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Mar 2nd, 2016

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St. Patrick’s Day Crochet Ideas Our Most Colourful Stitch Game is Going Strong. The Stitch is Right!

Celebrating Celtic Textures

Hawt off the Hook with Mikey Heya Crowders:

St Patrick’s Day always jets me back into my childhood to Grade 3. Living a small community of just a few hundred people, we were bussed to school. Being we were only small kids, I would sit with two other girls in the school bus seat. Wasn’t a problem for me, I didn’t have a phobia of girls or a male vs female perspective. With St Patrick’s Day, I really wanted a Shamrock for my mom in construction paper. It was something I was proud of. If you know me, I don’t like my papers to have creases or wrinkles. It bugs me beyond belief. Even today, hand me a crinkled sheet, my mind cringes. So the teacher encouraged us to make crafts and I drew the most perfect Shamrock ever, well being in Grade 3, my version. I was a week early and on the bus ride home, the two girls would horse around eventually creasing my paper. I was devastated… so I hid it in my bag. I didn’t say anything to the girls, I know it was accident and I accepted that. I was hurt, won’t deny it. Went back to school the next day to redo another Shamrock. Next day on the way home, the girls bumped me and it fell into a melting snow puddle on the floor of the school bus. Ruined. Devastated again… I hid it away. Next day, tried again. This time, the shamrock got an inch tear in the edge. Man I could have cried. I cannot seem to get my Shamrock home to my mom without it being damaged. We lived on a seasonal fairground. We would have to walk through the theme park to get to our full time cottage. I was so excited, the girls didn’t ruin it this time. I tripped over the train tracks in the park and ruined my shamrock as I landed on it. I couldn’t believe it. Of all the rotten luck! It was so important for me to give a Shamrock to my mom. Crafting was a huge place at our home. We crafted all the time and I really wanted to surprise her with my creativity but in the end, I wasn’t able to give it to her. Devastated, I slinked to our cottage in tears. My Shamrock damaged by the snow and me landing on it. She told me it was the nicest shamrock she had ever seen and put it on the fridge. The ink of the paper was running. There was tape on one of the leaves to hold it together. Continue of Page 30...


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Facebook Shares their colour Jeanne answers some of your Qs

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Celtic Love I have a secret love affair for anything Celtic. The history, the language, the people, the art and even the love towards the earth.

In my younger years, I was so fortunate to play fiddle with a group of players that played the penny whistles, dulcimers, celtic harp, guitars and the tradition drum call the bodhran. We would bring out all the classic traditional Celtic hits and it was by far the most fun I ever had!







Loving textures

Crochet Cruises Updates *NEW* Blogs Knot to be missed




So this week with St Patrick’s Day around the corner, we put together our Irish fun and a few ideas that inspired by the British Isles. I included projects from our list that have a fabulous textures and design. We just released our October 2017 Disney Land Retreat and Carnival Magic Cruise Packages. Also for us Canadians, Stitch Stop will be up and running. We hope to see you this summer for a stitch social across Canada. So check out our new website.


Mikey’s Videos Library Diva Dan, who just never know!

Ye ol top hat!

Irish Crochet

Stitch is Right Game pg. 10 8



6 29 5 - Diva Dan SIX Celtic Inspired Afghans

We found some sites that can help you learn to do Irish Crochet pg. 9

St. Patrick’s Day Ideas


pg. 19


Texture Panels Afghan T

his afghan consist of two stitches; the Larksfoot Track and the Shell Stitch. Each made into panels and crocheted together to create a very simple and country style afghan.


hen you see this up close, it really has eye popping fabulousity!


ften when we do afghans, we like something that is easy to remember and work our way through without having to go back to the patterns. You will learn to basic stitches of this patterns in minutes and then hook all night long. Finishing the afghan quickly and with beauty.

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Soft Stripes Throw N

ew on The Crochet Crowd is the Soft Stripes Throw.


onsisting of three different panels with three different stitches, you can have a lot of learning fun with this throw.


mong the stitches are the Basket Weave stitch, the Post and Shell stitch and the Shell and Popcorn stitch. Talk about awesome textures.


otice with this throw, you can change the colours for each panel. Spice up your throw with some additional colours.

