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Celebrating life in regional Australia

Heartland Television Program Proposal


Why a TV show for regional Australians?

About one-third of Australia’s population of 21 million people live outside the capital cities. These people make an important contribution to Australia’s economic and cultural life and to its prosperity in the global economy. Australia’s poetry and ballads at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries record tales of the resilience, self-reliance, humour, courage and innovation of those living beyond the cities. Regional Australia includes more than 99 per cent of the country’s landmass, ranging from remote settlements to rural towns and cities, from the northern tropics to temperate Tasmania, and from island territories to arid, mineral-rich zones. Regional Australia and its historical development figure prominently in Australian culture and identity. This is particularly reflected in literature and the visual arts, and in Australian values and traditions. Regional centres provide a central node for business, work and tourism opportunities, farmers markets, wholesale food and access to farm machinery. A strong transport and communication network is vital for connecting these communities to the rest of Australia and to the world.

Heartland Television Program Proposal

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Heartland Television Program Proposal

What is Heartland? Heartland is all about the people and places of regional Australia. • A fun & friendly showcase for regional communities – proudly shared with all of Australia • A weekly 10 x 30minute series that explores and celebrates life in Australia’s regional towns • Taking in the places, the people and the businesses in heartland of rural and regional Australia • Hosted by popular and experienced media presenters with ‘regional credibility’

Heartland Demo Opener

Features the Heartland theme song and a montage of this week’s locations

Story 1

We visit a young mum in Bendigo, Victoria and discover how she balances living regionally with her two year-old son with Cystic Fibrosis

Story 2

Check out the amazing Optus Gympie Music Muster in Queensland!

Story 3

Meet a couple who opted out of corporate life in Sydney, for a sea-change and new business, in Hobart, Tasmania


Features the Heartland theme song sponsor acknowledgements and crew list

Heartland Television Program Proposal

What makes Heartland • The tone is down to earth, optimistic and conversational, but still tackles some of the challenging issues relevant to people outside major cities: health, communication, travel, finance, etc • All segments in each episode have an emphasis on telling a story through the people and characters, the towns, the farmers, the tourism, the issues and the events • Heartland is inclusive of the businesses and Govt Departments – those businesses that buy, supply, transport, finance, educate, consult, broker, fix, build products, treat health problems, and the services provided for the towns • Showing how a new breed of rural and regional people are using their old knowledge and coupling it with the latest in technology to make their businesses better – to supply better products, services and relationships • Examining the agencies, businesses, government departments that help communities become better • Looking into the technologies and practices of the CSIRO, GRDC, APLC and how they communicate with businesses • Uncovering how local communities, retail, health, etc – how they support their locals

Heartland Television Program Proposal

Example Stories • Local Tourism – bringing money to town • The businesses that are doing well - who backs them? (Finance, agribusiness, banking, agronomists and more) • Health at the regional level: Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, Dental and alternative health • Local development – the issues and the developers; new housing, new Shopping Centres and how they keep people employed • Big Business in small towns – multinational banks, machinery, services, chemicals, retailers – how they are supporting small communities • Communications – how new technologies, and new choices, have all made the world a much smaller place • Farming eco warriors – the new farmer • Beef production: treating fluke, ticks, worms and producing the best end product • Organics: certification explained and in practice • Seven generations of station owners – profile • Cherry season – from paddock to plate • Sugar Cane – on the comeback • Wheat – new strains, new farming techniques, new chemicals, new machinery • Stock and station agents • Black welsh cattle: profile on Mount Bellevue Station • The MLA and what they are doing to improve quality • Big Machinery – what it can do • Small farms – the saviour of the vegetable industry?

Heartland Television Program Proposal

Media Integration 10 x 30 mins TV eps on regional tv

Heartland Weekly Podcast

Social media actvity e.g. Facebook etc

Heartland website or section within broadcaster site


Marketing and PR Campaign

Heartland Television Program Proposal

Heartland magazine Partnership e.g. Outback

Heartland Weekly Podcast

Appearances/ events at local agricultural shows/events


Who brings the heart to Heartland? Our award-winning show Producers; husband and wife dynamic duo, Zara & Troy - have performed in over 10,000 live, television and radio appearances, during a 20-plus year career each. As some of Australia’s most in-demand corporate hosts, they work with top clients like AMP, Bayer, Cadbury, Coke, Kenworth, Microsoft, Origin Energy and hundreds more, they have a passion for connecting with real Australians and sharing their stories. This talented and versatile couple entertain, uplift and inspire audiences of all ages and backgrounds and bring a truly unique, natural and humourous presence to Heartland.

