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Embracing The Mystery In her upcoming show, Shelbee Mares examines the vulnerability and intention of painting.

Rangeley, Maine (simplicity in today)

mixed media

36 by 60 inches

Photography by Hallie Mares


reached artist Shelbee Mares at her home in Portland, Maine, the work. I’m now thinking more in terms of how life and art make on a wintery Sunday afternoon. The East Coast had been hit you ‘feel.’” hard by Arctic cold, and the season’s snowfall was well above Her present renderings of individual flowers are a reflection of average. “I’m feeling a bit stir crazy…and romantic,” Mares tells that philosophy. A recent canoe trip with fellow artists to Rangeley, me. “I’ve been looking out these huge windows at the snowfall all Maine, captivated her imagination. As the group returned to their winter and I’m becoming very intentional about my painting.” launch site the sun had just set, twilight had fallen and thousands of A New England native, Mares lived and pursued her art career fireflies were illuminating their way. in Taos for two decades before returning east in 2011. “How does one begin to capture that kind of By Lynne Robinson beauty and magic?” she asks. “That’s what I mean She also returned to school to pursue a Master degree in Family Therapy, something she says will round out about getting to the essence; I want to evoke the feelher approach to her work in Fine Art—helping others through art ing of things, to be able to illicit an emotional response from the therapy. viewer.” “School has shown me how very much I want to know about Mares is perhaps most recognized for her brilliantly colored people and art” she explains, “and the artwork I’m creating now poppy fields and exuberant floral bouquets. “Those poppy fields gives the balance I need after being ‘in my head’ so long. These days were painted during my summer trips to Maine while I was living my painting is all about simplifying, getting down to the essence of in Taos,” she recalls. “They captured the abundance of the season in TAOS MAGAZINE

March/April 2015


Shelbee Mares "Embracing the Mystery" by Lynne Robinson  

Over the years Mares’s painting approach has constantly evolved. She’s an artist who is not afraid to stretch her boundaries or push the pro...

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