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Irish Afghan W

e could not pass putting this afghan in our tribute to the Celtic isles. This Irish afghan is a beautiful lace crocheted heirloom blanket.


gain another panel afghan that consist of a delicate square motifs, a detailed panel edging and what we love is the fringe to set this afghan apart form all the others.


erfect for those slightly cooler days and nights where wrapping up in a delicate blanket is all you need.


ive this as a beautiful gift even for someone no longer living at home. They will love the comfort and beauty of it! Imagine even as a shawl.

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Woven Plaid Blanket E

ven though we have featured this Woven Plaid Blanket over the Christmas Holidays, this afghan is perfect for it’s Celtic features.


t has the looks of a Tartan Afghan with it’s woven look to it. It really speaks Scottish.


id you know that there is a Scottish Register of Tartans to preserve, protect and promote the tartan designs.


ur first gift way back , was a afghan similar to this all the way from Nova Scotia, Canada. We still use it for our comfort here at home. Something that we have treasured for many years.

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Soft Neutrals Textured Afghan W

e just saw this afghan for the first time this week. We love how subtle the shades of aran and ecru works so well with this afghan.


lso, the texture of this afghan is stunning. The cables and the diamond puffs are so rich with texture it is another stunning example of cabled and textured afghans.


f you notice closely there is even a puff stitch in between the cables giving it an outstanding surface.


orking in panels, you can increase the size as big as you want just by creating more panels. Changing the shades will work too. Imagine a white, black and gray to give a more modern look to it.

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Irish Crochet I have a huge fascination with Irish Crochet, it’s beauty, delicacy, and most of all the fine detail that goes into making anything from flowers to doilies to wearable blouses and skirts is just outstanding. The Beauty of Irish crochet in my opinion is not only stunning but looked at with awe if only if I could have the patience and skill to be able to do such amazing work. Interestingly, it is a skills that many do not know how to do. Not even Michael and myself. A skill that is quickly dying away. What I feel that attracts me to Irish Crochet is how the flowers are so fine with details that they really do look like real flowers that you can name. I asked Laura Jean, our Seeker for The Crochet Crowd, to look far and wide for some helpful tutorials and bloggers that can useful in our ever yearning request to learn more crochet tecniques.

Here are a few ideas and maybe you too my just pick up a new skill.

What is Irish Crochet from Simply Crochet Irish Crochet Tutorials from Crochet Thread Irish Crochet Lab With Russian being the rising stars in Irish Crochet its hard to find patterns in English. But many of them have diagrams like this beautiful women’s top.

Ideas for skirts are just beautiful. Again in Russian


It’s all about Colour and Waves

Join Us

Are we having Fun with this Game!

Don’t forget, there will be 3 amazing prize giveaways! Learn new stitches, go random and you never know! Your new SIR might the best project you have every done :)

Hook with Us Click Here 10

Photos are arriving on our Flickr Pages. Scarves, Baby Blankets, and Afghans This is truly exciting! We are loving the game and the looks, the stitches, the colours and the workpersonship of ALL the projects. How more stunning can they be! THE WAVE IS AWESOME! The following have been showing their results, Amber Fencil, Angela Davis, Mary Lou Riley, Dulce Garza, Najla Quaries, Jennifer Arthur, Nichola Marx, Deb Vars, Linsey Daly, Naomi Hassan, Bobbie Diamond, Leslie Binder, Cyn-


Diva Dan’s Celtic Scarf T

his is Diva Dan’s Arrow Cris Cross Scarf. Full of texture and easy to do. Diva Dan is all about easy!


sing a nice thick and chunky yarn you can get this scarf done is no time at all.


e loves a nice long scarf that he can wrap around a few times and have it still drape. However, you can do it any length you like.


onsisting of the arrow stitch and the cris cross stitch you will have fun playing around with these stitches.

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Fair Isle Cowl I

f you love that Fair Isle look in knitting but don’t know how to knit. Well, Tunisian crochet is the way to go. This pattern we had to be put in this edition of our magazine.


his is one of the hottest projects to do. This is one of those projects you would get a sense of pride when you finished. The final look is amazing and so professional.


et Mikey guide you through his videos and you too can learn the steps to make this cowl. Once you have mastered this skills, imagine coming up with your own concepts and designs.

