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Introduction to C-Route

C-Route - easy and effective route planning C-Route reduce driving by 20% and gives each field representative 3-5 weeks more customer face time.

The fastest route to more sales C-Route is the professional tool that supports the company's strategies and daily work with Customer Relationship Management. With C-Route you can segment your customers and combine them with your calendar and Google Maps. It's a combination that creates a strong overview, and helps you to remember the right customers at the right time. C-Route makes you effective when you're arranging your meetings and planning your driving. You save money immediately by less time spent and fewer miles driven.

C-Route is indispensable for those who want to provide the best possible customer service, and it is a good starting point in order to maintain and grow both existing and new customers.

C-Route is the professional tool for • Efficient route planning • Fast meeting planning • Strong customer segmentation • Easy telemarketing Visit the right customers at the right time - save time and mileage at the same time.

Make your business grow C-Route reuses your existing customer data from CRM or ERP system and segment them automatically into A, B and C customers. So you can start from day one. C-Route provides tools that make your sales efforts visible and measurable. It will be easy for you to target your efforts and ensure that you visit the right mix of large and small customers or team members. You can also use the tools to generate new leads by telemarketing for instance. The standard version of C-Route contains a number of Business Intelligence tools to optimize sales. You can expand with additional modules with more advanced

BI management tools, if you need a larger analytical overview and costumer insight.

All information at your fingertips With C-Route you get direct access to internal and external links, such as your sales figures, LinkedIn and access to all customer information from SuperOffice.

Mobility When you use C-Route on the road you have both your customers and your calendar at your fingertips. The calendar is always fully updated, so you can quickly contact other customers nearby, if your meeting is canceled.

C-Route is scalable to fit your needs C-Route Basic is the standard solution, but you can add additional modules in order to expand the features of C-Route. You can add Business Intelligence and get financial customer insight, and you can get valuable tools for booking meetings, telemarketing, e-marketing and much more.

We continuously develop new modules that C-Route can be expanded with. Below you can see the modules that is currently available for C-Route, and on the next pages we describe some of them more detailed. In the back of the folder you can find a resource list of videopresentations about C-Route and the modules.










C-Route Basic

See customers on a map Effective planning C-Route Basic is an advanced planning tool, that combines your customer data with your calendar and Google Maps, and place your customers directly on a map, displayed as graphical icons. This gives you a quick visual overview of both the status and the potential of a customer.

Advantages Less time spent Spend less time planning. Effective planning Get room for more meetings per day.

With route planning it is essential to visit the right customers at the right time, and to drive as few miles as possible. C-Route Basic makes you effective, when you book meetings and plan your routes. With the same resources you can therefore visit more customers with lower mileage.

Lower costs Drive fewer miles and save costs for cars and fuel.

C-Route Basic is easy to use, simple to implement and manage, and is fully integrated with SuperOffice CRM.

Customer Overview Get an overview of your customers so you remember to visit the important ones.

Can you afford to ignore this fact? A representative driving 30.000 miles per year is spending 19 working weeks on the road. More efficient route planning can reduce driving by more than 20 % – or nearly 4 weeks of extra time per year to work instead of driving – every year! Adding the potential savings of office time spent on visits and route planning, you may reach 5-6 weeks of extra working time per field representative by optimizing route planning. Furthermore they can each save 200-300 gallons of gas and thereby reduce CO2 ommisions markable, and at the same time reduce wears and tears of your vehicles.

Strong segmentation See customers on a map displayed as important, loyal or forgotten clients. It’s easy to adjust the segment of a customer.


Effective booking of meetings C-Route Booking makes it much easier to book meetings and plan driving. With a single click in SuperOffice you can quickly see a list of suggestions, for when you can visit a customer - with the fewest number of miles driven. You no longer need to browse your entire calendar to find out when you have room for a visit. C-Route simply scans your calendar and show you the result. In a matter of seconds you are ready to propose a range of alternative dates, for when you can meet the customer. You can even scan multiple calendars at once, so you can see all the best times to visit, for multiple sales or service consultants at a time.

Advantages Less time spent Save time on planning and driving. Lower costs Drive fewer miles and save costs for cars and fuel. Fast and intelligent booking Quickly get a list of possible visiting times where driving time is included - for multiple calendars at once. Better customer service Quickly plan your visit to the customer with the nearest employee. Effective planning Get more meetings in the calendar per day, and drive fewer miles per meeting. Lower CO2 emission Reduced mileage reduces CO2 emissions and gives you a green profile.

C-Route Booking has multiple levels of intelligence. It automatically incorporates driving time in the planning, ensuring that appointments can be held. By overlapping appointments, the system alerts you, so you can get it changed. You will also be able to plan your route, so that the last meeting of the day takes place as close as possible to your home. It is also possible to fill up a day in the calendar with the Autobooking function - a real timesaving feature. C-Route Booking contains a template manager, so that you can create your own email templates in HTML format, and it is easy to add merge tags to the templates. Once you have booked a meeting, you can immediately send a meeting confirmation to the customer, with all the information about time and date, etc. merged automatically into the mail. That's as easy as it gets, and the meeting is already stored in your SuperOffice calendar! C-Route Booking is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to provide optimal customer service and wants to maintain and grow both new and old relations.

