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MISSIONS With Michael Cusack And how you can become involved for 2010

Dear Friends, So for you to be reading this you must have some level of interest in missions, whether that is a small feeling inside or you have already sold your car to join missions it is inside of you somewhere. Before I begin I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Michael Cusack, I am 20 years of age and I am from Gladstone, Queensland, Australia. However I am now in fulltime missions volunteering for Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Darwin, Northern Territory Australia. I have been in fulltime missions since July 2008 if you include the Discipleship Training School (DTS) a five month introductory course into missions. The reason I write to you today is to, 1.Inform you of what the future will hold for me. 2. Share ways for you to become involved with missions. 3.Ask you to partner with me to influence the youth in Darwin for God. During the short time I have been in missions, I have been to amazing places, eaten amazing food, but most importantly meet so many amazing people. Until the end of June 2009 I was based at YWAM Townsville which was an amazing learning curve for what I am currently doing. What roles do I play? My main role here at YWAM Darwin is the co-leader of Youth Street. Youth Street is an outreach aimed at non-Christian youth from 12-17 yr olds that is held every Saturday. This outreach run from 2pm-9pm every Saturday, from 2pm-5: 30pm there is youth street teams, sport, music, skate and dinner. 5-30pm-9 pm in turns into Youth Street live where from 5:30-6:30pm it is pure relational hang out with them, 6:30-7:30 is the “180 Live Hour� which is the god factor hour, where there is a band and a person will speak on a different topic. 7:30-9:00pm is once again hang out time, in the skate park, the lounge, the volleyball court or the auditorium . Youth Street also runs numerous lunch time programs at High Schools throughout the week. Youth Street has been running successfully in Townsville and Newcastle for numerous years now. My second role is the oversight of an Indigenous house parent weekend relief program, this one is still in the pioneering stages, but the Goal is to effectively engage with Indigenous Youth by doing an adventure packed camp every weekend of their tailored school terms, this program works alongside Youth Street engaging the youth their, and also aims to give their House parents a break as they work 24/7.

The third focus is Zero To Ten which is a school holiday program aimed Youth from lower socio-economic backgrounds and providing the opportunity for them to take part in activities they may not be able to attend otherwise. As a leader amongst Youth Street Australia this also means that from time to time I am required to attend meetings, training seminars and other events often held in other parts of Australia. As part of my role I also volunteer with FUSE which is the combined youth groups of Darwin, that meet once a month, for Prayer, Worship and Teaching. And like any ministry their are the behind the scenes jobs that I will do from time to time. Their are a few others things YWAM Darwin does such as Mission Adventures and Discipleship Training Schools, However I am indirectly involved with these. How Can You Become Involved? Their a numerous ways you can become involved with this. Prayer, I believe this is an essential element to any missions work and one that is not to go unnoticed. Friendship, this aspect I am thankful for time after time, being encouraged by some one makes my day. Finance, this one sometimes seem daunting, however I believe it is amazing that there is opportunity out their for those to give that may not be able to go on the “Mission� field themselves, allowing them to help with the Great Commission(Matthew 28:16-20) I would love to see you partner with me on this journey to change the youth of Darwin. As a prayer partner for each others needs, a friend through regular correspondence and updates, and through finance. I have detailed the financial needs of 2010 on an attached page. I am pumped that through the work I do and the partnership with you, we together as a team can minister to impact this city, territory and nation. I am always excited about the adventures God has ahead for me and I ask for your support through prayer, friendship and finance to help fulfil Gods calling on my life. Thankyou

Michael Cusack

EXPENSES FOR 2010 Expense



General Living Expenses Per Month



YWAM Bali Trip(Jan)



National Leaders Meeting(Nov)



YWAM Townsville Trip(Date TBC)



USA Trip Missions Campaign(TBC)



5 Day Escape Youth Camp(Sept)



A Return Visit to Gladstone(Date TBC)



Total Expenses



I would like to thankyou for taking the time to read and consider these financial needs for 2010. There are numerous ways that you can contribute. You could become a monthly, quarterly or half yearly supporter or simply just a one of gift donation. Whatever option you choose it will be a fantastic blessing for me and to be a blessing to others. At this point in time please contact me for the best way to financially contribute or if you would like to contribute anonymously please contact Port City Christian Church Gladstone(07) 4979 2866 or Contact Details Email: Ph: +61 0431671016 Skype: mrmichaeljcusack Post: GPO Box 290 Darwin NT Australia 0801

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