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Michael Jackson: El’s Seventh of the Nine Requiem An Original Poetic Tribute Written By LB Lacey

Don't Let It Be1 the thing that drives you crazy Like A B C Git down, drown Flop out hazy Just like a star He burns quick Mad- suddenly but you don't see it now Only what it was TO BE or‌ (NOT to be)


the Seventh One of Nine August ‘582 Convergence of Mind Soul Bone Born to Create In legions & ALONE Destined to skate About the Matrix Held for him in 68 the Contract--3 Nailed him in 2


By Seven-OH4 The Five would pop-Top the Charts Eleven old This Angel steals Our hearts but in 1 year Lone tear Got to Be There5 He's just a boy Black-GOLD Heard & SOLD EVERYWHERE



Don’t Let It Be the thing that drives you crazy Count 1 2 3 Spin ‘round, drown Flop out hazy to think he's trumped By good ol Pat the Swayze “See you tomorrow?” Party over-OOPS! It may be… Just a ‘maybe’

Seventy-Eight is Six as He skates the Rainbow6 ol Wizard Red & Dead at his heels it's just how The Game go when you’re born to Chance to flow Float with the Call RIP the spit Sing King! 6

Dance! Bounce-Off the Wall

Michael, Michael, Michael Why go? Why go? Why go?

Cause he's a THRILLER Killin stats Left and Right Star on the Moon Trynt to get the steps right While no one knows The boy’s MISERY

Mark the man Peep the Plan His Voice ROCKS Rhythms Writes His HISTORY

Don't Let It Be the thing that drives you crazy Like A B C

Git down, drown Flop out hazy a Haloed head Shrouded-clouded by the flame of FAME of Dread of Love & Fantasy He’ll Fly Away in silent Reverie the Way he came as a billion Billies Scream his Name

Because he's Bad7 but good enough for Dirty8 Motown scores9 & beats before Hitting 30 No one ignores when kings 7



Drop hot/ fit to play Black or White He’s Dangerous Anyway

In ‘93 He’s crowned a Living Legend10 the 35th Award Super-No vatic-Explosion Bent to descend 10

His Brand on every BILLBOARD Like no one's seen before Nor shall see again El’s COLD! Brace your Heart Your Mind Your Soul for the IMPLOSION!

Our El don got dem trembling!

so they Connive saying;

“His Rise has Got to END!” He’s open wide Unfit to defend Blind hit from side to side by Fateful 13 He’s lost another friend BUT What does it mean? Try, buy, pry & lie As ‘they’ will surely do BUT Soon comes the 12th month & day of Two Plus the Two & he’s judged INNOCENT! They are angry as Sin & they’re not through Cause they play to the Death & they work it to Win AGAIN— AGAIN… With every hellish breath “they” bark

“ His Rise gots to end!�

Michael, Michael, Michael Sho-nuff gots dem trembling!

So why not make ol massahs Rock-n-roll in stoned graves as blue suede shoes Jumps da broom

Hops the rules with the slaves Dat's a king 4-ya FOOLS Don’t you SEE? He’s FREE He NEVER behaves!

Infinity HITS History in Ninety-Seven His punishment? Dethroned from A faux seat he sat In fake heaven It ever-burns

but NO fear the THRILLER Still eats his kill & he Returns with GOLD by sheer Force of Will


Let It Be the thing that drives you crazy Count 1 2 3 Spin ‘round, drown Flop out hazy The Hall of Fame Embraces and calls him Pop-god Invincible Unbroken GOLDEN Light-rod

Two thousand three & it’s a Sin Just how they try him11 Once again... His denial crying Like dust in hot wind Blotched & 11

Blemished tainted skin Entomb the graven Image Bruising guilt & bashing Innocence As they chew the Fleshy Carnage

Oh what the What Can the damned matter be? Even if the kid Is not his “baby” It’s CRAZY!

Can’t “somebody” SOMEONE SOMEBODY PLEASE Kin or a Friend Help the Blind to SEE That it has to end SEE: What IS WHAT & what is Not to be

Michael, Angel, Michael Fly, go Fly, go Fly GO!

