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To design street furniture for a festival application. This might be for something specific for a given festival, or a more traditional type i.e a bench.



CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Research 3. Attribute Analysis 4. Concepts and Development 5. Final CAD Model 6. VIP Booth Fixings 7. Structural Analysis 8. Material Analysis 9. Ergonomics 10. Design Review 11. Company Policy 12. Change Review Form


1. INTRODUCTION The brief was very broad in the sense that you could attack it from many angles as there is a large variety of festivals throughout the world. From music and book festivals to orange throwing and ice carving festivals as well as eating and beer drinking festivals. Each festival unique and an opportunity to create a beautiful piece of rotational moulded furniture. To make this a more personal project I thought i’d focus on something i have an interest in- eating, beer and music. However, I finally decided on designing something for a music festival- a VIP section to be more precise.

The subject of Music festivals is a broad one in itself- they scattered round the world bringing all kinds of artists together. From the Ultra Music Festival, Miami to Rockness, North Scotland, Tennants Vital, Northern Ireland to Tomorrowland, Belgium and Paleo, Switzerland to Glastonbury, England. The one I chose to focus my project on is Tomorrowland in Belgium. Within Tomorrowland there are different sections, the standard campsite and hang out spots to the dreamland camp, which is the VIP section. My product is going to be a VIP booth for the dreamland section. Multiple VIP booths will be scattered around the bar and outside the tent where groups of people can rent them out if they want a little more privacy. There are three factors I will need to research before I begin designing- outdoor furniture, the festival i’m going to design for and other (for inspiration).



As a general I was focusing on the shapes, forms and layouts of these pieces of furniture to draw inspiration for my final outcome. The top left has a lovely donut shape that would cut you off from the rest of the world, however, being at a music festival I don’t think you would get the full festival vibe. For that reason i don’t think a roofing structure would work much like the top and bottom right images. With regard to the top right image i really like the spherical and roundness of it. Like with King Arthurs round table which brought equality and openness to the table this would do the same, there would be no ‘corner trap’ like there would be on a square table. A circular structure would be ideal for my VIP booth as two halves could be rotationally moulded and fixed together on site- this would also be an advantage for travel and storage. Focusing now on the height off the floor of the top left and bottom right structure. I think it would be too low for the festival goers- a better height would be top right. When designing for this I will use anthropometric data charts. 4


Above are collection of images from Tomorrowland 2012. Tomorrowland is a dance music festival located in belgium on an annual basis attracting party goers from all around the world. This multinational festival has two sections, like many, a standard and a VIP section. In 2012 it attracted 120,000 people so the idea of having a table to sit down, relax and drink might sound rather good if the pushing and pulling gets draining, especially if its during the day and your resting for the night ahead! The festival itself is riddled with vivid colour so I feel my design must adopt and reciprocate that. As the festival will be very busy they will need to be a reasonable size in order for a few pods to be scattered about the place and not become an inconvenience. However, if they are to be made for 6-8 people then the size will all depend on the anthropometric data I use. They must be deisgned in a way that goes with the general flow, vibe and atmosphere of the festival.



Firstly, one thing that stood out at in 4 of these photos was the lighting. It consists of bright, neon lights lighting up underneath seats and down the wall- lighting is going to be an important attribute to my booth. Secondly, the railings seem important as a way of sectioning off the VIP’s from the rest of the club/festival therefore I will try incorporating it in my final design. Lastly, the shapes of two of the clubs tables are rounded, I have also incorporated an image of king arthurs round table, I feel a rounded overall shape as well as centre table is very important. It will make a more socialable atmosphere. 6




-Be comfortable to sit on for a large length of time. -Be easy to move around/ get into.

-Must be beautiful. -Must have a comfy pleasing look. -Use neutral colours for base black/ gray/ white. (hints of vivid colours included)

-Must have enough leg room to be comfy. (anthropometric data) -Handrail must be comfy to sit back on/ hold on to.

MATERIALS - Rotational moulded main componant.


- Leather (seat tops?)

-Must be easy to clean/ keep clean. - Be waterproof. (material selection)

- Stainless steel. (rail/ stairs/ centre table?) - Wood. (stairs/ rail/ centre table?)


