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Jan 22nd, 2016

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OUR NEW COLOUR GAME Diva Dan’s Colour Combos

If you’re cold and you know it, WEAR A HAT



Hawt off the Hook with Mikey Heya Crowders:

I’ve been super busy producing Crochet Hat Tutorials lately. I am super excited about them as I am learning new tricks and ideas. Also, brainstorming on how to teach them. I am especially having fun with the brims. I’ve learned what types of brims I like and what I would avoid. After all, we all need to crochet stuff that we enjoy… RIGHT? We’ve started the new year on fire here at The Crochet Crowd with several ideas that are in the works for this year. With The Crochet Cruises coming in about 6 weeks, we’ve been busy working to have final preparations under way. Our stuff is already on the way to the cruise ship! You know it gets real when that is happening. Tomorrow a massive snow storm system is blowing through the U.S. and there’s been a lot of chatter online about it. I have to giggle a bit though, there is a bit of a humourous side to it and, of course, our crocheters are the ones to think about their yarn stock first before the necessities like bread and milk to ride out the storm. On the serious side of that, we hope that no one loses their power and rides it out without any major issues. When I was a kid I lived in a very remote area. Our house was heated by a fire stove. If the power went out, we would make toast and cook on the top of the fire stove. As a kid, it’s like super fun but that meant no TV. No biggie, there were always crafts! Please continue to share your WIPS and finished projects. Oh yeah, don’t forget to share your projects over on Yarnspirations Facebook if the pattern is from their website. Their designers would love to see what colours and ideas you came up with with their designs. In the meantime, keep on hook’n and for those affected by the weather, take good care. Happy Hook’n Mikey


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Facebook Shares their Projects Jeanne answers some of your Qs

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Mikey’s Videos Library Diva Dan, who just never know!

Baby, It’s Freezing Outside You have been hearing that the weather this week is going to be wild, Snow, Cold, Blizzards, & Storms! Well it is that time of year and it is generally what to expect. But seriously what’s a better way to buckle down and start working on a list of projects so you can brave those harsh weathery tempartures. This week we decided to focus on hats! We actually have a good size library of hats for the wintery cold, but there is always something new that we discover with the help of We are presenting a lot of new and amazing textured hats. Mikey has been slaving away to get videos for you to get started. Hard working and dedicated, he pushed through the snow, grabed the yarn and started filming. We hope you enjoy this week’s edition. Baby! It is Freezing outside but here’s a hat. Now go and wear it! And tell all your freinds that you love what you’ve made. - Diva Dan


Cable Twist Hat

6 26

Want something funky and fun. Going Dotty Hat

The Houndstooth is super popular for the whole family


An oldie but so unique. The Corrugated Hat


Crochet Cruises Updates Blogs Knot to be missed

Get ideas for the Wintery Cold Pg 31 Diva Dan’s Colour Combos

The 5 Star Stitch hat is one that teach you new heights



Pg 16. More to come each edition

We have a colour game coming up!



SPINRITE E-TENT SALE pg. 30 On Sale this week in the E-tent. Sock Yarn!


Cable Twist Hat W

e think this hat is going to be another popular hat. We love the cable twist in this one!


alk about texture and this hat has it. Just released a few days ago on The Crochet Crowd. Fans are making this like wild.


arm with the added texture, you will have lots of fun making this hat.


ikey did make a video for this. So if you shy away from complicated patterns like this, fear no more, Mikey makes this simple and easy to enjoy!


he brim is part of the hat. No need to make a separate section.

Get the Pattern, Videos and Blog 4

A few years ago we attended a yarn fashion show and their predictions was Crochet Cables are going to be big! And yes that prediction is true. With just a day, already people were eager to start making this hat and show off their talented work! The following did a great job with their Cable Hats already! Betty Wise, Naomi Eldridge, Jerusha Flynn, Maria Martins, Martinka Kisacova, Sally Shilling, Charlotte Rose, Catherine Manning, Tasha Thomas & Frances Gallagher.

