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Michael Mclean 1st Critique

Creating a diverse array of controversial and inspiring “Dark Art” Toshio Saeki has earned quite the reputation as one of todays best traditional and contemporary artist. Born and raised in Miyazaki, Japan, Toshio immersed himself in traditional japanese culture and art. Later moving to tokyo at the age of 24, Saeki found himself in a new world of sex, violence and a series of events which would ultimately lead to some of his most controversial and infamous paintings and drawings. Influenced by horror, rape, violence, bondage and incredibly graphic material, Saeki manages to maintain a somewhat beautiful aspect to his clearly gory take on traditional japanese art. With that being said however the artist does find himself traveling back in time to his younger days when “sex” was an aspect in his life he couldn't control. A freelance graphic artists and magazine editor, Saeki immersed himself into Sexual culture as his works would normally result in contracts with sexually explicit magazines. Although Saekis art maybe in fact be incredibly controversial, the artist has earned himself a very solid cult following on social media sites such as tumblr, Facebook and flicker. With his art managing to touch on extremely significant culture issues, its a no brainer why his art has been adapted into arguments and debates in which discuss rape and violence. Making something beautiful out of something gruesome is not easy task, Saekis art manages to inspire a new generation of contemporary artists and creates a very strong link to traditional japanese art. Although explicit, we can all be inspire by the his own adaptation of “beauty”.

絵画 Dating back all the way to the early 700’s, traditional Japanese painting is considered one of the worlds most refined styles of visual art. Although the style and techniques can be generalized into one style, there are many periods and sub-genres that link to the movement. Beginning with the Ancient or Asuka period, traditional japanese painting has definitely under gone some sort of change subject wise and not style-wise. Influenced by religion, beauty and aspects of form and life, the movement has definitely undergone its shares of sociological changes since its creating. Creating works that link back to traditional Japanese painting, Saeki has most definitely created his own period in the traditional Japanese time line. Influenced once again by the dark side of life, Saeki creates meanings that would be considered the complete opposite of what traditional Japanese social “norms” would be. With paintings and sketched which always seem to include a very angry and demented tone, the paintings raise the bar of traditional Japanese art to an entirely new level. Although Saeki definitely falls into the category as a Japanese painter, his work although traditional in style definitely link to our own contemporary movement as his arts creates a very strange and to some, a very shocking reaction. Although saekis works definitely deal with themes of violence, rape and “dark” culture, His works manage to incorporate incredibly vibrant colors in which would normally be used with other traditional pieces. This use of color really draws our attention to the pieces and allows us to concentrate on the meanings behind them. However, Saeki still manages to create with traditional equipment and paper.

It seems like we, as a common youth society find comfort in the inspiring, they're values, voice and overall actions play a role in our lives and work like no one else. Toshio Saeki combines a dark imagination with sociological issues we seem to ignore. The meanings behind his work and the utter talent he expresses inspires me to achieve my artistic goals whether it be the up coming exhibit in April or in general. My Photography has always been directed towards a more personal and lifestyle aspect. I had always lived by a certain photographic code where as my photography would be spontaneous and the people involved would be more or less unsuspecting. I had never expected once that I would create an idea in which I would develop on said idea. Saeki touches on issues that are incredibly relevant to todays society, My project touches on some of those issues, whether it be depression, violence or a mental state in general. Although my project doesn't directly link to traditional Japanese art is does however, link to the meanings behind some of Saekis concepts. Inspiration has always been for me a very touchy subject, its rare Ive ever been impacted by a piece or an artist because of my cynical attitude, I draw the negatives out of the beautiful and undermine whats clearly in need of appreciation. When Going through the hundreds of pieces and sketches that Saeki has created, It’s difficult not to become overwhelmed just by the workflow in all its entirety. Just the amount of production in itself is inspiring. When looking into the themes behind Toshio Saekis, i believe just the meanings behind the pieces to be most inspiring to myself and my work. Theres no doubt that my second piece will be linked and inspired by Saeki and japanese culture.