Featured functionality • Color-coded meeting times • Find best time in one or more calendars at a time • Effective route planning • Autobooking • E-mail templates • Direct Access Keys


Generate real qualified leads Get more customers and more sales through targeted lead generation. To get more qualified leads, it is necessary to call both new and old customers to gather information and to book meetings. C-Route Telemarketing is specifically designed for telemarketers, working with customer surveys and market screening, who book meetings for salespeople, consultants and service people. The program streamlines the workflow for lead generation, canvas calling and customer care, and makes it easy to schedule driving on the same occasion. You get access to book meetings directly in the consultants' calendars, while the consultants also can block booking on certain days.

Advantages Lead Generation Get new customers with qualified leads. Book for others See multiple calendars at once and book meetings directly. Simple screening See questions on the screen and enter answers directly in C-Route. Statistics and goals Get an overview of time consumption and efficiency.

With C-Route you do not have to work on multiple screens, as all information is gathered in one screen. All information from SuperOffice is displayed directly in C-Route, and all corrections and entries are automatically stored in SuperOffice. In connection with phoning, you can store all kinds of follow-ups and activities directly into your own or others’ calendars - or in a joint redial calendar. This will ensure that there is follow-up on all leads, whether it is about to calling back again later or to booking a meeting. C-Route allows you to create email templates with merge tags for any purpose. This means that you can immediately send a meeting confirmation to the customer, complete with time and place, etc. merged into the mail. One of the great strengths of C-Route is that you can see all the leads directly on a map, while the route between appointments is selected. This means that you can create a geographically effective planning, and save time and mileage for the consultant, when you make new meetings along the route he has to drive anyway.

Featured functionality • Block for booking • Follow-up

Create customer selections in seconds Save time by creating customer selections with filter options.

• Easy-to-use questionnaire

E-mail templates Send meeting confirmation with all the info automatically merged.

• Effective planning

• Customer selections made easy • E-mail templates • Secretary function


Business Intelligence made easy C-Route C-Insight provides advanced tools to get an analytical overview of customer acquisition and sales development. The tools enable both sellers and managers to quickly assess the current sales efforts in relation to the company's strategic targets, both overall and for each customer group. C-Insight is perfect when you want the full overview before a customer meeting and a valuable tool for finding additional sales opportunities.

Detailed overview You can see detailed statistics and sales development in list and chart format for each customer by product group, and by total sales for a selected period - not just the company you are at, but also parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates. You can also get the total overview on sales for all customers and you can setup custom filters to show for instance a segment of customers based

Advantages Sales insights and Trends Focus your sales effort and make it as efficient as possible. Strategic overview Keep track of the strategic objectives to ensure that they are met. Total overview See detailed sales statistics for all customers, individual companies and entire organizations. Easy workflow Preview documents without opening them and edit data easily - all from one place.

upon specific product purchases - everything with a level of detail right down to the individual invoice line.

Easy workflow With one click in SuperOffice, you can get a complete overview of sales statistics and sales trends, throughout the entire organization. Besides all the finance functions you can, at the same time, see people, contact info, activities, documents and much more. You can correct data directly and you can preview emails and documents without opening them.

Featured functionality • Sales statistics in list and chart format • Pipeline • Sales by period and by product group • Easy workflow • Preview documents • Edit data directly from a list • Overview of entire organisations

File Sync System

A mobile setup that works everywhere The C-Route File Sync System together with SuperOffice Travel makes everything in your SuperOffice instantly available whenever you need it – no matter where you are – even if the internet is not available.

Fast and automated

SuperOffice Satellite and Remote Travel employ local data, meaning that Satellites and Remote Travel remains independent of possible communications or non-local technology break downs.

You can also sync immediately with a click on button. The sync process is remarkably faster with the C-Route FSS technology.

If you combine it with C-Route FSS you get a stable and fast mobile setup.

To save time, only the most relevant documents are synchronized, but if you need a document that is not locally available, it is only two clicks and few seconds away.

Advantages Less IT administration C-Route FSS minimize the IT administration, that distributed local installations require. Less time spent It minimize User Interaction and time consumption, that the database and document synchronization may require. Higher stability and reliability Whereas asynchronous synchronization may be “fragile” and time consuming to manage, C-Route FSS increase SuperOffice replication stability and reliability.

With C-Route FSS you don't have to remember or do anything. C-Route FSS starts when you start SuperOffice and automatically synchronizes in the background - while you work.

Better overview With the C-Route FSS monitor, you can set criteria for being alerted by e-mail, allowing to take immediate action to solve any sync problems. You can get a full overview of any current potential problems in the Travel User Map Overview. A user with a potential problem will be colored yellow or red. Clicking the user will show sync details, helping to easily identify and eliminate the problem. The status log document when the problem started and provide further details.