Next project too cute!!!! - Janmill Cadriel

Been looking for an awesome cabled hat pattern - Carla Clark

Guess I have a new project to try after work!! Yey! - Darragh Eochaidh

Thanks so much for the tutorial so simple and beautiful - Francess Gallagher


5 Star Beanie T

his fantastic beanie is hitting the crowd like a winter storm. It is now one of our most popular winter hats ever!


he star cluster is a great stitch to master creating a fabulous and simple texture.


ome Crocheters have even switch each row with alternating colours to create more interest to their personal style. Fab idea!


ith a video and written pattern, you too can hook up this hat to keep you warm this cold January.


he brim is a slip stitch technique.

Get the Pattern, Videos and Blog


It is a lot of fun seeing what crocheters are doing with this hat. What yarns are they using, what colours and even what different approaches they come up with. It’s still the same pattern but tweaked to match your personal story. There has been so many photos of this hat and here are just a few. Hats made by April Waters, Amanda Simpson, Cathy Commisso Blay, Jessica Marie Patten,Lea O’Brien, Louisa Lockley, Maria Rejina, Rachel Gaede, Sandra Jeuring & Sarah Lou. Awesome Job Everyone!

I love this pattern! Thank you so much!!! - Ashley Van Ert

Ok, I had to get on the bandwagon...

I practiced with your tutorial for the star stitch and can’t wait to make this now!!

- Cathy Blay

- Vicki Orren-Greer

Learning new skills with this tutorial....thank you! - Jester Kiely

Oooo, I kinda like the colours! - Heather Gray

Thank you for the left handed tutorial. I really appreciate the effort you put into this - Sandra Jeuring


Facebook Picture of the Week

With Winter here, seeing this afghan reminds me of summer but this is also a great afghan for Valentines coming up. Rose Avila did a great job on this old pattern that Bernat released why back around 1985 in their book called Afghan Heirlooms to knit and crochet. Book No. 579. In the book they wrote. Nothing compares with an afghan chill-chasing comfort or ability to last. A Bernat Afghan becomes an heirloom that succeeding generations will cherish. A gift, nothing speaks “love� more eloquently then your investment of time and talent. If you love this pattern contact Doris at and they will send you this vintage pattern. Please be aware, they are only open on the weekdays.


Crochet Hat Sizes and Reference Guide Crocheters are always asking for hat sizing requirements for the human body. What are the typical dimensions for the average person? For example, we are often asked about getting the right sizes for children when a crocheter gives us an age. If you look at a classroom in school, kids don’t grow evenly in both height and body shape. Us adults, we too are different shapes and sizes. Our Jeanne has taken the time to research general sizes for heads when it comes to hats. She has given the standards of typical sizes that the textile industry uses for the sizing across the spectrum. More importantly, she has given the dimensions of the age bracket to give crocheters a better understanding on what size patterns they should be looking at. In the olden days, I raised a young man that had an exceptionally large head for his age. He eventually grew into his head but at the time of childhood, he would have fit into an adult hat and not a kids hat. If you take some measurements of the person you are making your hat for, you may find they are not within the typical standard textile industry. Knowing this information, it will allow you to adjust your pattern to the correct sizes so you are not crocheting something that ends up too big or too small.

Get the Helpful Tips & Guide Here. 9

Houndstooth Bright Hat O

ne of the most top viewed and printed out patterns on, it is a simple and easy pattern to do.


oundstooth is a mix of two stitches of just single crochet and double crochet to create the so called houndstooth look.


aving fun with colour combinations and a great way to use left over stock of yarn, this hat has so much potential.


lso there are sizes for the whole family. So everybody can wear the houndstooth hat.

Get the Pattern, Videos and Blog


The response on the Houndstooth hat is quite amazing. Crowders enjoy how simple, fun and open this hat can be to create your own personal style. Also that it is a quick hat to do. You can add a pompom or not have one. Create what you love! Houndstooth Hats done by My Tuipala, Angela Wilson, Pam Ramoska, Krystle Lundy, Amanda Plummer, Evelyn Fisher, Karen Tenny, Katlyn Koontz & Wolle. Thanks for sharing with everyone of the Crochet Crowd!

