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Stir fry sauce On stir fry sauces, there are now ready-to-use bottled sauces for stir fries that can be bought in supermarkets. These concoctions were tested and are products of long experimentation to come out with that special blend of taste to suit several people. Carefully prepared, these sauces can produce a balance taste of saltiness, sweetness, bitterness, and even spiciness for spice lovers. For some of us, they just buy these sauces in the supermarkets and pour them on their stir fries for quick and simple cooking. This is convenient enough. When stir fries are fancied, the cook wants to create the perfect dish every time she or he cooks. The cook will try to create a dish that belongs to him or her alone. And it is this reason that cooks endeavor to create their own personal sauces, a concoction of several special sauces and herbs to mark her or his personal creativity. Somehow, the sauce becomes a personalized concoction that when ask what is in it, the secrets begin to unfold. If it is highly appreciated and sought after by people due to its delicious and flavorful outcome, then the sauce will become a legend in the kitchen. Until today, there those who still prefer to make their own personalized sauces for stir frying. Frankly speaking, this is really the essence of stir frying. The stir fry is identified according to the sauce used and how it was prepared. Here is a simple stir fry sauce you can use to create your ow2n personalized stir fry in the future. THE STIR FRY SAUCE: THE INGREDIENTS: • Two thirds cup of soy sauce • One fourth cup of vinegar • One fourth cup of sugar • Two tablespoons of cornstarch or corn flour • One half teaspoon of ground ginger • Six tablespoons of cold water • Sesame oil according to taste THE PROCEDURE: • Start by combining the first three ingredients in a small sauce pan. Heat it over your American stove on low medium heat and stir to mix until the sugar totally dissolves. • While heating the pan, combine the cornstarch or the corn flour, the ginger and the water in a separate mixing bowl. Stir until the cornstarch totally dissolves leaving no lumps. • Add the cornstarch mixture to the saucepan and stir. Let it boil and then lower the heat to low and simmer till it thickens. The thickness will be according to your desire. • Then lastly, stir in the sesame oil, according to your preference, a few drops will do. • This sauce can be stored in a sealed container on your refrigerators and can last for four days. But if you want to use them, the sauce is ready for cooking. • This particular sauce is Oriental in Origin. If you wish to add some heat, you can add one teaspoon of Sriracha or red pepper flakes while simmering. Stir well to combine the added ingredient. • This stir fry sauce can go well with vegetables, or with beef, pork or even shrimps and tofu. • If you wish to add black beans to your dish, remember to add some heat on the sauce to blend well with black beans. Enjoy and have some fun in your kitchen.

Stir fry sauce  

On stir fry sauces, there are now ready-to-use bottled sauces for stir fries that can be bought in supermarkets. These concoctions were tes...