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Astral travels, also referred to as out of body experience, happen when your consciousness separates, along with your astral body, from your physical form. During astral travels, you can expect to be in an altered consciousness, one that is generally more aware, calm and knowing than that of your normal, in-the-body state. In order to enjoy astral travels, there are many techniques you can employ. These include different visualization techniques and trance states achieved through meditation. Many people who enjoy out of body experience have described their experiences as taking place in the sky, viewing the world from up above. There have been several experiments which suggest the likelihood that out of body experiences are real. There have also been reports of astral travels from people who have had near death experiences. Some of these people have describe things they couldn't possibly have known like the conversations - with specific details - between hospital staff members or sometimes even observing their very own bodies being operated upon. When someone has out of body experience, their astral and physical bodies remain connected. This connection is through an etheric, silver chord. Experts of out of body experience say that it's not possible for this chord to break, no matter where someone goes or how long they are away. Still there are some people who are afraid of the chord breaking during their astral travels, preventing them from returning to their physical bodies. For so called astral projections to be successful, it's really important to be calm, relaxed and ideally, in a meditative state. It's also important that your body is comfortable - either sitting or laying down, and that you are neither too full nor too hungry. It's best - and you will have the most success - to conduct your astral travels at times when your mind can focus but remain relaxed. Too much sleepiness or too much mental activity with impede your ability to consciously leave your body and succeed in your astral projecting. Other things that could make your conscious out of body experiences challenging to achieve include personal stress, relationship problems, an unhealthy diet and of course, a lack of belief that astral projection is possible. Finding others and building a community of people interested in astral travels will help you learn quicker and accelerate your skills. When you have a support system in place, not only do you stand a better chance of success, you can also, once your out of body experiences are underway, meet with friends and share your out of body experiences and adventures.

There have been occasional reports of attacks during astra travels. These can be by other astral travelers or by other entities. So far, all tests have been inconclusive, but one thing has been pretty clear. People who have reported attacks during their astral projection sessions often have a victim attitude in their waking lives. This suggests the possibility that, until you are more mentally, emotionally and spiritually capable of being responsible for your life, astral travels should be avoided. Astral travels and bilocation- these types of astral experiences are very rare and occur when someone's physical body is in one place and their etheric body is dense enough to be seen in another. Another interesting phenomenon is animal out of body experiences. Apparently this is quite common and there have been many people who report enjoying their astral travels with their beloved pets. It is also common that many people who travel report seeing their pets traveling with them.

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==== ==== Get Your Astral Travel Mini-Course For Free Now! ==== ====

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