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Need an Immigration Lawyer in Calgary? Niren and Associates has made it their primary goal to assist you in persuading the authorities to grant you a Visa. Our applications are designed to convince immigration officers to grant you the visa and to say “Yes” to your application for admission. Our job is to help open to the door so that you, your relative, friend or employee can live, work or study in Canada or in the USA. What Makes Us Stand Out From Other Immigration Services: • “This is what saved her! Shannon flew to California on Saturday and started her new job today! We just wanted to say Thank You” Pat • “Thanks for your help with my E Visa. All went well and I am back at work… You guys were great!” Raffael • “Thank you for all of the hard work, and assistance you provided in putting together my TRP and Work Permit Applications. Honestly, I felt your services were worth every penny. I have no complaints.” T. S. We know that these days, the government has created complicated barriers to entry. Immigration rules and regulations are becoming more and more complex. In order to qualify to relocate to Canada or the US, you must present your case properly to an immigration officer who has to authority to grant or deny your admission. At Niren and Associates we specialize in preparing applications for Canada and US permanent residence, work permits, study permits and visitation. The applications we prepare for you involve more than just completing forms and collecting supporting documents. Our applications are designed to persuade and to convince immigration officers to grant you the visa and to say “Yes” to your application for admission. What We Do For You: • •

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A LEGAL SUBMISSION LETTER that serves to convince the authorities that you are a suitable candidate to visit, work, study or live in Canada or the USA. We also ASSEMBLE a complete APPLICATION PACKAGE that contains everything that is required including all the necessary information and documents that are to be reviewed by an immigration officer who will be making a decision on your case. We also MANAGE and MONITOR your CASE from the start to the finish. This means that we will make sure that your application is mailed to the correct immigration office on time. This also means that we will keep track of the progress of your application as it makes its way though the immigration system. In many cases, applications can take many months to process and part of our job is to make sure that your application is moving forward towards completion. When it comes time for an immigration officer to assess your case, we will prepare you for a possible interview if one is required. Finally once the visa has been issued, we ensure that it is properly delivered and that it contains all the correct and necessary information.

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