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Robert Presley Detention Center: Get inmate information The Robert Presley Detention Center is the name given to the Riverside County Jail and it is located in the downtown area of Riverside, California. If you have someone near to you in the custody at RPDC and you want to get him released, you should look for the agents and firms that would help you in this regard. During such a traumatic and disturbing moment it is very hard to keep yourself calm and look for an agent who would be capable of satisfying your needs. However, in the world of internet you do not have to roam about and look for one. Just spend some time online and go through the reviews and testimonials of the previous clients of specific firms and then decide on the one that you find is suitable for your needs. Most of these firms make bail bonds available 24/7 and in all 365 days. So, you simply need to select the right firm and follow the procedure. When selecting a bail bond company it is very important that you choose the one that understands your emotional and financial condition of the moment and the situation through which you are going through right now. Some of the companies are really very fast and efficient and so it is advisable to choose one of them so that you are able to free your loved one as soon as possible. The firm can also direct you to an advocate who is well-versed in the law your loved one has been sued. This will be of great help in getting justice. The Robert Presley Detention Center has some strict rules and regulations regarding visiting hours and about the persons who could visit the inmate. They are not allowed to receive any incoming calls, but they are allowed to make calls to family member or a friend with the help of calling cards available there. There are regulations for the visitors also which everyone has to follow at any cost. The Robert Presley Detention Center accepts two types of bails – cash bail and bail bonds. If you have the cash ready you can opt for the cash bail and help your loved one get released once the paperwork is completed. However, if you do not have enough ready money with you, opting for bail bonds is the best option. If the defendant shows up on every court calling, you will have to pay up to 10% on top of the bond amount.

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Robert Presley Detention Center: Get inmate information