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Life Contingent Structured Settlement

An Opportunity to Earn Higher Return

Definition: Life Contingent Structured Settlement

Life Contingent Structured Settlement stream offers to investors of an prospect to earn higher rates of return on their deal than most other contribution of structured settlement as they constitute some risk. The Life Contingent Structured Settlement streams continue throughout the lifetime of the original owner of the settlement, but are backed by insurance policies from top rated carriers to help protect your investment.

An Opportunity to Earn Higher Return

• Life contingent structured settlement payments are methods wherein the policy profits are paid. The insurance can be paid in five common ways, interest income, a lump of cash, fixed amount, life income or fixed period option.

• Typically, the owner of the policy or the recipient can select the settlement method. However, in some circumstances, the policy owner can be paid the value of cash before death. Many people who have acquired structured settlements through their lawsuit or injuries can sell their structured settlement in exchange of cash.

• You may want to get a lump sum for a periodic payments or a lump sum to be awarded at a particular date when you are in need of immediate money. If you will acquire a settlement offer that is in best deal, you can be able to maximize the price of your settlement and obtain the greatest tax advantage from the portion of any structured settlement payment.

• But remember, companies that buy structured settlement tend to profit from your settlement. So it is necessary to make your own research and if possible, compare quotes from various companies, before entering any agreement. You can also hire a lawyer to help you in the process.

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Life contingent structured settlement an opportunity to earn higher return