Featured functionality • Automatic syncronization • Better overview of potential problems • High syncronization speed • Alert monitoring • Status log

KOB Manager

Find and import new leads An important prerequisite for increased sales is that there always are new leads to work with, and with C-Route KOB Manager it is very easy to generate new leads. You get quick access to create selections with new leads in KOB - an extensive online database with information and insight from thousands of companies - and import them directly to SuperOffice. C-Route KOB Manager divides the selected companies into whether they are new leads, or already exist in SuperOffice. You decide if you want to update the existing customers or import as new ones. In C-Route you can see the new potential customers directly on a map, making it easy to optimize route planning, when you call to book meetings. C-Route KOB Manager has an intuitive and userfriendly Interface that makes it easy to create filters by industry, number of employees and postal codes, to get the selection you need.

Company information always up to date Companies' information changes over time, which makes it is necessary to keep the existing information up to date. C-Route KOB Manager is a great tool to keep customer information up to date. You can choose to update customers individually or you can update an entire selection at once. When new

leads is being imported to SuperOffice, contact person and category information gets added. C-Route KOB Manager in combination with both C-Route Telemarketing and C-Route Booking is a powerful tool for customer screening and surveys, of both new and existing customers. Separate KOB subscription is needed.

Advantages KOB Integration Import KOB selection directly to CRM. No need for external programs or transfer via Excel. Many new leads KOB contain information on thousands of companies. Import options See company details and select whether duplicates should be imported. Data Quality Update existing customers and keep information up to date. Easy filters See leads by industry, size and geography.

Featured functionality

ERP Sync, Mailchimp & Duplicate Analyzer

Other powerfull C-Route Modules C-Route ERP Sync C-Route ERP Sync is a very important and valuable tool. It is designed to import and syncronize customer data and financial data, from your finance system to SuperOffice. The ERP Sync can handle both standard and custom fields from your finance system. Based on the financial transactions in the finance system, C-Route can see how much the customer previously bought, and can divide your customers into various categories.

Mailchimp offers easy and intuitive administration of your subscribers and mail campaigns. You can use their drag-and-drop editor to build professional looking Html mail templates in a few minutes. You can send various types of campaigns including RSS To Mail and Autoresponders. You can set up lists and segments in SuperOffice, and in the C-Route Mailchimp panel you can see detailed statistics on your subscribers and e-mail campaigns.

C-Route Duplicate Analyzer

Additionally C-Route will also Geocode your customers. Geocoding takes a specific customers’ address and pinpoint it's latitudinal and longtitudinal coordinates on a map.

Good quality customer and lead data are vital factors in conducting efficient and professional marketing, in daily sales work and in sharing customer information.

C-Route Mailchimp Integration

C-Route Duplicate Analyzer is an advanced Data Analysis Tool that efficiently identifies duplicate companies and persons in your SuperOffice database, and removes the duplicates.

C-Route Mailchimp integrates SuperOffice with the world leading solution for e-mail marketing.


Introduction to C-Route. C-Route for SuperOffice and all the add-on modules described. Duration: 4:28.

C-Route FSS for SuperOffice. A more in dept presentation of C-Route File Sync System. Duration: 4:39.

C-Route for the Sales Representative. C-Route Basic and C-Route Booking described. Duration: 1:53.

C-Route C-Insight. Hands-on presentation of some of the C-Route C-Insight features. Duration: 3:28.

Introduction to GeoBizzView. Stand Alone product where Business Intelligence information is combined with geographic data visualization. Duration: 2:07.

Said by our customers ”We have really achieved very satisfactory results with C-Route. Today we book the same number of meetings, but less driving and other optimizations provide consultants with significantly better time for both meeting preparation and follow up. Overall, the everyday has become less stressful for everyone, but we get more work done and we do our job better. This gives satisfaction and a good working environment. So I must say that we are very happy. We have reduced our driving time and emit less CO2 and – as an added bonus – our meeting bookers no longer get complaints from consultants, because they have to start earlier or work late.”

”For many years we have had a satisfying cooperation with Kontineo. Their products have been of great utility value for our users of SuperOffice CRM. The professional product developers at Kontineo also helped us with a complicated unification of our internal databases.” Vidar Utne, SuperOffice A/S

“The point of reference for Kontineo’s solutions is the salesperson’s everyday life, and this is where it differentiates itself from other solutions.” Ole Nyborg, Bosch Rexroth A/S

Martin Holdt Nielsen, Falck Danmark A/S

About Kontineo Danish owned Kontineo has since 1997 provided methods and software, which integrates tasks and systems within Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Kontineo’s philosophy is to join together existing customer systems and establish continuity between strategic goals, the way people work, and the systems they work with. Our goal is to provide the ultimate CRM solution in the market, that help people grow their businesses, creates a better working environment and reduces adverse impacts on the environment.

How to make our world a better place to live Did you know that as a customer of Kontineo you are making an active effort to improve the environment and growth in society? Kontineo has become Premium Sponsor for GreenDriveThinking, and every time Kontineo is selling C-Route software, a percentage is given to support GreenDriveThinking. You can read more about GreenDriveThinking and how the project can make our world a better place to live (You can download the GreenDriveThinking Vision folder in English on the homepage)

Kontineo A/S Koldingvej 2A, DK- 6040 Egtved +45 7550 6221

Read more about C-Route and Kontineo at

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