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Ultimate Guide to Design Responsive Website Previously, web designers used to bank heavily on the use of computers while designing a website. But, now, things changed wherein the criterion to design it improved with an update in the latest form of technology. It’s difficult to design a website which is device friendly and can work properly on any device even though if it’s a mobile, PC or a tablet. With the wide usage of Smartphones and smart devices, creating a website has now become a complex job for web designers. But, Responsive Web Design perhaps will be able to answer to your queries. This kind of design is helpful to reap the benefits of every pixel of the display property, without changing to the mobile layout. For example, without responsive web design, web designers have to create several versions of the same website. In fact, the process will increase designing costs and take much time to update the website, thus becoming a cumbersome task for developers. Because of screen resolution problems on different devices, now the team of web designers at SPINX Inc. prefers to develop an application with responsive web design.

Working of Responsive Web Design Responsive web design is the best solution for web designing. It relies on Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) which allows you to choose different style sheet aspects according to the screen size that is recognized and orientation of the device, on which the website is being considered. For

instance, your web page has two columns of the content for watching it on a desktop computer, but it’s much more difficult to view on the Smartphone devices. With media query function, you can transform to the various style sheets or add a number of new aspects within single style sheet to your text content into one large column by recognizing the screen size.

Advantages of Applying a Responsive Web Design This design offers several advantages which make it appear more popular in the web development world. Let’s have a look at the advantages of the responsive web design: Cost Saving: Prior to the introduction of responsive web design, there were problems of various screen resolutions of devices whereby web designers had to design several versions of the website that were expensive. Here, responsive web design comes in picture as it lets your website to exhibit its elements on devices of any screen size. Now, you just need to design your website and save your money. Time Saving: When you are designing a client website, you need to develop it in a limited time period. Responsive Web Design saves your web development time. Stay Ahead of Your Competitors: Many web designers don’t know how to create a responsive web design. This may prove advantageous in your case where you can incorporate changes to your website and enable it to fit on all kinds of devices. This way you can provide something new to your visitors and be in a position to stay ahead of your competitors. Last Longer Website: Responsive web design gives long life to your website. It provides visitors every kind of information so that they revisit it through any device. Increase Conversion Rate: When you apply good changes and modification, people will definitely like it. You can fulfill their requirements and with responsive web design, you can get more conversions by giving enhanced experience to your visitors. User-Friendly Website: Avoid thinking about your website when you create it with responsive web design because its device is user-friendly. Its website will work properly on all kinds of devices.

Ultimate Guide to Design Responsive Website  
Ultimate Guide to Design Responsive Website  

Responsive Web Design perhaps will be able to answer to your queries. This kind of design is helpful to reap the benefits of every pixel of...