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RICHARD BAILEY Las Vegas, NV Abstract Oils on Canvas I enjoy developing my skills as an artist. Exploring new techniques, using unrelated and varying qualities of materials and variations in applications, I have produced very striking art with exciting results. I started in photography then moved to painting as I learned to reinterpret what I observed in nature. My early works mostly depicted abstract concepts, now my art tends to reflect nature both in pattern and color. I like my work to be free of structure, yet instill a connection to the piece and a feeling of recognition. Today, I combine a variety of colors, textures, and mediums to produce images that result in a variety of identifiable forms and objects. I continue to explore new experimental techniques and develop them into unique works of art. My art is an overlapping, methodical development, with an occasional tangential move to keep the artwork fresh and interesting. I believe my art represents a selftaught, raw talent which incorporates over a dozen different technical skills and several newly discovered painting techniques that continue to evolve.

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