STORAGE/TRANSPORT/ CAPACITY/ASSEMBLY - Assembly/ Disassembly must be straight forward. (small team to build)

- Be fade proof. (material/ colour selection) - nowhere where legs/ fingers could get trapped. - no sharp edges.

- Can be made smaller for storage. - Must hold 6-8 people. (anthropometric data)



Above left and right are two pages of development thinking about shape, connections and materials. Firstly, shape, I looked at simple circular and square bodies for the main rotational moulded sections and tried to think of reasonable shapes that could be produced. The red/ orange/ yellow section shows how the outcome of the mould would be- simple. Support for the table, feet area, seating area and finally a backing to the seat all in one component. To the right shows another initial concept. This is more square with rounded edges and a circular centre table which presents an interesting outcome. Also the steps up to it give it a good height- maybe makes the user feel a sense of self- righteousness.


Above are two other concepts that would both present a good final outcome. The VIP booth 2 goes back on what i said about equality and the ‘corner trap’. A circular table is definitely the one I want to pursue. To the right is an exploded view of the above concept. The two rotational moulded sections would be fixed together by the above and below stainless steel spiked planks, all would sit in the stainless steel base. The outside rails would be made from stainless steel and screwed into the main bodies. The table would also be made from stainless steel or woodwhichever the stairs are made from. LED light clusters would also be screwed into the footwells- they would shine from green/blue/pink. 9


Above is a CAD model of my final design. The white polypropylene is perfect for the sunny festival as it has a reflective nature as well as being fade proof. It is complemented by the the chrome fixing plate, rails and table. The round shape of both the booth and table allow for the perfect socialising situation. It is calculated to hold up to 8 people comfortably with regard to feet room and actual seating space. The circumference of the table allows the users to move around easily with the help of the outside rail as well. The booth is at a good height to be stepped into yet even when you sit down your at a height that you feel above others. I could definitely see these scattered about the VIP area at Tomorrowland being enjoyed by the festival goers.



Above is an exploded sectioned view of the VIP booth showing how the booth fits together. The white rotational moulded section will get 6 holes drilled in it after the mould is finished in which the chrome base and top piece will be screwed together. This will insure that the two rotationally moulded pieces are held together firmly- the fact that its in two sections will make it more manageable for the crew to put together. There is also a hole in the top chrome section for the table to slide through. It will be a tight fit so that it does not need any extra fixing. The rail will be attached to the outside of the rotationally moulded piece. Holes for screws will be drilled to ensure that it is attached. The reason I didn’t make the main body a full rotational mould was to make it a more manageable size for the crew to put together on location as well as it being easier to transport and store.











The above two diagrams display the live and dead loads the VIP Booth will experience. A live load is defined as a load that isn’t constant, it can change frequently, like wind, rain and people leaning on it. A dead load is defined as the weight of the product itself. The top one shows the normal day-to-day forces that the VIP Booth would have to endure. The live loads are people pushing/ pulling/ leaning on the rails/ table/ seating. Also people walking/ shuffleing around on the chrome fixings and base of the rotational moulded piece. The dead load is just that of the weight of the booth itself. The second set of diagrams show what effect the environment would have on the VIP Booth. The live loads involve the weather- rain, wind, snow and sunshine. But an important one is temperature because materials can expand if its too warm. I will focus more on that at material selection. 12






Above is a diagram portraying where the forces will be- each colour represents a different force. The VIP Booth has been designed to 95th percentile data. The average human weighs 70.8Â kg. The booth will be able to withstand 70.8kg x 8 with a safety factor of 2 or 3.


MATERIAL ANALYSIS ROTATIONAL MOULD- POLYPROPYLENE The main body of my VIP booth is rotationally moulded as two separate pieces using the material polypropylene. Its critical properties include: • Excellent resistance (no attack) to dilute and concentrated Acids, Alcohols, Bases and Mineral Oils • Good resistance (minor attack) to Aldehydes, Esters, Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Ketones and Vegetable Oils • Limited resistance (moderate attack and suitable for short term use only) to Aromatic and Halogenated Hydrocarbons and Oxidizing Agents

Maximum Temperature: 275°F 135°C

Minimum Temperature: 32°F 0°C

Autoclavable: Yes

Melting Point: 338°F 170°C

Tensile Strength: 4,500 psi

Hardness: R95


Specific Gravity: 0.90

Polypropylene’s resistance to alcohol is perfect for the use at a festival as no doubt drinks will be spilt. Its maximum and minimum temperatures for the environment its in also ensure that it wont fail in that sense. It has a good strength as well as hardness so its unlikely to fail in shear, compressive, tensile or torsion.


