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Diabetes type II

By: Michael Sansost

Diagnosis:  Random blood sugar monitor test > 200  Fastng (no food overnight) test between 100-125  Other blood tests and fastng tests

Symptoms      

Sweatng to much Increased thirst Delayed wound healing and increased infectons Blurred or other vision problems Increased hunger Darkening of skin around skin fold, armpit, and neck

How did I get diabetes? Insulin (key) Tissue (lock)

Over consumpton of refined carbohydrates and sugar, insulin becomes less effectve from over producton and use.

Think of a worn out key or worn out lock.

Because of over use the body now has a broken system for taking sugar out of the blood and using it for energy in our body.

Sugar blood

Over consumpton of refined carbohydrates and sugar, cells no longer open. Excess sugar stays in blood

Why should you care?

 Diabetes type II is preventative - what that means is by beginning small lifestyle changes you can prevent and help treat it.  Money - saving yourself thousands of dollars on lab work, doctor visits, and medication costs.  Quality of life – diabetes type II can severely impact a person’s daily life, preventing, or treating it effectively lessens its impact on our lives.  Set an example – Latino and Hispanic people including children are 2x more likely than others to develop diabetes type II. Be a role model for you children to help them fight the battle against a preventable disease and adapt whole family lifestyle change. The

change starts with parents.

Diabetes type II handout  

For health education Diabetes type II public health class. Nurse 445 CSUSM

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