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Five Good Reasons to Use Lauzon Flooring Remodeling or building a new home is one of the most important things every family should come up with in order to enjoy a comfortable living. In fact, more and more people are taking time doing any of these necessities because they believe that by doing so, they’ll get the option to live a life that’s full and satisfactory. Well this may seem to sound like a personal opinion but if you were to be asked what kind of home do you want, which one do you choose: a less ideal home or a home with great things to offer inside? Definitely, everyone would go for the second choice, of course! And since we are talking about ideal and comfortable homes, we cannot deny the fact that the use of good flooring inside a home is inevitable. The fact is that there are so many different options or choices out there but why should you get yourself confused and overwhelmed by the competing wood brands on the market? Just a single wood brand and you’re good to go creating a home, specifically a wood flooring system that exactly spells out an ideal and comfortable home everyone would surely love! Lauzon Floors is considered as one of the best hardwood floors during these days. It comes with a wide range of choices of high quality wood species used in the manufacture of different flooring varieties. Here are five good reasons why one should end up with Lauzon for his flooring needs: 1. Lauzon flooring is enhanced with Titanium Traffic finish, a kind of standard given to all Lauzon’s products. With the application of this type of finish, every product will become resistant to damages, offer easy cleaning and maintenance, and offers a great deal of clarity. With such characteristics and features Lauzon floors are allowed to exude shine, beauty, and vibrancy all throughout. 2. Lauzon floors are made from superior clear cuts of dry and solid-sawn flooring. This means that your choice will definitely look like solid floors and this has been made possible by Lauzon’s dry and solid-sawn methods that truly ensure perfect cuts. 3. Lauzon offers wide flooring for up to 5 3/16 inches. This has been made possible because more and more clients are attracted to wider and larger planks for their flooring system. This kind of flooring is similarly manufactured like the traditional Lauzon engineered wood floors that offer the same excellence and superior fashion statement. 4. What should you pick: Square Edge or Micro-V? These are Lauzon’s two quality options which you may wish to pick for your flooring. Micro-V offers visually appealing dimensions that are so pleasing to one’s senses and also offers depth on the floor’s surface. Square Edge on the other hand offers visually smoother surface for a seamless finish and flawless fit.

5. Lauzon products are Ultra Fresh. All of Lauzon’s products are delivered with antimicrobial properties so everyone in your home is protected from any health dangers. Ultra Fresh is incorporated to protect your home from microbes, surface mold, bacteria, fungi, mildew, and even bad odors.

Five Good Reasons to Use Lauzon Flooring