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ARBORETUM NATIVE PLANTING CHAMPAIGN, IL Fall 2012 - Natural precedent in planting The arboretum at the University of Illinois provides a vast diversity of trees and plants. Near the cultural Japan House lies a retention pond that winds and wraps around itself. The purpose of the project was to design a planting plan for a 40’x80’ area of one of five habitats using native plants to the midwest region. The chosen habitat is a forest floodplain on a peninsula in the pond. A schematic plan was first conceptualized based on plant heights and natural walkways and barriers. A small portion of the schematic plan was chosen to sample a planting plan with flood tolerant plants. A deep cut sections shows what plants may look like after planting.

SCHEMATIC PLAN The section of the arboretum to be designed was one of six different habitats around the pond near the Japan House. I designed the one designated forest floodplain. The design was based on differing heights of native plants, and the views that could be seen from across the pond. The four different height categories were from 0’-3’, 3’-6’, 6’10’ and 10’-15’. This was to either allow people to walk through areas or to block off access and views to certain ones. The species planted around the border of the peninsula were tolerant of occasional flooding for when the pond’s water levels increased.









Selected 40’x80’ zone to design planting plan


DEEP-CUT SECTION Plants were researched and selected based on their tolerance to water flooding as well as their mature plant height. Their tolerance to flood water was also carefully taken into account. The planting plan layout is to enable a very wide variety of suitable plants for this area. Some grow low to the ground and act as a ground cover visitors can walk on, forming a natural path.

Asimina triloba Paw paw

Impatiens canensia Jewelweed Lobelia Siphilitica Blue cardinal flower Rudbeckia laciniata Cutleaf coneflower

Arisaema triphyllum Jack-in-the-pulpit Symphorcarpus orbiculatus Coral berry

Arboretum Native Planting  
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