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MichaeOrnstein NFL

Michael Ornstein is an educated professional who studied from Indiana State University-School of Business. He became the marketing agent of Reggie Bush when he joined NFL. Owing to the art of getting things done, Ornstein managed all the marketing deals for Reggie effectively. He added numerous off field opportunities to his extensive portfolio and helped him to grow his presence in the field of sports. When Reggie went to Los Angeles to shoot a promotional spot for the NFL that was to be broadcast on Fox Chanel, Ornstein accompanied him. This spot was shot with Fox broadcasters Jimmy Johnson, Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long.

Michael Ornstein is from New York City who presently resides in Los Angeles. He is ranked amongst the top marketing agents who connects sportsmen with numerous endorsement deals. Apart from this, he has helped various teams by taking care of complex logistics of America's biggest sporting event. He has also worked for the Oakland Raiders and Al Davis for almost thirteen years and during this period, he attended the Super Bowl a few times.

Michael Ornstein was the man behind the victory of New Orleans Saints at the Super Bowl. He made sure to keep the players comfortable, happy and satisfied and made every effort to give them psychological support which lead to their victory at the Super Bowl. The coach of the team said that Michael helped a lot in making all the arrangements including game tickets and travel tickets for the relatives of the players thereby minimizing any sort of crises. During the Super Bowl, Ornstein said that there was a psychological warfare amidst the teams and this technique helped him to support other teams including the Baltimore Ravens win six Super Bowl titles.

Michael Ornstein once said, “Reggie Bush is the No. 1 rookie in sports”. On Reggie's behalf, he informed the press that Reggie will wear No. 25 for the New Orleans Saints. During this press conference, he told interviewers that Reggie Bush will be donating 25% of his jersey sale to the survivors of the Hurricane Katrina. He also added that Reggie had signed an assortment of deals with EA Sports, Mobile ESPN, GTSM, Hummer and Adidas. At that time, he informed the press that Reggie was in talks with a fragrance-maker, a soft-drink company and a technology company.


Michael Ornstein NFL