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Volume 5 Issue 1

January ~ February 2010

Lisa Michael serving with Alaska Bible College, Glennallen Alaska and InterAct Ministries, Palmer Alaska

Michael Meanderings Alaska Fun Fact: Personal Correspondence: PO Box 289 Glennallen, AK 99588 Cell# 334.268.9703 907.822.3201

Our coldest day thus far, January 3, 2010 reaching 37° Below ZERO!

What’s life like as Dean of Women?

Praise †Gift

of a trip home to visit family and friends for Christmas. Opportunity to teach a photography class at the college.

Personal relationships with students are growing closer to God and each other.

Household goods arrived in Glennallen Jan. 26th.

Prayer Requests 27 additional team supporters to join me in doing the mission here at the college

I mentor the women’s RA (resident assistant) in leadership, organizational, and discipleship skills. We meet weekly to discuss and work through the daily life of the women’s dorm. I also disciple a female student who comes from a background with a very legalistic and distorted theological

view of the Bible. We meet weekly to discuss social, emotional, and relational aspects of life. Since my arrival I have seen a tremendous growth in many students here, and maturity in their relationships with Christ. Please be praying for these relationships as we seek God’s direction and guidance

Open doors for more opportunities to raise the remaining support needed here on the field in a timely manner

through this process. I meet with all of the women in the dorm for weekly devotions. Currently we are watching an series of Elizabeth Elliot. Afterwards we have a time of Q & A which I encourage them to go to scripture to help answer their questions by considering the example Paul gave in Titus 2.

Upcoming Events

Strength, endurance and health while making the transition to life here in Alaska

STAFF/FACULTY APPRECIATION VALENTINE DINNER February 12 ~ Students will be making and serving an Italian dinner. SPIRITUAL LIFE FOCUS WEEK February 23-25, ~ Focusing on a day of prayer for the entire ABC community. WINTER RETREAT

Personal walk with Christ will grow in grace and humility

March 5th & 6th ~ Birchwood Camp, Chugiak AK, a time of fellowship & winter outdoor games. A time for staff, faculty and students to interact away from the colligate setting of Glennallen.

Volume 5 Issue 1

Michael Meanderings

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Becoming part of the Faculty at ABC Becoming a Instructor has added an extra challenge to my already busy and exciting life here at the college.

The Spring 09-10 semester started with the addition of a photography class. This class meets on Tuesday nights serving both the community and students.

The first eight weeks of class is mainly bookwork learning terms, concepts and application principals. The following seven weeks they will put these principals in to practice.

Each student will finish the class with their own 20 print portfolio, as well as a framed print of their favorite photo which will be given to the college for future display. The semester will finish with a small gallery reception showing off the students work.

Pie Makers? and the mission placed before me.

What does it take to make a complete pie? YOU! Would you pray about joining my team as a prayer partner or financial partner? Both are greatly needed in order to remain on the mission field. As you can see the biggest part of the pie still needed is monthly supporters! What will it take to make up this half of the pie? 27 team members willing to commit to $50.00 each & every month in or-

der to bring my support up to 100%. Once the pie is completely made my housing situation will change for the better and allow me the freedom to concentrate on the tasks at hand

Will you join me join in prayer for the work that God is doing in Alaska, as He uses those who are ministering with the Bible college and with InterAct Ministries. God is working in an incredible way here in the last frontier. Many will leave here to serve throughout the world in ministry after finishing at Alaska Bible College and to HIM we give the glory and honor.

Direct all financial contributions to: Alaska Bible College, PO Box 289, Glennallen, AK 99588. Make note on check: for Lisa Michael

Michael Meanderings Jan Feb 2010 Newsletter  

Jan Feb 2010 Missionary Update and newsletter for Lisa Michael serving with Alaska Bible College and InterAct Ministries in Alaska