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Michael Ornstein Develops Marketing Strategies As The President Of Jackson Sports Advisors

Michael Ornstein is a person who is familiar with the art of finding a way out and getting things right, including the most complicated ones. He was the marketing agent of Reggie Bush and he used to manage his marketing and endorsement deals after he joined National Football League. He also connected Reggie to a wide range of off-field opportunities. Apart from this, Michael Ornstein was also a Reebok consultant. He went along with Reggie Bush to Los Angeles in order to shoot a promotional spot for the NFL with Fox broadcasters Jimmy Johnson, Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long which was to be broadcast on Fox Channel.

Michael Ornstein pursued his studies from School of Business, Indiana State University. In February 2012, he became the President and owner of Jackson Sports Advisors, LLC which is situated at Greater Los Angeles Area. On December 21, 2010, Jackson Sports Advisors, LLC was filed as a domestic in the state of California and it is still functional. As the president of Jackson Sports Advisors, Ornstein represents professional athletes and corporations for branding and marketing. He develops marketing strategies and offers introductions and networking opportunities for his clientèle. Besides this, he was the owner of SportsLink, Senior Director of Player Development and Club Marketing at National Football league and the owner and President of CWC Sports. CWC Sports is a full service sports marketing company that has made itself as a main player in today's world of exciting and ever changing professional sports marketing.

Michael Ornstein is a marketing and branding agent for both new brands as well as professional athletes who are seeking a chance to expand in the sports industry. He played an important role in the Saints’ victory at the Super Bowl. In addition, New Orleans Saints was also helped by him in The Super Bowl. Born in the New York City, he is counted amongst the best marketing agent who presently resides in LA. He has a vast knowledge about the pro-sports world and due to this quality, he has been able to help many teams by managing their most difficult and intriguing logistics of the biggest sports event (Super Bowl). He plays a vital part in connecting numerous sports figures with endorsement deals. He has also worked with the Oakland Raiders and Al Davis for almost 13 years and during these years, he got the opportunity to visit The Super Bowl 3 times.


Michael Ornstein Develops Marketing Strategies As The President Of Jackson Sports Advisors