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2011 Vehicle Solutions From Lund

VH-CHGR11 2  011 Charger Vehicle Specific Console

AR-EXPL11 2011 Civilian Explorer Vehicle Specific Console

PASS-2-CHGR11  Police Audio-visual Safety System

The Lund VH-CHGR11 console mounts to OEM vehicle brackets. The console provides 4” of vertical and 16” of horizontal equipment and accessory mounting space as well as a computer attachment point.

The Lund AR-EXPL11 console installs by removing the factory armrest and bucket and dropping it in. The console fits right over the factory opening and mounts using factory holes. No moving, modifying or cutting is required.  There is space for up to 10” of equipment and accessory mounting.  A padded armrest is available as well as power plugs and fuse panels.  Constructed of powder-coated aluminum, the innovative design of the AR-EXPL11 provides a clean, functional installation and a finished appearance in 2011 civilian Explorers.

Lund’s patent pending PASS® bumper system is now available for the 2011 Dodge Charger.

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* As seen in the NEW movie Fast Five * AR-EXPL11 2011 Civilian Explorer Vehicle Specific Console VH-CHGR11 2011 Charger Vehicle Specific Con...