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The will of God will never take you to where the Grace of God will not protect you. No man ever got lost on a straight road. One who lacks courage to start has already finished.

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South Africa, the most exquisite golf destination on planet earth... BOOK TODAY! Tailor made golf packages • Corporate breakaways • Intimate wedding ceremonies • Product launches • Romantic Getaways




Silver Lakes Golf Estate, Pretoria


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Issue 7 / 2010

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Planning your romantic getaway

ou might be planning a romantic getaway for you and that special person in your life albeit for a honeymoon experience to establish new love or to rekindle the old flame or just to have some romantic fun. Where do you start looking? How can you be sure that the place you select will not disappoint? Spending big money on a romantic getaway and feeling let down can turn your best laid plans into a romantic disaster.

holiday. Our website is our brochure and provides up to date information of over 60 hotels and resorts, nicely categorised and set out so that the information is just a mouse click away.

There are lots of ways to go about finding that special holiday. Do it yourself and roam the internet. If you type in the words “romantic getaways� you only get about 1.5 million hits from which to choose from and once you select one in many cases the particular website leaves you more confused than before you started. Next option probably would be to take some time off and go and see your local travel agent. If you have the time this could work, but bear in mind that few travel agencies specialise in romantic getaways but rather focus on packaged tours through existing tour operators and the best they can offer you is a recommendation and one or two pictures out of a travel brochure. Our website Romantic Getaways ( was established to provide you with relevant information to assist you in making the right decision when planning your special romantic



We have over 1 500 high quality pictures on our site of the various featured hotels and standard menu option for each hotel to facilitate ease of finding the particular information you may be looking for. The hotel information includes details about the rooms, bars and restaurants, entertainment, facilities, how to get there, nearby attractions and full photo gallery of quality pictures.

Through our experience in Leisure Travel, we have intimate knowledge of all the top resorts and have done all the hard work by selecting only the finest and showcasing these on our website for you to choose from.  The listed hotels on our website are our featured hotels but we can book any hotel or resort that a client may be interested in.  When going on a romantic vacation you want peace of mind that your money will be well spent and that the quality of the accommodation will only be matched by the service you receive from your travel agent. So put us to the test by selecting your destination from our website and send us an enquiry.

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Mauritius T

An Island Paradise..

Text : Elmarie van Zyl Images: Romantic Getaways o those visiting the island, the beaches are the embodiment of relaxation, soak up the sun and experience the true Mauritian culture.

This sought-after island destination is only a short 4 hour flight from Johannesburg, with no visa or health requirements for South African passport holders, making it the ideal getaway. Mauritius at a glance... Mauritius was discovered in the 9th century by Arab sailors & merchants, but it was only in 1598 that the Dutch, who first colonised Mauritius, named it after their ruler, Prince Maurice Van Nassau. Overexploitation destroyed the Ebony forests, which led to the extinction of the iconic Dodo, which only lived on Mauritius and lost the power of flight due to abundant food and absent predators. It was only after discovering that man can induce the extinction of animal and plants that the Dodo became the symbol of endangered animal species and conservation worldwide. After the Dutch left, the French took possession of the Island and it became the port of call for sea journeys from Europe to the Far East. In 1835 the British, who took ownership of the island in 1814, abolished slavery. Issue 7 / 2010


The newly freed slaves refused to work the plantation, labourers from India were then brought in. Muslim and Chinese traders were also attracted to the Island due to its ideal location on the trade route. This led to the multi-cultural population and blended religions of the island, its inhabitants known as Mauritians. Mauritians celebrate their freedom with their national dance, called the Sega dance, which is widely practised on the beaches, shops and hotels by locals. It originated from the slaves brought in from Africa, but developed into a colourful celebration, which is unique to the island and offers tourists a glimpse of the Mauritian heritage. The local cuisine is as diverse as the population, Creole, Indian, Chinese and European flavours and spices are combined in menus to offer an exceptional dining experience. A local favourite to try is ‘dholl purri’, wheat pancakes that are stuffed with yellow peas served together with a tomato and curry sauce, gateaux piments (chilly bites) and faratas. One of the best kept secrets in Mauritius is Domain Anna, it offers fine dining with a difference, set in the middle of a sugar plantation, you would never realise there is a gem hidden there. Local bands provide a relaxing ambience during dinner, later in the evening the dance floor opens till late in the evening, which makes it ideal for a Friday night outing. No trip in Mauritius would be complete without a visit! When to visit... With its subtropical weather, Mauritius is an ‘all year round’ destination, making it ideal for honeymoons. Winter stretches from May to October, with average temperatures of 24 degrees, in the evening a light sweater is recommended. Summer runs from November to April. This is also the high and most popular season for tourists with average temperatures of 30 degrees.