Obsessed with the Houndstooth stitch. Thanks Mikey for such an easy tutorial - My Tuipala Thank you so much Mikey! I have been looking high and low for a pattern for a hat I like and this will do nicely!

I love the look of houndstooth - Kerrie Kent

- Denise Baillie

Ok now I’m excited. This is “me.”

All of my Alabama friends and family are going to love this!!!

- Alyssa Brown

- Melissa Shae Gragg I love this hat. I bought a Houndstooth coat for my daughter in law and this hat would be perfect

It’s such an easy pattern and following along with Mikey is always fun.

- Dorcas MacArthur

- Lauren Graham 11

Winter Blast Hat T

his is great hat that Mikey did a few years ago. We love the texture on this hat using back loops and single crochet. You can get a lot of texture with this pattern that is quite noticable.


his hat grows slowly in diameter and has texture so it’s not the same old boring crochet hat. Best yet, it’s easy to make.


f you like the slouchy look, this hats has that style too. It has a very nice droop look instead of the mountain peak style.

Get the Pattern, Videos and Blog


Corrugated Hat T

his is another oldie from our collection. This looks kinda complicated but actually really quite easy to do.


t’s really unique and unexpected. It’s unexpected design is one to certainly grab the attention of people around you.


t takes no time to make. If you are looking for something different, not to big, and no pompom this hat might be for you.


ive it a try. Your friends will be asking for them to make one too.

Get the Pattern, Videos and Blog Lisa McLaughlin Gail did a great job on her Corrugated Hat!


Hooked over the Holidays

We LOVE this African Daisy amigurumi hippo by Emma.

Fantastic Pillow by Sue. I am so ready for Spring!

OMGOSH! This Granny Square afghan is HUGE! Done by Mel!

Susan did the Diamond C2C Afghan and it looks great!

Love how this bag turned out by Anne! Really beautiful and simple!

Love this Amigurumi Cat made by Valerie. Isn’t it cute!


Millie worked on the Granny Rectangle Afghan and it pops with awesome colour!

What a great looking teapot cozy by Carissa.

What a great idea to do with Kids and scrap yarn! Inpsired by Julie.

Hooked over the Holidays

Gorgeous Cape made by Trish! with some tweaks, she did a great job!

Another amazing Globetrotter Shawl done by Cathleen

Great work on the Catherine Wheel Stitch Ann! Colours are Great!

Nice Job of the The Granny Square Slippers Nicole!

The Vintage Fan Stitch made by Kelsey is looking great!

Many of these patterns are ideas and inspiration created by the crowders themselves. Also you can go to our Facebook Page, Click ‘Photos’, them ‘Photos Posted by Others’ and scroll down to find what you are looking for. Don’t forget to say you love their Creativity! Rhonda’s 20’ long Dr Who scarf is long! WOW that would take me all year to do!