Thanks to the fans Dear FANS That cushioned his Fancy feet Without their Love WHERE would our Dear hero be? OOPS! It seems the rhyme

& Time Belie the story‌

On June Two-Five The Seven

Circle COMPLETE12 As Sun & Moon the Seventh of Nine PERFORMS His Final Feat Oh Gentle Soul Both Young & OLD He was Born LIVED DIED to Create a Legacy of Beat Love, Soul & of Mind In Up Away & WAY Outside of ALL Time


Don't Let It Be the thing that drives you crazy Like A B C Git down, drown Flop out hazy Live & Let Live till YOU die Then Baby Lie your lies With that sweet--BITTER "love"

That Hates ME...

©LABL 2009 - LuvLi www.BetaRecords/PaKoLi

Let It Be - Michael Jackson’s Paul McCartney’s friendship soured after MJ outbid Paul for the rights to songs by The Beetles 2 Michael Born Seventh of Nine - Born: 29 August 1958•Birthplace: Gary, Indiana• Died: 25 June 2009 3 The Contract - 1968: The Jackson 5 sign a contract with Motown records. 4 The Jackson 5 - The Jackson 5 hit number 1 with "I'll Be There" in 1970.'ll_Be_There 5 Michael Goes Solo - Got to Be There was the solo debut album by thenadolescent Michael usic_month/10486 6 Michael the Scarecrow - (1978) Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Nipsey Russell star in an adaption of The Wizard of Oz; The Wiz (1978)

7 Who’s Bad? The "Bad" tour spanned the globe with stops in 15 countries on 4 continents, and included 123 concerts to about 4.4 million loving fans. 8 Dirty Diana - The hit song by singer Michael Jackson, released in April 1988. 9 MOTOWN - It was at Motown where MJ first bared his young soul and was set on his path to becoming the biggest pop star of our time. 10 February 24, 1993: Michael Jackson receives the Living Legend Award at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, and 1.2 million people worldwide view his performance and acceptance. 11 Truth About Michael Jackson’s Case - There are many facts, however, that have been widely ignored by the media when discussing these allegations. Read on to learn the truth about the Michael Jackson Case. 12 Michael Jackson’s Death - Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009, at his home in Los Angeles, California. 13 Michael and Lisa Marie Marry 14 Michael Jackson’s Money - More money matters: Michael Jackson has indeed had a complicated financial history. His album “Thriller” sold more copies than any other album in the world, and royalties have continued to roll in for the music video. Can anything make YOU, an ordinary person with extraordinary drive really rich? 15 Sister Diana’s Teachings on the Meaning and Significance of Michael Jackson’s Death - The death of iconic singer, performer, actor, Michael Joseph Jackson, marks a shifting or turning in the tides of humanity's consciousness on a global scale. An extremely important point to understand is that Michael Jackson embodied or was at least in part, the personality of Shiva, Lord of the Dance. 16 Who Killed Michael Jackson? You will be shocked at the Truth of the death of Michael Jackson! Intro: How those who glorified Michael Jackson actually did him much more harm than good. Listen if you dare; but know that the Truth hurts & FREES! 17 Receive 7 Beautiful Wealth Building Lessons from Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, and Michael Beckwith the Master Teachers of the Secret and the

World’s Most Acclaimed Experts on the Law of Attraction. 18 Michael Jackson Poems and Art is strictly for Artists, Writers, Musicians, Dancers, Singers, Performers and Creatives of all genres to share creative works inspired by their appreciation of Michael Jackson as an artist and performer. (Individuals attempting to spam, market or make negative remarks about MJ are not welcomed here.)

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MICHAEL JACKSON: El’s Seventh of the Nine Requiem A Tribute Poem Dedicated to Michael Jackson the King of Pop By LB Lacey, M.A. All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2009 LB LACEY - LACEY COMMUNICATIONS INC.

MICHAEL JACKSON: El's Seventh of the Nine Requiem  

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