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Health Diet plays a tremendous role in maintaining or destroying our health. In addition to eating badly, we can also live incorrectly by ignoring our need for sufficient exercise, fresh air and sunshine. So, incorrect dietary and living habits combined, result in many common health problems. Modern living has a lot to answer for!

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Lose weight

and keep it off, permanently. There are only two ways to lose weight and burn body fat. The first is to increase your metabolic rate and the second is reduce caloric intake. (i.e. exercise and eat less) FOUR EASY STEPS TO THE GOOD LIFE 1. Increase your Metabolism 2. Reduce your Caloric Intake 3. Drink lots of water 4. Have a Good Attitude INCREASING THE METABOLIC RATE This is the speed which your body “burns” energy. Many people, especially ladies, have slow metabolisms due to lack of exercise and crash diets. Exercise and proper nutrition will increase your metabolism. You will have more energy, sleep better and be more alert. R ay M zine aga Is


1. Increase your cardiovascular exercise such as cycling, running, walking, climbing stairs etc. You don’t have to run the comrades marathon. Instead of trying to find a parking space closest to the door of the shopping center, park further away

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and walk. You may even save time. Walk up and down the stairs to the next level instead of taking the lift. Move on to more strenuous exercise when you feel ready and when you want to. Exercise in a way that is easy to maintain as a lifestyle. If it is too difficult you are not going to keep it up.

Eliminate fizzy drinks completely from your diet. Drink water instead. Eliminate fat from your diet as much as possible. Eliminate junk food from your diet completely.

2. Good Multi-Vitamins are essential for increasing the metabolism. Your metabolism will not increase sufficiently if you only exercise and don’t eat a balanced diet. 3. Stay away from “miracle” diets and weight loss products. You may lose weight but you will put it all back and more. 4. Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if you really want to lose weight, and then take the necessary action. CALORIC INTAKE The secret to weight loss is to take in fewer calories than your body is consuming, this will enable your body to “eat” into body fat, which is really stored energy reserves. An average woman needs to consume 2000 calories per day (men 2500). In order to lose weight we need to consume less than this. The easiest way to do this is to follow a Weight Watchers or Weigh Less type diet. This will also develop good eating habits for the future. Eat the food you enjoy, just eat a little less.

These 4 are all comfort foods, remember, nothing tastes as good as thin feels. Never crash diet, this robs the body of nutrients resulting in a metabolic slow down. Reduce the amount of butter or margarine on your bread gradually until you don’t use any. This will reduce your fat intake drastically. About 5kg of fat loss over a year period. The most important factor to a good diet is to eat three meals per day. This will start to speed up the metabolism. If you are really hungry, eat! Try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables if possible. Reducing calories this way (about 400 cal per day) will result in a sure and steady weight loss of about 1 kg per week. Slow and Steady, but lost for good. DRINK WATER Many people have told me that they don’t like the taste of water. My question to you is: Is being fat better or worse than the taste of water? You need to drink two litres of water every day.

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It is fun gaining the weight and not so much fun losing it!



Reduce sugar intake as much as possible. Use artificial sweetener.

ATTITUDE Many people complain that they are on diet.

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TIP: Introduce change gradually. Doing away with that extra biscuit a day will lead to a body fat reduction of 2 kg over a year.

TIP: Drink a full glass of water after every cup of tea or coffee. By doing this you have already increased your intake to one and a half litres.

Ray Magazine Issue 9 Health  

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Ray Magazine Issue 9 Health  

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