Spending Power

Cost Efficiency

Consumers living in regional Australia

The lower CPM (cost per thousand) in regional

have, to a large extent, avoided the

areas means a truly national TV campaign

negativity of metro markets and in fact are

will allocate only 25% of the total budget to

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reach the 36% of people who live in regional

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the general national mood.

reach a larger market The CPM index data is sourced from the largest media buying agencies in Australia who provide their average CPM as an index for each metro and aggregated TV market for the three main TV buying demos, People 18+, Grocery Buyers and People 16 - 39.

Heartland Television Program Proposal

Demographics Let’s talk about Demographics. The demographic profile of Regional Australia varies from the national picture by a relatively small degree. In most respects regional Australians align with the majority of people in the capital cities in terms of household type, income, spending power education, age and social values. In terms of age, regional Australians are slightly older than the national average due to baby boomers and retirees moving to regional towns and coastal spots for the better lifestyle and lower cost of living. This is no bad thing for regional economies as baby boomers represent over 50% of all discretionary spending power. Another difference is regional people tend to start families at a younger age and are 35% more likely to have two or more children before they are 40 years old compared to the capital city average.

According to a leading social researcher, David Chalke, the social values and financial wellbeing of regional Australia are very much in the mainstream, so much so that regional Australia is the now most accurate prism through which to view the future trends that apply to all of Australia.

Heartland Television Program Proposal

Southern Cross Ten Queensland, Northern NSW, Southern NSW and Victoria Southern Cross Ten has the potential to connect with over 6.4 million viewers in Queensland, Northern NSW, Southern NSW and Victoria. Southern Cross TEN carries the same top rating programming as its direct affiliate Network Ten. A common program stream is delivered to consumers along the eastern seaboard, but where appropriate Southern Cross Ten has the scope to customise and localise programming and advertising. In effect, this gives advertisers the ability to reach their audiences more efficiently and effectively.

Tasmania Southern Cross TV is the number one network in Tasmania and reaches a potential audience of 510,000 people. SC TV Tasmania delivers programming through our affiliation with Network Seven.

Darwin Southern Cross TV reaches a potential audience of 129,600 people in Darwin and transmits programmes from Network Seven.

Southern Cross Central - Satellite Southern Cross Central is a satellite delivered service and transmits programmes from Network Seven. Southern Cross Central can reach 438,600 people throughout the NT, QLD and parts of NSW, VIC and SA.

Southern Cross Spencer Gulf - Port Pirie/Broken Hill Southern Cross Spencer Gulf (Port Pirie/Broken Hill) reaches a potential audience of 138,700 people in regional South Australia. The market consists of Southern Cross GTS / BKN, which runs the same programming as Network Seven and Southern Cross Ten, which takes Network 10 programming.

Heartland Television Program Proposal

Media Consumption Regional free to air TV is undergoing its biggest expansion since the aggregation of regional TV markets in 1989 introduced three regional commercial networks. Regional markets are leading the change to digitalonly TV broadcasting in Australia with the analogue switch-off to be completed on the east coast by 2012. All the new capital city digital-only TV channels are already available in regional markets for 2010 and offer the same cost-effective regional advertising footprints as under the existing analogue broadcasting system. In general terms media consumption habits in regional Australia are similar to the capital city markets, the difference being regional free to air TV has a slightly more dominant share of consumers’ media day.

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source 12 months to Dec 2010, *AGB NMR Panorama 12 mths to Dec 2010

Heartland Television Program Proposal

The Power of Regional Free to air TV continues to be by far the most popular mass medium in regional Australia with the potential to reach an audience of over 8 million people every day. Regional consumers have the same spending power as those in the capital cities and typically account for around 35% to 40% of total Australian sales of most goods and services. And because of the significantly lower cost per viewer, the inclusion of regional TV will improve the overall rate of return from any marketing campaign. Regional consumers have a greater connection to their communities than people in capital city Australia and they view their local TV networks as part of their community and a trustworthy source of local news. The regional TV networks are the primary and frequently only source of local video news, weather and sports reporting in regional towns. This drives appointment viewing and higher engagement than achieved by national news broadcasts. Around 40% of all advertising on regional TV is from local retailers and services. The highly local nature of these ads is another reason why viewers are more engaged with the medium.

