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Michael Meanderings Lisa Michael serving with Alaska Bible College, in Glennallen Alaska and InterAct Ministries, in Palmer Alaska.

Summer / Fall 2011

VOL. #6 ISSUE #2

Prayer Requests: •

Recent health issues and challenges. I recently experienced a bout with superficial blood clots in my leg, a round of shots for treatment and now ruptured and bulging discs in my neck.

Continued growth in my financial support team, as recently I’ve lost almost as much financial support as I’ve gained. Changes have been made in the faculty and staff at Alaska Bible College, please pray for the fall preparations as a new fall semester gets under way, including the expansion of classes into Palmer and Anchorage.

Please pray for appropriate and affordable housing to be found and finalized in Palmer for myself so that I can finally get moved back to Alaska as soon as God would have me.

Pray for God’s direction as the leadership team of InterAct Ministries Alaska are fervently praying for future plans.

Pray for the remaining time I have on home service, that I would grow in my relationship with God as I’ve struggled with the many delays, setbacks, and frustrations concerning my jobs with InterAct and Alaska Bible College as well as the timing of my return to the mission field.

Praise Report: •

McGrath VBS trip in July was a success. A total of 24 kids were ministered to and told of Christ’s love for them. My daughter finished her fourth year at Troy University on the Chancellor’s list and has started her final year at Troy this August. Unexpected time with my sisters at the beach for a small family vacation early this summer.


It is a privilege and an honor to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in the mission field of Alaska. I am truly blessed to be serving with two of the organizations God is using in the North Pacific Crescent. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!


PATIENCE AND FLEXIBILITY How we handle change determines… It’s been too long since my last newsletter, and it is with careful consideration that I am writing at this time. We all know change is inevitable. It is how we handle those changes that determine our character. I wish I could say, I’ve handled the last 15 months of waiting, working and preparing for my return to Alaska with all the grace and character of a well seasoned cooking pan. However, I must confess, I’ve not always handled the last year & a half with a positive attitude, or an uplifting spirit. Many delays have come in the form of serious medical issues, difficulty in locating and securing housing in Alaska as well as setbacks and delays in my support raising efforts. All of this has tested, tried and challenged me as a person. None of these challenges could have been foreseen. The original plan of being on “home service” for 4 months was obviously not what God had planned for me. I’ve spent the last 15 months

Recent Events: InterAct Ministries

Alaska Annual Conference July 27th~30th

waiting, while ministering to others in ways only God could have planned for. When needed I’ve been here to

Upcoming Events: Alaska Bible College

encourage, lend a hand with short and long term projects, rest and renew my spirits and my physical body in the mean time. Throughout this time, God continues to show me that HIS timing, and HIS plans are not my own. We do not push our plan, nor our ideas & our agendas onto God.

New Student Orientation ~ August 17th Returnee Students Arrive ~ August 20th ABC Fall Introduction Picnic ~ August 21st Fall Classes Begin ~ August 22nd Spiritual Life Focus week ~ Sept. 13~15th College Days ~ September 25~27th

Moses didn’t understand the 40 years of waiting in the desert. The Israelites were waiting 430 years in Egypt. What makes me think that I can understand and predict what God is doing in my life and the

Support Update Pie “makers” still needed!

lives of those around me? I do know this, we can pray together and continue to seek HIS guidance in

Mission Support Personal Income

Church Support

“our” delays. We must find the place within our souls to rest in HIS patience and remain in the flexi-

Individual Supporters 6%

23% 50%

bility that requires each of us to dwell in HIM and HIS timing and in HIS perfect will. God is good.

Support Still Needed


ALL the time!

Change is in the air for InterAct Ministries. The Alaska annual conference was held in Palmer, this past

Praise the LORD! Only 18 $10 monthly shares, are

July. From reports I have received, God worked with

needed in order to reach 100% support

amazement through those attending this conference. One

requirements! Would you pray about how God

even responded with the words of Jesus “Oh ye of little

might be leading you to “buy” 1, 2, 5, 10 or more

faith”. Many changes are needed and expected on the

monthly shares in the ministry in Alaska? I know

Alaska field. There is a great deal of rebuilding needed

some have said that they would do so, but for

on a struggling field. New missionaries are needed,

whatever reason haven’t gotten around to it. Now

funds for many different ministry projects are required,

is the time… if you’ve been meaning to join my

and a new perspective of God’s plan of action is

team, please do so. The support remaining will help

essential. And we know that, “For the fervent prayers

to finance the cost of living and ministering in

of a righteous person availeth much!” We want to honor

Alaska. There is still some time to meet and share

God in these changes so it is with great care and caution

with you, your Church, Sunday School class, Book

that we are looking to God for direction and

Club, Circle or group of friends. Please, give me a

clarification. Please continue to pray for all of those who

call or drop me a email… I look forward to hearing

lead and serve with InterAct Ministries in the coming

from you soon! It is in HIM we give all the glory,

weeks and months.

honor and praise. Amen!

If you would like to stop receiving this newsletter, or would prefer to receive it via email, please drop me a line and let me know! I’ll be happy to add you to the email list or if you prefer to be removed altogether just let me know. I can be reached at the following emails: or

All financial contributions are tax deductible and should be directly mailed to: Alaska Bible College, PO Box 289, Glennallen, AK 99588. Please make a note & include with your check that your donation goes to support: Lisa Michael

Summer / Fall 2011

ROMANS 8:25 But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. ESV VOL. # 6 ISSUE #2

Home service address:

Lisa Michael P.O. Box 1300 Troy, AL 36081

Summer Fall 11 Newsletter  

Updates and Prayers for Lisa Michael

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