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Value Proposition_____________________ Nxatel Business Solutions Who are we? Nxatel is a telecommunication solutions provider voice service provider that makes use of next generation IP technologies, offering any size customer bulk discounts on all voice calls made from their PBX. And providing any size customer telecommunication solutions to improve the communication systems of the business It was formed as a subsidiary to the Nqaluv Group, Nxatel is a multi-vendor telecommunications distributor in South Africa. Nxatel distributes some of the top PBX brands in the world, namely, Alcatel-Lucent, NEC, Mitel and Siemens. Nxatel also partnered with the following entities to insure quality of service is delivered, the largest PABX distributor, largest Internet Service Provider and First tier VoIP Carriers in Africa.

Why use Nxatel? Nxatel’s primary objective is to save customers money on their calls, while guaranteeing them the quality of service they demand. VoIP is the most cost effective way to make calls today, but if the VoIP network carrying the calls is unreliable it can become problematic. It is for this reason that Nxatel has become a carrier of carriers through it’s per second billing based wholesale agreements with several 1st tier VoIP network operators. This means that Nxatel customers now have the option of using any VoIP network at any time without signing lengthily contracts directly with these networks. Ultimately allowing them to take advantage of substantial savings over Telkom as well as avoiding quality of service issues experienced by networks from time to time. We supply and manage all onsite equipment & the last mile connectivity, which allows us to redirect all call traffic to an alternate VoIP network provider if a customer experiences Quality of Service issues. Your rates never change no matter which VoIP network we point your traffic to.

Value Proposition____________________ Limited Benefits What most companies experience today… At present most customers use either Least Cost Routers also known as “Premicells” or Voice over IP also known as VoIP. The “Premicells” work with cell phone sim cards, and often customer’s experience echoing, dropped calls, and crackling due to the GSM network being congested. VoIP uses your Internet connection to make “Cheap”, or even “Free” calls using your Internet bandwidth. This works most of the time, but as soon as someone starts downloading a large file off the internet or sends a large email, it uses a lot of bandwidth and anyone on a call either gets cut off, hears the other person in jittery broken up speech, or speaks and has a few seconds delay in hearing the other persons answer. We at Nxatel believe that just offering customers a cheap telephone call is senseless… This is why we only use IP connections that are dedicated to voice; hence no outside influences are able to impact the quality of service. We not only guarantee an uptime of 99.73% but have an automatic failover plan to Telkom in the event of our IP connection or equipment failing.

Future Proofing The way we act today, paves the way for tomorrow… The telecoms market in South Africa has an ever changing landscape, but one that promotes more choice and lower costs to communicate through deregulation, reducing interconnect fees and legalizing new technologies. It doesn’t however make much provision for legacy technologies like least cost routing also known as “Premicells” which will be outdated and expensive in the near future. For these reasons, Nxatel only offers next generation IP technologies which not only embrace changes in the industry, but enable us to provide full alternatives to Telkom at a discount. So, whether your company is small or large, Nxatel guarantee immediate and future proof voice discounts.

Value Proposition____________________ Guaranteed Cost Savings… Nxatel’s main focus is on providing bulk discount for all call types, without compromising the quality of service. When combining the discounted rates below and pure per second billing from the first second, Nxatel can comfortably guarantee an average 45% cost reduction over Telkom on any company’s monthly telephone bill.














Country Dependant 60% less than Telkom

Country Dependant




Future Proofing… Because of the ever - changing telecoms landscape in South Africa, it is important to have a service provider that can adapt to regulatory changes, technology advancements and cheaper connectivity. Nxatel has mastered this by offering a “best of breed” solution that can use any voice network effortlessly without impacting a company’s call quality or productivity. This way companies are ensured of a future proof solution no matter what regulation or technology changes occur. Our last mile IP connectivity is always dedicated to voice only, which eliminates all the issues that accompany voice & data convergence.

Value Adds… Fax to mail – Receive your faxes in your inbox for free. Web TMS – Web TMS allows customers apply TMS functionality to staff’s desktop phones, cell phones, and data cards via internet.

Value Proposition____________________ The Foundation for VoIP Nxatel backbone through partnerships‌.

The Inter-Branch Setup

Value Proposition____________________ The way forward… In order to explore the savings potential and management value in using next generation VoIP, Nxatel will need to assess your current voice cost and infrastructure layout. Once assessed, Nxatel will offer to implement a no obligation trial period to test the service, allowing the customer to make an educated decision on the way forward.

Contact Details… Nqaba Dontache Corporate Business - Sales Manager Nxatel Business Solution – VoIP Division Tel: 087 351 8217 Tel: 012 342 7255 Fax: 086 550 5760 Email: Website:

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Value Proposition_____________ Nxatel Business Solutions Nxatel is a telecommunication solutions provider voice service provider that makes...

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