Heartland Television Program Proposal

Brand Activity Brand Partnerships Together we: • Provide Regional Businesses with the information they need to improve their business • Bring Regional Aussies up to date with the latest products available • Provide incentives and offers for product/service trial • Take viewers through a step-by-step process on using your product/service • Make your product/service more familiar to farmers and townies • Drive use of your product/service

Cross-Promotion • Atomic Marketing & HA will generate a range of creative for a consumer promotion across print, TV, and Online. • A retail partner will be given the opportunity to partner and promote sales and store traffic through supplier promotions and incentives. • The opportunity to drive the promotion outside of the TV programming, via significant radio, print, in-store, and online advertising campaigns. • A Publicist will be onboard to drive additional media around the TV show and the associated client promotions.

Heartland Television Program Proposal

Costs We are proud to present this unique opportunity to regional Australia.

Branding Membership Gold Investment


Silver Investment


Bronze Investment


• On-Air Exposure - Shared opening and closing billboards in each of the 10 by 30-minute episodes (Rural and Regional markets) • Heartland Website – Display advertising on each page of the Heartland site (skyscraper, header / banner ads). Pre-Roll advertising on home page player • Rights and Images – Usage rights (for marketing purposes) for the Heartland logo, images, and video footage produced • DVD – Usage rights for the DVD (for promotional purposes) • 1 x 9 Minute Video Live Read showcasing you and your business

• On-Air Exposure - Shared opening and closing billboards in each of the 10 by 30-minute episodes (Rural and Regional markets) • Heartland Website – Display advertising on each page of the Heartland site (skyscraper, header / banner ads). Pre-Roll advertising on home page player • Rights and Images – Usage rights (for marketing purposes) for the Heartland logo, images, and video footage produced • DVD – Usage rights for the DVD (for promotional purposes) • 2 x 2 Minute Video Live Read showcasing you and your business.

• Bronze Members • On-Air Exposure - Shared opening and closing billboards in two of the 10 by 30-minute episodes (Rural and Regional markets) • Heartland Website – Display advertising on each page of the Heartland site (skyscraper, header / banner ads). Pre-Roll advertising on home page player • 2 x 1 Minute Video Live Read showcasing you and your business.

Heartland Television Program Proposal

Agreement Terms and conditions The information contained within this proposal is strictly confidential and is intended for use of the below named client only. The quotation is valid between 16th of March, 2012 - 15th Of April, 2012. Payment terms are strictly 7 days from invoice date. Cancelation dates from the client require 28 days prior written notice; otherwise payment must be made in full. The client warrants and represents to AC (Advertise Cairns) that every advertisement approved for broadcast and all information supplied in relation to it is true and accurate, complies with all relevant laws, is not defamatory and does not infringe any 3rd party rights and the client indemnifies AC and its related bodies, corporate, their offices, employees and contractors, against any claim, cost or expenses arising from breach of the forgoing warranty. AC has the right, at its absolute discretion to withdraw any advertisements at any time, for any reason, whatsoever. In the event of an availability problem AC reserves the right to move any scheduled placement to a similar program or programs subject to availability. The advertisement as presented is available at the time of signing but may be subject to change without notice. Any expenses, costs of disbursements incurred by AC in recovering any outstanding monies shall, to the extent permitted by law, be payable by the client. Either by signing below or proceeding with the booking on the basis of this proposal the client acknowledges having read and agreed to the terms that apply to this proposal and having authorised the broadcast of the proposed campaign.

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Heartland Television Program Proposal

Contact For sales, partnerships and promotional consideration, please contact Michael Shareef phone: (07) 40805999 mobile: (0434) 767 136 email: Advertise Cairns Office M3B, The Pier Pier Point Road, Cairns, Queensland, 4870 Australia

Heartland Television Program Proposal

Heart Land TV Proposal  

"Heartland" is a 30 minute TV show that celebrates living in regional Australia. It celebrates the people, the businesses, the companies, t...