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Choosing the best type of glass for your windows The main component of windows is the glass used. With energy efficiency becoming most sought after by homeowners for a comfortable and healthy home, energy efficient windows have become a necessity. By choosing the right type of glass for the window, you can get the optimum energy efficient performance from the window all through the year. Apart from bringing in maximum light, the glass should protect the home interior from harmful UV rays and be able to regulate the heat transfer to keep the home cool in summer and warm during winter. This can be effectively achieved with some special designs and coatings on the window glass resulting in a high performance energy efficient glass. Double or triple glazing: This means, two or three glass panes are used instead of the single pane of glass used earlier. A metal spacer is placed between the panes and the space between the panes is filled with gas to increase insulation. Double glazing is more commonly used as triple pane windows are expensive and prove more useful in extreme cold climates. These types of windows are also known as IGUs or insulated glass units. Gas filling- Most IGUs are now filled with argon or krypton, which are inert gases. They are nonreactive, non toxic, clear and odorless and are effective in reducing the heat transfer. This reduces the U factor of the window making it energy efficient. Argon is most commonly used, as it is less expensive than krypton. Coatings-Energy efficiency of the window can further be improved with coatings applied on the glass. Low emissivity or low e coating is a thin, invisible metal coating placed between the panes to reduce the radiant heat transfer. This helps to keep the heat out in summer and heat in during winter. These coatings can be customized to suit the type of climate you live in to achieve best comfort and energy efficiency. While the coating regulates the heat transfer, it does not reduce the visibility of the glass, helping to bring in maximum natural light. The harmful ultraviolet rays, which damage the interior furnishings, are also blocked effectively. Unlike low e coating which is factory made, there are other selective coatings available too, which can be applied on the glass like a thin film. Tempered glass: Tempered glass is four times stronger than normal glass and engineered to crumble instead of breaking into shards. This type of glass is the best option for windows in locations where there is possibility of the glass breaking- like the sidelights near the entry door. Choosing the right glass, when you choose the window is important if energy efficiency is your priority. Energy star rated windows certified for energy efficient performance are double or triple pane, argon enhanced with low e coating. Buy from companies which supply Energy Star rated windows like Champion Window. They install the windows too for you saving the hassle of finding someone to do it for you. If you read champion windows and doors ,many customers have expressed satisfaction with the performance of their windows and the good service they received. Call them today for free consultation and get the right window with the right glass.

Choosing the best type of glass for your windows