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Rich Textured Cable Tote T

he amazing Rich Textured Tote Bag is Fabulous to make and wonderful to carry around.


e did this as a summer challenge and it was our most popular bag by far! The colours and ideas from crowders were fantastic.


ou will learn a lot of new skills with this bag. It is a great market bag, thick and strong.


hat sets this abg apart is the Awesome Texture known as the wheat stitch, creating a thick and strong bag.


sing a 100% cotton, it provides strength and easy to wash.

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Crochet Cruises Update

A Disney World Adventure followed by a Carnival Cruise Your Choice or Both!

Just Released Check it out! For Information on all the Packages CLICK HERE


Shamrock Dishcloth W

ith St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, here is a simple dishcloth that you can celebrate with.


simple three leaf pattern. This is really not difficult to do. Each leaf is separate followed by crocheting the handle and connecting all the pieces together.


aybe the luck of the Irish will help make those dishes disappear faster with this dishcloth. We can only be so lucky. LOL


se any 100% cotton for dishcloths as the absorb better, dry faster and less wear and tear resistance then acrylics.

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More Celtic and St. Patrick’s Day ideas from other Bloggers

Four Leaf Clover Afghan by Red Heart

Crochet Bead and Hat by Ashlee Marie

Celtic Belt Knot by Shana Galbraith

Celtic Knot Motif by Suvi’s Crochet

Celtic Cross Afghan by Donna Lay Lacey

St Patrick’s Day Wreath by Petals to Picots


St. Patrick’s Day Top Hat W

e love this Top Hat! What a great hat to go out in public and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like Mary Payton’s sister’s friend! The smile on her is Fabulous!!!!!! A true Irish person!


his Top Hat was such a huge success with our Crowd. Easy to do. You crochet with two strands of yarn to give the stiffness you need.


ave fun decorating the hat. The imagination is endless. We have seen so many amazing decorations with his hat.


ou can also check out Alice Wonderland theme top hats on our Flickr Page for some awesome ideas to decorate.

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St. Patrick’s Day ideas Ideas

Lucky Leprechaun

Camo Hat

Plenty of Puffs Scarf


Fields of Green Arm Knit

Flower Pot Cozy

Slouching Peak Cap

Friendship Shawl

Over the Rainbow Dishcloth


Celtic Knot Dishcloth T

his Dishcloth begins as 4 separate rings but are joined together in a beautiful pattern.


he joining of the circles symbolizes often shared as love, inner strength and or even brotherhood. Even though there is no written evidence of the real meanings we can only suggest beautiful meanings to such lovely intertwining of circles and designs.


he square can be easily made into granny squares and uses as a granny afghan. You can give a creative border. It would look stunning!


heck out on our facebook section of the Magazine. A wonderful example of this pattern used as an afghan.

Get the Pattern, Video and Blog 20

Tutorials by Mikey

Woven Stitch

Cable Stitch

Waffle Stitch

Celtic Weave Stitch

Arrow Stitch

Basket Weave Stitch

If love the teaching, the patterns and the down to earth nature of Mikey, then take the time to subscribe to the Crochet Crowd’s YouTube Channel. You will get updated with all the latest videos that could spark your next project!

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The Luck of the Irish

Shirley Sullivan is all set for St. Patrick’s day. WOW!

Love this little sheep on meadow pasture by Deb Conrad

This is one Irish looking little Kitty! So cute. Thanks Rachel Dora!

Show the Irish Spirit Amy Cook. Love the hat!

Emma Hawkes Cute little lamb hat is adorable

Connie Dias has been working on her St Patrick’s Day ideas


Debra Slaughters little one is also going to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day

Nicely done Cheryl Funkhauser with your little leprechaun.

Here is the basketweave stitch made into a scarf by Bill Stephens

More Celtic Ideas

Love the Cable twist for the border in this poncho by Cheryl Novak!

Another Friendship Ring afghan but using 5 rings by Tracy Provo. Beautiful!

Keeping warm with Nora Cline’s Woven Plaid Blanket. Lovely!

Christine Randle made this lovely afghan. Loving the texture in this!