Diva Dan’s Colour Combos Turquoise Beauty

Beach Relaxation

© 2016

Photos from

Obsidian Lime

Caron Simply

Caron Simply Chartreuse, Blue Mint, White, Plum Perfect, Fuchsia

Autumn Maize, Soft Blue, Dark Country Blue, Bone, Taupe

© 2016

Hazy Peachy Days

16© 2016

Photos from

Caron Simply

Caron Simply Chartreuse, Off White, Grey Heather, Charcoal Heather, Black

Photos from

Sunshine, Light Country Peach, Robin’s Egg, White, Persimmon

© 2016

Photos from

Diva Dan’s Colour Combos Happy Romances

Wild Plaid

© 2016

Photos from

European Countryside

Caron Simply

Caron Simply Bone, Soft Pink, Watermelon, Strawberry, Plum Perfect,

Black, Harvest Red, Pistachio, Off White, Perfect Plum

© 2016

Soft and Sweet

© 2016

Photos from

Caron Simply

Caron Simply Chocolate, Chartreuse, Pagoda, Pumpkin, Black,

Photos from

Strawberry, Pistachio, Woodland Heather, Off White, Light Country Peach

© 2016

Photos from


Diva Dan’s Colour Combos Woodland Secrets

Victorian Pastels

© 2016

Photos from

Ordinary Shades

Caron Simply

Caron Simply Off White, Dark Sage, Chocolate, Black, Harvest Red

Taupe, Victorian Rose, BlackBerry, Light Country Blue, Off White

© 2016

Photos from

Caribbean Days

© 2016

Photos from

Caron Simply

Caron Simply


Charcoal Heather, Off White, Grey Heather, Harvest Red, Black

White, Blue Mint, Mango, Grape, Chartreuse

© 2016

Photos from

It’s all about Colour and Waves

Join Us

for a fun game of ‘Spin for your next set of instructions!’

Starting February 11th in our Celebrating Colours Edition of the Mikey Magazine.

More Information coming SOON 19

Do the Twist Hat L

ets all do the Twist! This great hat is another one of those fun and textured hats that is hitting the crowd like a winter storm.


t has a playful approach to the front post and back post double crochets, so it is not all that complicated to make.


e recommend a lighter colour for this so that the textures can really pop. Some people love the pompom and other love it with out. That is your personally style and creative input to this pattern.


he brim is a slip stitch brim. It does take a bit longer but it is so worth while for stretch and comfort.

Get The Pattern and Video


We saw this hat a few months back and finally had a chance to make a video on how to ‘Do the Twist’ It certainly is quite unique and you can have so much fun with it. Your friends are going to love the look and concept! It is amazing seeing all those that one already done this hat. Andrina Leong, Bertha Tomlinson, Charlotte Rose, Jeanne Beverly, Jolanda Peerboom, Nelrose, Pam Ramoska, Sarah Pope & Julie Riha

Fantastic Job, Mikey and get started! - Faustina Mulrooney Festorazie

I like and want one. Start looking for the right yarn!

Very Cool Texture, Love it - Tracey Swann Gossett

- Joan Diggers

Love the pattern! Have made it several times! - Amber Vick Every time I see the words “do the Twist Hat” I get the song by Chubby Checker. - Linda Murphy


Facebook ?s with Jeanne Do you ever use the magic circle, or the chainless foundation stitch, I sometimes use them both, I crochet tight, the chainless foundation has a little stretch to it. from Juretta C.

Attention all crafty people. Do you know how to take a crocheted item that has really been stretched out (i assume thru their laundry process) and get it to tighten back up to its original tightness? This was very pretty when it was worked up nice and tight but now very stretched and loose. Not real attractive now. from Sandra R. It’s so sad when a crocheted piece loses it shape. You can try to restore it by putting it in a sink and soaking it for a minute, then gently push the water out of it with your hands. You do not want to wring it as this could stretch it more. Lay it out flat on a towel and roll it up to remove more water. Now carefully block the piece back into shape. It may or may not work depending on the yarn used, but give it a try.


For me, it depends on the project. I do use magic circle most of the time. As far as chainless foundation, it depends on my mood. It does give a bit of a stretch to the fabric which is why you will see clothing designers using it more. especially at the neckline. I am working on a jacket now and used it around the neck. It makes a much nicer finished edge also. If you need any video tutorials, here is Mikey’s Magic Circles and also the Foundation Single Crochet. Magic Circles and also the Foundation Single Crochet.

Jeanne is looking for questions on Facebook toT answer. Does anyone else do this? I find patterns and keep adding them to my favorites. After awhile it becomes overwhelming with how many patterns I have saved. It is time again to go thru them and decide which ones I am still interested in. from Sandy L. Me! My files are endless… but the key is to keep them organized. Personally, I keep mine electronically and only print them when I am ready to actually crochet. I use as much as possible, but I also you Google Drive for PDF patterns that I collect. I keep a pretty good file folder system, baby, afghans, kitchen, etc. So when I’m ready to browse for a certain type of project, it’s all right there. It has also me keeping them online so if while I’m out shopping for yarn, I can check the pattern for yardage and other info.

