the umpire falls over again get up you idiot Armstrong The Moon Walker swoops on the pill it spews to de Lulio the working mans half back flanker its stacks on the mill now its with The Bow and Arrow Man in Archer dancing through the pack like Fred Astaire and transvestites the backside of the square ooh kicks a worm burner to the Arkansas Giant in little Rock whos in more trouble than a wounded frog in a flock of seagulls but gets his kick in has it got the C A R R Y over Big Harry McKernan who flies like Clark Kent thats worth some Frequent Flyer points hello theres a box on behind the play cream puff stuff just waltzing i say The Deans kicked an absolute pearler slicing with a nine iron hit a photographer on the top of his nut his bald pates not shining the boundary umpire throws in Big Harry to Christou wait for it woof woof you heard it live first on 3AW a mongrel finger breaker to Sticks Kernahan who fires a hospital handpass to a bloke eating a pie a comedy of errors old Bill wouldve been proud of gee i tell you what the Shinboners are bombing them in Mitchell with the firebreak haircut retarded by King if they were dogs youd hose them and hasnt Special Fried Rice been given some C U R R Y

tell you what if they don’t extract a digit shortly and Blakey ball screams the crowd up yours says the umpie theyre playing safe football they must be wearing rubbers not even the Man who walked on the Red Sea could do a grubber like the footpad in Scholl whos decraniumalised hit hard oooh magnificent stuff and grabbed by the strides the Roo boys are like mice under the blanket you can keep some of them in some of the time but not all of them in all of the time now it’s the Big Fridge lumbering after the agate he cant bend from the perpendicular pick it up son pick it up Roberts finally gathers the leather in his buckets and launches a long bomb that sails through the atmosphere towards the Big Knacker in Horse Longmire and Carey C A R E Y and Carey descends from the heavens with the air conveyance Heaver brick hangs his scone sorry son if you dont try and get the cherry youre up the creek without a paddle Carey muscles bulging like cocoa pops the Adonis standing the mark is Koutou fi des this for his fourth and he will line up just inside the fifty and look at the bluebaggers theyre chewing without gum can they lift as Captain Courageous puts it on its cir cum vol u tion its a ballburster higher than Joe Cocker its lofted and wafted and pofted you beauty Wayne Carey has pinged it right through the eye of a needle hes killing em and up go the two calicoes as pagans heroes come charging home

Michael Small

footy seasons, 1995-6

published Kickers and Knockers, MPU chapbook, September, 2005


CUR RY CIRCUMVOLUTION a free for Rex Hunt Michael Small footy seasons, 1995-6 published Kickers and Knockers, MPU chapbook, September, 2005

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