Holly McKinney-Hugh is speaking Scottish with her Tartan Afghan

Many of these patterns are ideas and inspiration created by the crowders themselves. Also you can go to our Facebook Page, Click ‘Photos’, them ‘Photos Posted by Others’ and scroll down to find what you are looking for. Don’t forget to say you love their Creativity! What A wonderful exmaple of the Friendship rings put into an afghan by Joanne Win!


Facebook ?s with Jeanne I would like some advice, I am thinking about making some baby items for my future grandchildren but some think it is foolish. I am 46 and have arthritis in my hands and some days I can’t crochet. Would like some input from other crochet folks on my idea. Thanks! from Brenda H.

Last night, I am crocheting along on my current project, a jacket made from 2 6 sided Granny blocks, and I noticed that two rows back I only had 2 dc’s instead of three in one of the openings! No at this point I had a choice of either continuing or frogging it out and fixing it. Me being the perfectionist I am, I frogged it. What would you have done? from Patti B. Oh, Patti if you only know how many times I’ve struggled with this same type of dilemma. I can tend to be a perfectionist also when it comes to my project. I have frogged many rows back to fix an oops that I have made. There are times I might just leave it, but most of the time, it would make me crazy to know it was there, especially if the piece I’m crocheting is going to another person. Now if I get the the end of a row or round, I might do a bit of fudging if I can get away with it, but in your case, I would have been singing, Rippit, Rippit.

Jeanne is looking for questions on Facebook to answer. 24

Brenda, there is no harm in making some beautiful baby blankets, little dresses and amigurumi toys now and tucking them away for someday. My mom used to hand sew Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. She passed away before she was able to see her precious great-grandchildren, but each one of them has a set made by her. You never know what life will hand you, so don’t wait. Also, I have to tell you that since I started crocheting again on a regular basis a few years ago, my own hands feel much better. Be sure to use a good ergonomic hook. I think the motion has strengthened my hands and restored the limberness to the joints. Mikey has tons of awesome baby items to crochet. CLICK HERE to start browsing through all the fun baby projects and get yourself started! And never let anyone told you crocheting anything is foolish. ;)

February 29 @ 9am (EST) to March 6, 2016 @11:59pm (EST)

(before tax and shipping) will receive….

Free Shipping on any yarn order!

Spinrite’s E-Tent Try out these patterns from with your new order!

Do this amazingly soft afghan using Bernat Boucle


Great deal on Mega Bulky! Do this Tri-Colour Cowl

Paton’s Holiday Metallic Start early with this wreath

Come See Us Across Canada OUR WEBSITE will be ready this Week. Are you ready to join us for a stitch Social across Canada? Find out the what is happening. We created a new Facebook Page just for Stitch Stop so you can track us down and see what Mikey and Diva Dan has gotten himself into this time.


Facebook Picture of the Week

What do you do when you have the cutest newest born baby goats? You make a sweater for them to keep them warm during those cold winter nights! Sarah Johnson made these ‘Coats for her Goats’ from a dog sweater that Mikey did a few years back. You would never now but Diva Dan LOVES goats. If we had a farm, goats will be his hobby farm love. We can just see it now, Diva Dan looks after the goats and Mikey makes them the sweaters! Ohhhh how cute. Well, maybe a hobby farm is just wishful thinking.

Awesome Job Sarah on the goat sweaters! This is ever so cute!


St. Patrick’s Afghan T

his is know as the Happy Holiday Afghan but with the colours of this one , why not call it the St Patrick’s day Afghan. Perfect for the up coming event.


he centre remind us of quint little doilies surrond by the perfect sparkle green for St Patrick’s Day.


iva Dan personally loves the tassels on it because it is a big trend right now but Mikey on the other hand loves it without. That is your choice. To tassel it or not to tassel it, is always the question.


urprisingly simple, this afghan will work up fast.

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5 Really Fast Crochet projects that would make you a...... Need a quick party cowl do the 1 hour Mobius Cowl

Mikey was add it again with his humor with his Quick 2 day afghan 2 hour Crochet Icy Scarf with Patons

newest yarn called Iced

These are fun to make Granny Slippers in a day Funky and Fun are these Wavy Long Wristers


Hawt off the Hook with Mikey Continued...