Tutorials by Mikey

Timeless Memories Baby Blanket

Cool Casual Shawl

Icy Scarf

Globetrotter Shawl

Granny Rectangle Afghan

Winter Blizzard Afghan

If love the teaching, the patterns and the down to earth nature of Mikey, then take the time to subscribe to the Crochet Crowd’s YouTube Channel. You will get updated with all the latest videos that could spark your next project!

Click 23

Crochet Cruises Update

Hawaii 2017

With winter here, maybe it is a good time to start thinking about next year and have a wonderful time on a 15 day cruise to Hawaii with The Crochet Crowd.

For more information on the last minute opportunities. please click here. 24

The ship leaves on February 2nd, 2017 on the Princess Grand Cruise Ship. It’s a beautiful ship and we will have lots of wonderful time to chat and crochet. A dream come true! Sherry says that there are still some room for the Hawaiian Cruise but we are almost full!

Come See Us Across Canada More Info

Coming Soon 25

Going Dotty Hat J

ust relased today, this hat is so super fun to wear! If you have a a fun spirited personality, this hat is so for you! Diva Dan loves his version. It certainly is noticable!


he Pattern requires you carry both of your yarns through to get those circles. Even though you slightly see the yarn, from a distant you really can’t.


e are looking forward to the funky versions that crocheters will come up with this pattern.


on’t be shy, wear this proud. It is really a lot of fun!

Get the Pattern, Videos and Blog


Zig Zag Hat C

oming later this week. Mikey will doing a video on this amazing Zig Zag Hat. Stay tune and hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have this one ready for you.


e think crochet Crowders will have a lot of fun with the colours of this hat.


he style is fabulous! Simple and perfect for that elegant look. We can’t wait to see crocheters whip this one up.


n the meantime here is the link to our blog for the pattern. By the weekend we will have the video up ready to go.

Get the Pattern and Blog


A list of Hats done by Mikey Granny Stripes is likely one of the easiest hats to do and FAST!

This was design by one of friends, Sheri Goad. The Braided Crochet Hat is great for Kids!

The Women’s Peak Hat still is our number one.


A great pattern this Stepping Texture Hat has been a crowd pleaser

We both got sock monkey sweaters and this is Mikey’s version of the Sock Monkey Hat

New Born Braided Ear Flap hat is great for the little ones.

More hats Tunisian Rib Stitch is a great way to get familiar with the Tunisian concept.

Reflective Beanie can help you be more visible in the dark

The Crystal Ice Hat was huge when it came out. It looks complicated but really easy to do

A hat for Women, this Demin Look Visor Cap is not difficult to do. It has style!

For those living in warmer climates but still have a few days of cool night the Pipeline Hat is great to do

This goes way back, No video but information on how to make a Men’s Brim Hat. Diva Dan wears this so perfectly!


Sock-tacular Savings... Patons Stretch Socks

January 19th - January 25th, 2016 Ends Monday Night at 11:59 (EST)

11 sock-tacular colours on page 6‌

NOW $7.00 per bag of 6

Order online for amazing discounted or overstocked yarn through

Spinrite’s E-Tent Try out these patterns from with your new order!

Crochet Twisting Lace Socks



Triangle Scarf

It’s Cold Outside! Ideas

Cozy Cowl Cape

Cool Day Scarf

Slipper Socks

Hibernate Blanket

Family Mittens

Straight up Scarf

Granny Cluster Cowl

Grey Scale Blanket

Quick Pompom Hat


Diva Dan! To many, the word snow is just another 4 letter word if you get what I mean! But for me it is that time of season that us Crocheters can really showcase our garments! Just late last night Mikey finish the Going Dotty Hat with the colours that I wanted. I love it and, of course, I proudly wearing to our local coffee shop today, Timmies! AKA Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop. The staff knows us too well and of course they are digging the hat! Goofy and silly that I am, I had no problem dancing and turning around like a ballerina in a musical toy box! Watch the Video of the going on the dot hat with Diva Dan

I don’t know how many hats we have here in the house but our basket is full with so many different styles. For me it is like shoes! you know! You can never have enough shoes! Hats are one of those crochet items that I love. You can really truely showcase your love for the craft!