with the traders for the best prices. Never buy from the first shop or at your resort, without comparing the prices or you will end up paying more than triple for the same item. Mauritius, with its crystal clear water, is ideal for snorkelling. The best way to view the spectacular coral beds, bright coloured fish and moray eels, is to take a glass bottom boat trip to the coral reefs which surround most of the Island, and protects the magnificent beaches. A famous tourist attraction is the beautiful patterns and rainbow

Highlights... Mauritius has legendary Catamaran cruises; the cruises normally depart on the eastern side of the island. When arriving the morning you are met by your friendly crew, the music starts and the Mauritian rum flows. The catamaran anchors off the Grande Riviere Sud-Est Waterfall first, where the crew prepare delicious marlin steaks for lunch (absolutely tantalizing). After lunch you depart to the world famous Ile aux Cerfs (part of the popular Le Touessrok resort) for a bit of sightseeing and souvenir shopping. On the way back you get the opportunity to parasail from a wooden floating platform in the middle of the Indian Ocean with the most spectacular views from above.

colours formed on the exposed hills of Chamarel, called the Seven Coloured Earth, which is believed to be formed by the weathering of volcanic rock over the years. Visit the Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens north of the capital of Port Louis to see the famous giant water lilies. Mauritius is rich in flora, decorating the island. More than 700 species of indigenous plants with more than 60 different orchid species are found here. Trademarks to the botanical wealth of this Island are the red exotic Anthurium plants, vanilla pods and the National Flower Trochetia Boutoniana.

Visit the sugar factory; L’Aventure de Sucre, which was converted into a modern exhibition area that features the evolution of the sugar cane industry, being one of the most paramount industries in Mauritius. Here you can also buy authentic & original souvenirs. The best way to explore Mauritius is by scooter, visit all the little shops in Grand Baie, the Waterfront and in Pamplemousses where you will find handcrafts, local fashion (where you can buy a Mauritian T-Shirt – definitely a must-have item), ship and plane models, paintings, Mauritian rum, silk and jewellery. Travel tip - remember when visiting the local markets you need to bargain Issue 7 / 2010


Mauritius offers exceptional golf courses, after the UK and India, Mauritius was the third country where golf was played in the world. Mauritius Gymkhana Golf Club is also the fourth oldest golf course in the world. Things to consider when choosing your ideal resort... Resorts in Mauritius truly offer something special for couples and families alike. It is important to keep in mind your needs when deciding on the ideal resort.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a resort is the amount you ideally want to spend on your vacation. This is a critical aspect to consider before choosing a resort as it narrows down your search, so you can focus on the resorts that fall into your price category and not get confused with all the different options available. Make sure the resort you choose offers a variety of dining options, from enormous buffet feasts, Mauritian BBQ themed evenings on



the beach, to intimate dining experiences. Most resorts have a specific ambiance, the type of holiday you are looking for is very important when deciding on a resort, for example an intimate, relaxing resort will be completely different from a fun, adventurous family resort. What airline to use is an important decision for your trip as it affects the time you spend in Mauritius. Choosing a location on Mauritius is as vital as the ambience of a resort, if you

prefer spending your time near shops and enjoy evening entertainment, Grand Baie and the north western part of the Island is the most ideal. For a more secluded, relaxed environment a south eastern resort will be more idyllic. Facilities & activities available are also an important factor; a honeymoon couple would prefer a luxury spa & candle lit dinners, where families will benefit more from family orientated resorts. This tranquil island, known for its warm turquoise water, long

stretches of white sandy beaches and green sugar cane fields cascading down extinct volcano’s offers something for everyone... For our latest irresistible offers and Mauritius packages, please visit our website on To receive a free Romantic Getaway to Mauritius for 2, buy a Toyota Fortuner 4l V6 4X2 from Barloworld Toyota Pretoria East For more information, please contact Romantic Getaways. (Terms and Conditions apply) Our contact details Telephone:

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