SECOND MATERIAL NICKEL PLATED STAINLESS STEEL Stainless Steel has a high ductility, low yield stress and relatively high ultimate tensile strength. As steel is heated above critical temperature (approx. 1335 F) it undergoes a phase change, recrystallizing as austenite. It is essentially non-magnetic in the annealed condition. This gives the stainless steel excellent cryogenic properties, good hightemperature strength and oxidation resistance. Excellent corrosion resistance, non-magnetic properties and exceptionally high toughness at all temperatures make these steels suitable for a wide variety of applications.

All other components are made from stainless steel coated with nickel. The 2 flat pieces will be stamped into shape and holes drilled into. On the bottom plate the 6 prongs will be welded on. The table leg will be extruded as will the outside railing- which will also be to get the semi circle shape. All pieces will then be finished with a coat of nickel via the process of electrolysis. I chose this material as all its attribute would suit the environment intended for it as well as the beautiful finish the nickel gives it.



Anthropometric data is helpful when designing products that will have a relationship with a human. It allows you to design to a certain percentile- in this case the 95th. I have designed my VIP Booth to this chart. The depth of the seat is 480, the height 440, and the back rest is 580- this will ensure the users get optimum comfort when using the booth. The table will be 600 off the floor of the booth to ensure the users have enough room to maneuver comfortably and easily. The table is also situated 390 away from the users elbow so if they want they can lean on the table.




600 440


DESIGN REVIEW STRENGTHS I feel that my design has a very comfortable, crisp and aesthetically appealing look. The white and nickel plated components compliment each other. I feel the final shape adds to the beauty of it and makes onlookers feel a sense of envy seeing people sitting in it. I feel the circular shape definitely makes it perfect for socialising.

WEAKNESSES Firstly, I feel that the corners could be filleted more as they look quite sharp, this would add to the attractiveness of it. I think the railings could have a thicker diameter to ensure that it wouldn’t fail in tension especially if there are drunk people hanging off them- putting their body weight on them.

MODIFICATIONS The first modification I would make to this product would be a hole in the table for a space for a parasol especially because its usually sunny during the time of Tomorrowland. I feel this would be a very good addition to the VIP Booth. Secondly, I think i should have followed through with the steps up into the booth. It might be nice to raise it off the ground more using a wooden decking. Thirdly, a final modification would be some leather seating on the booth itself. It would be a welcomed addition that would reiterate the comfortably of the booth.


COMPANY POLICY ETHICS The company Festival Furniture have a moral view on ethics. We pride ourselves on being ethically correct in all areas. The VIP Booth was designed in our offices in the UK and all parts were made abroad, in China. The machinery and warehouse space was paid for at a fair price as well as the staff being paid very well. The price of producing it in the UK was far to expensive with the budget we drew up therefore China was the next option. The product was not designed with the environment in mind, this is a change we would make if another project like this is asked of us.

SUSTAINABILITY This product was not designed with sustainability in mind, however, in saying that the polypropylene shells can be recycled once they have reached the end of their product life cycle. If we were to do this project again we would make it with the concept of ‘cradle to grave’.

CO2 FOOTPRINT The process of making stainless steel is both polluting and energy intensive to the environment- however it is very readily and easily recycled. In spite of this, the movement the mined minerals travel is a sufficient even before its made into stainless steel. This means that stainless steel has quite a large carbon footprint- which is made even bigger by the nickel plating and machine processes it has to go through to get to the final product. The production of a tonne of Polypropylene pellets from recycled PP bottles emits 1.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The production of 1 tonne of linear low density polyethylene from natural gas emits 2 tonnes of CO2. Typically, the carbon footprint of a plastic product can be reduced 30 to 50% by using recycled plastics. Also, waste can be reduced by 50 to 75% by using recycled plastics since the waste plastic is recycled and not sent to landfill. The VIP booth is not produced with recycled polypropylene therefore the carbon footprint is large.



This is a change request form that we created in a group at the beginning of the module. It is a form that must be filled out if any part of the design is to be changed.


VIP Booth  
VIP Booth  

Rotationally moulded main componant VIP booth