Have you ever gone to the store, coffee shop or the mall and just stared at what people wear for hats? But then you will find one that is crocheted and you stare even longer, you start studying it and looking at what stitches they used, then you question, did they make it? buy it? or was it a gift? Your brain is filling up with all those questions. By then the staring just becomes tooo long without you even noticing it. Okay this is where awkward comes in! Should you ask? or just smile look the other direction? On our way to the coffee shop, I am guilty for staring and looking at what people wear. Mostly thinking if it is knit, crochet or store bought! But once in a while I will come across one that is crocheted and I don’t hesitate to ask. Why not, compliments are the best to make a person’s day. So even if we can make them ourselves, it’s always wonderful to stop someone and say how fabulous their crochet hat is! Enjoy and keep your head warm this winter! Diva Dan


Diva Dan’s Newest Scarf

with pattern included, Exclusive to the Magazine Only This Scarf only takes one ball of Bernat Super Value Stripes. You really get a good length doing this stitch. It is a perfect one baller project! Also it is quite light. It doesn’t feel like a thick double crochet scarf. I have no idea what this stitch is called. Maybe one of the Crowders would know. For now, I am going to call it the Crinkle extended single crochet. I was bored one day watching TV and just decided to play and create. I liked what I was doing and decided to continue. The Stitch starts off like a single crochet but alternating in the back and front loops only. At the same time, you extend the single crochet giving it a bit more texture and lengthen it.


Yarn Used. 1 ball of Bernet Super Value Stripes ‘Spice’ Hook size: according to the yarn ball recommendation of you choice. Ch 21 Row 1: sc from 2nd chain from hook to the end of last chain. (20 stitches) Row 2: ch 3 (counts as double crochet) Insert hook in back loop of next stitch, YOH and pull through. Yoh and pull through 1 loop, YOH and pull through 1 loop and finally YOH and pull through last 2 loops. Insert hook in front loop of next stitch. YOH and pull through. Yoh and pull through 1 loop, YOH and pull through 1 loop and finally YOH and pull through last 2 loops. Continue alternating back and front loop to 2nd last stitch and DC in last stitch. Repeat ROW 2 until finally length is desired and finish with a single crochet edge.


Blogs ‘Knot To Be Missed Tips



Did you know it was ‘Popcorn Day’ on January 19th? Pop goes the World! So we dedicated to ideas to our favourite snack POPCORN.

Extra Long Infinity Cowl

You can wear this cowl is a number of ways. This creative cowl by Jeanne is simple and fun to wear! Learn how to do a brand new stitch in Tunisian. The Tunisian Shadow Stitch Cowl.

Ground Hog Day is coming. Here are some ideas!

Get a basic understanding on how to calculate repeated patterns With Mikeys’ Tips 34

Planning to away for the winter. Here is an idea for a Crochet Luggage Tag.

Here are some of the finished afghans that we feature from last week’s Mikey Magazine Afghan Edition. Isn’t it stunning to see all the different combinations and colours. We just love seeing this! It is wonderful to hear and see how happy crocheters are when they finish a project adn are so pleased with the finished product. Thanks everyone! The following have been made by Angie Lindstrom, Eroland Tekin, Jennifer Bilmer, Kaite Becher, Kim Beers, Leigh Coon, Leisa McBride, Lori Ellis, Michael Cullison, Randy Dunaway, Stepaine Donohue, Willa Amacher, Giselle Warren, Heather Bahr. Michelle Young & Carol Green. Fabulous Job to all of you!


Next Edition Give a Warm Heart and the Crowd Goes Wild!

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