While at dinner, I sat and thought I was the king pin for making the nicest Shamrock ever. My mom’s appreciation, or even for faking it, was a gift that kept me being creative. It’s so important that we encourage our children and understand that our best as adults is different from a child. We have the power to make or break the spirit of children. We have the power to wipe out their imaginations. The digital age changes our youth. Even myself, I spend 12 - 14 hours a day glued to the online world. Most of it is addiction and is job related. While I teach crochet, most of my working day of the 12 - 14 hours is actually digital in content creation. What gets me is that some days I look upon my day and realize I have nothing tangible in my hands to show what I have done for the day. It’s completely cyber and in analytics. This is where actual crochet sees to my personal need of being creative and showing that my idle time has meaning and value. While I never sell my projects, I have a sense of satisfaction. What I have learned since being in grade 3 is that life is never perfect. While I can make some really incredible projects, it will never be perfect and I come to accept that about myself. Society seems to have this unwritten rule to impose perfection. I think many people give up or quit because they cannot achieve perfection. It’s sad but a harsh reality too. In the end, we must all encourage, nurture and accept creativity. Some people have a sheer talent that knocks your socks off. Other’s have weaker talent or execution in the eyes of comparison but is the very best of what they could do. The secret is to recognize when others do the best, just like my mom did, and the after effect of the creator feeling so special is well worth it. She may have faked it when I was a kid so I continued to be creative. If she would have tossed it, I might have spent a few years playing Atari. I played Atari but crafting was equally as fun at home because creativity was encouraged. Be creative, encourage creativity and don’t ever let your ideas of creativity pass you by. Life is short, enjoy the ride. Happy Hook’n - Mikey

Just Released

Yarnspirations Newest Lookbook Little Forest Friends

A very cute collection of cute baby Knit and Crochet projects devoted to bunnies, foxes, raccoons & squirrels. 30

Blogs ‘Knot To Be Missed Tips



Check out this awesome Sun Catcher Afghan

Crocheting an edge to your favourite flannel plaid scarf

9 Crochet Blankets of Love Ideas

Side to Side Stitch

9 Crochet Shamrock Patterns Learn to Weave 31

Diva Dan! Just when I thought Spring was around the corner. Literally, last night we get a good dumping of snow. The weather this winter has been strange. Not our normal amount of snow, the temperatures have been above freezing at times and no polar vortex this year. We bypassed January and February with little harm and the days are getting much longer. The cat and I would sit by the sunny window, where I would be crochet my WIPs and my fingers are starting to the twitch that the fresh new season of spring will soon be arriving. February was a high and busy month for Michael and I. For the first time ever, I had to lay down the work schedule and make a detail list of projects that must get finish by. If you know Michael, he is certainly the off the cuff kinda guy and you will never know what project he will be featuring. More often enough, distractions are his greatest weakness. But this time Diva Dan, me, had to stump my feet and slap my side and wiggle my head of mine to make sure we get our work done with just a tiny bit of flamboyant attitude. Michael doesn’t like a list and when he hears one, we both give the roll of the eyes and the heads begin twitching and No time for play Mikey! There is alturning into circles. But it was all good. This past month’s list ways work to be done! of videos, blogs, magazines, Stitch is Right game, crochet cruises announces, Stitch Stop, and a ton of other sponsor related projects needed a detail schedule. We never realized the amount of work that we love doing was like a desk pile high with papers. An endless view of file folders. We saw the light at the end of the tunnel this week so we opened up a bottle of 2008 red wine champagne and smiled. The weight of deadlines are almost done with just a few little updates. Now to clean the house, get packed and have blast on the Crochet Cruises. We are looking forward to meeting everyone that will be joining us. We have butterflies in our stomachs as we are super excited. Plus, we hope we might get a tiny bit of R&R. But the work never truly ends. We are always thinking and always on the go with new crochet ideas for you to enjoy. What’s in store on The Crochet Crowd coming up. ‘Freshness, bounce of colour and flowers!’ Yes! Spring is around the Corner. - Enjoy and thanks for being a huge part of our lives! - Diva Dan


Next Edition Baby’s Happy Easter

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Mikey Magazine: March 2, 2016  

It's a tribute to our Irish Friends with the Luck of the Irish. Our crochet projects and themes are based around Celtic and Textured Project...

Mikey Magazine: March 2, 2016  

It's a tribute to our Irish Friends with the Luck of the Irish. Our crochet projects and themes are based around Celtic and Textured Project...