Issuu on Google+ The Taste of Ambrosia in Turkish Baklava Man, by his nature is a food lover. And what is food if doesn’t taste great? We all love to eat yummy treats and the experience of having a delicious meal becomes even more amazing when the dessert menu contains Turkish Baklava. From the beginning of its invention, it was a big hit among the people of the transatlantic region. Initially, it was believed to be a kind of sheer pampering worthy of only the royals. Perhaps, it will be more appropriate to say that only the royals and the nobles of the day could afford this dish. Nevertheless, its taste was equally amazing to common people too. Gradually over time, certain modifications to the original recipe inevitably took place. Turkish baklava started having its different variations. Pistachio baklava is one such. This novelty dish contains rich stuffing of kinds of nuts. Cashew, walnut etc. go down pretty well in its making.

Over the years at a stretch since its invention, Turkish baklava has attained immense popularity. It has crossed the borders of the countries and geographical regions. Even timeline has been unable to check its ever-growing popularity. It has overcome the borders of continents. After winning over countless hearts in the old world, it has reached the new world across the Atlantic. A great many restaurants in far off continents of the two Americas and Australia have included it along with its varieties. Pistachio baklava is no less in demand all across the globe. Being an ‘all nuts’ sweet dish, it has

its own appeal to food lovers. Its ingredients, like honey, nuts, butter etc., are both extremely nutritious and tasty. These dessert dishes are the ideal cultural ambassadors of the nation from where they originated. This way, these mere food items are facilitating to bring the world closer. This stands as an outstanding example of how a social culture can weave in the thread of oneness among contrasting societies and races and facilitate in tying them together. This age-old delicacy along with all its varieties is surely going to rule over peoples’ hearts until the end of time.

The Taste of Ambrosia in Turkish Baklava