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How Do You Secure Your Firearms In Unmarked, Detective & Administrative Vehicles?

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Locking Gun Vaults




Note: shown with standard foam insert

Note: shown with optional custom insert. Please call for details.

Lund LGV weapons storage vaults provide a quick and fleet-friendly way to secure firearms, radios and computers in your vehicles. LGV’s are designed to work in most sedans and SUVs, attaching directly to the floor or secured in the trunk with the included tamper resistant torx hardware. This hardware requires a special tool (provided) but allows the LGV to be removed if access to spare tire is required. The unique vault design includes a proprietary full length tongue and groove rear hinge assembly which reduces the chance of prying the vault open at the rear, while allowing the cover to be completely removed in confined areas. LGV’s also incorporate a cam capture bracket to increase lock strength. Our electronic combination lock offers multiple security code levels enabling the fleet manager to have access to every LGV in the fleet. Batteries are rated for 15,000 operations and feature a low battery warning LED with a battery failure override. The Lund LGV comes standard with a closed cell foam lining to protect the firearms and ventilation holes minimize condensation on the contents. LGV units are made of powder coated aluminum for combination of strength and reduced weight, the HGV is made of powder coated steel.

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Gun Vaults  

Aluminum Gun Box with Electronic Lock and Lift Off Lid

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