Ive always gone through a ritual of self loathing and hate before I ever actually regard any of my pieces of work as art. My photographs try to make a point of telling a story, they introduce the viewer to how I walk, move and live. My life revolves around accepting what is obvious, Lifestyle. Creating the Suto-name “Sad Adult” Ive managed to gain a small but solid following of people who are interested in the same things I am. Ive decided to keep a certain consistency of work in this project and decided to follow a theme that is incredibly personal.Depression has never been one of those things that goes away, We as a society have this expectation that everything will always fine and the happy are truly happy. I want to make a connection between viewer and photo, I want to explain why sometimes the happiest people in the world are really the saddest. Through a series of 5-10 photographs I aim to create a connection between model and location. Finding places that would normally be conceived as pleasurable, I want to create a very ironic appeal as the model will in fact be crying. Ive always found it difficult to discuss my ideas and just how i plan on doing it, there nothing extremely technical about it. I don’t plan on any fancy lighting or camera setups. I want the viewer to concentrate on the idea and the meaning not the aesthetics of the photo “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more”- H. Jackson Brown JR When it comes down to articles its difficult to differentiate whether or not this book or article is trying describe depression, help it or just inform you of it. It seems like making the connection between depression and false happiness is a rather personal observation. Instead Ive found Lyrics to song in which accurately depicts the themes in which i wish to portray.

“Honestly, I can't remember teen dreams All my teenage feelings and their meanings They seem too see-through to be true All the whos are there but the whys are unclear Picture this, a long-awaited, sickening kiss How does it feel to know Explain how you've re-written history These things change despite the complicated beginning to all of this Honestly� -American Football

This lyric creates a link between My personal experience with depression and has influenced me greatly into how I connect happiness and depression.

No Fun Press

My project will be sponsored by No Fun Press, Throughout the exhibit i will have some very cool hand outs and i will also be receiving some Money in order to pay for prints, film and frames. A very helpful and cool addition to this project.

Seeing as I’m creating works based on locations that would normally be perceived as “enjoyable or happy” It’s very important i find places that can easily display that sense of happiness. Such locations will include: Biodome, Salvation army, Downtown, Mount Royal, a local ball pit, Salvation Army, the Belgo, A local roof top and a Party. Although none of these locations are locked down, There will chances that a lot of these photos will occur spontaneously in order to achieve the Street photo-esk vibe.

As far as materials and supplies go, for the first portion of the project which includes the photos series, a lot of prints, frames and film will be need. All the photos will be shot on 35mm and blown up in to sizes that are either 8x11 or 11x16. Included in the exhibit will of course be a coffee table for the handouts and prints I will be selling as well as other things available for sale (Magazines/Zines). -10 High quality prints. -1 Wooden palette -4 black bins -4x 16x20 canvases - 4 cans of spray paint (black, white, grey and forest green) -No fun Stickers -No fun Patches -Film negatives -35mm Superia film -Zines. -Print hand outs.

Creating a serious of values in order to achieve the goals of this project is incredibly important. This project insists on keeping up to date with work flow and understand that a dead line is a dead line. Fortunately, this isn't my first exhibit and I've dealt with a similar structure before. time management is key inside and outside of class. Managing a certain budget and and creating an understand of value is incredibly important as well. Although at the moment my locations are not locked down I've set for my self a dead line in order to makes sure that I personally decided on locations by March 1st and have all my Prints and negatives ready by at least March 15th. -Meet all personal and non-personal Dead-lines -Be prepared for critiscm -Understand that they’re are other artists involved

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Websites: - - biography - article/15373/1/toshio-saeki Video: -Kevin Breel: Confessions of a depressed comic Article: - - 20130115141039-20017018-7-basic-reasons-youaren-t-happy Book: -Frederick Exley’s “ A Fan’s Notes”

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