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Michael Ornstein

Michael Ornstein, Born In New York, Is A Branding And Marketing Agent for Numerous Brands And Athletes Michael Ornstein, a renowned person in the sports industry, is a branding and marketing agent for a great number of brands and athletes who want to establish their name in the sports industry. He helps the top brands to find athletes who will endorse their products thereby fetching them numerous opportunities for publicity. He is a committed brand consultant and dedicated marketing agent who plays a crucial role in connecting sportsmen with beneficial endorsement deals.

He is the Owner of Jackson Sports Advisors, LLC. He is leading this company as the President from past nine months. He runs this company in Greater Los Angeles Area. Prior to this, he was the owner of SportsLink that is a private company in the Advertising and Marketing industry. SportsLink handled anything and everything that was related to the world of sports. He was also the president at CWC Sports for a period of more than six years. In addition, he has also been Senior Director of Player Development and Club Marketing at National Football league, a privately held organization in the sports industry. He has also worked for the Oakland Raiders and Al Davis for a period of 13 years and during this period he took three trips to the Super Bowl.

Michael Ornstein is a highly educated professional who is dedicated to achieve his goals and become successful in his business. He is an alumni of Indiana State University - School of Business. He was born in New York but now he lives in Los Angeles which is a beautiful city located in the United States of America. He is a talented profession who also helped an array of teams in managing the complex logistics of the biggest sports event of America.

Micheal Ornstein who was earlier a Reebok Consultant was hired by Reggie Bush after he stepped into the NFL. He handled Reggie Bush's marketing deals effectively and put a great number of off-field opportunities in his kitty. He knows how to get things done in the field of sports and he has in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of the pro-sports world.

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Michael Ornstein New York