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PASS-2-FPI-U Police Audio visual Safety System Installation Instructions 2012 Ford Interceptor Utility 1: Remove factory front fascia and set aside. 2: Locate the centerline of the factory bumper and mark for later reference. 3: Mount 2 large PASS brackets with supplied 3/8-18 x 2” hex bolts. Leave loose for adjustment. (figure 1) 4: Each large PASS Bracket will be 5 7/8” off the centerline that is marked on the factory bumper. 5: Fully tighten each large PASS bracket. 6: Loosely attach top and bottom brackets and check with assembled PASS bumper for proper fit. 7: Remove top and bottom bracket from each side and set aside for later. 8: Cut out lower section of plastic grid on factory fascia to allow the lower portion of the large PASS brackets to fit through fascia. (figure 2) 9: Notch out factory fascia for top portion of large PASS brackets to fit through. (figure 3) Use a 1/2” drill bit and cut excess material off with a utility knife. 10: Skip this step if NOT using XL PASS version. Notch out for top stabilizing bracket on backside of factory fascia. (figure 4) Use same method of material removal as step 9. 11: You are now ready to reinstall factory fascia back onto vehicle, have an extra set of hands to help guide the fascia back on. (figure 5) 12: Skip this step if NOT using XL PASS version. Slide top stabilizing brackets behind factory fascia and leave loose for installation of factory hardware. 13: Securely tighten all factory hardware to attach factory fascia. 14: Attach the top brackets to the top portion of large PASS brackets with supplied 3/8” hex bolts and washers. Fully tighten. 15: Loosely attach bottom brackets to bottom portion of large PASS brackets. (figure 7) 16: Align assembled PASS Bumper and secure with remaining 3/8” hardware. Level and fully tighten for final fit. 17: Skip this step if NOT using XL PASS version. Attach supplied L-Brackets to the back of PASS bumper and end of stabilizing bracket coming through the front fascia with the supplied 1/4-20 hardware. (figure 6)

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