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Easy recipe for stir fry On stir fries, the best and most common dishes are actually Chinese stir fries. The recipes for stir fry on Chinese Cuisines have been long famous throughout the world since the beginning of Chinese Restaurants that opened in almost every city in the world. As original stir fry cookers, they have mastered their dishes and are known to have been acquired by several countries throughout the globe. They’re so famous that even on weeknights, an alternative to pizza nights could easily be remembered as Chinese take-outs. But this article will share one of the easiest but a famous take-out in Chinese Cuisines that can be done perfectly in your own kitchens. Let us cook them together and we will show you how it is done. 1.

ANTS CLIMBING A HILL: Others call them Ants Climbing a Log, and Ants Creeping up a Tree. This can be prepared in thirty minutes and cooked in seven minutes. This Chinese dish has a little humor on its name but is fun and savory to dine with. INGREDIENTS: • STIR FRY: • Four ounces transparent bean thread noodles (also known also vermicelli or glass noodles) • Five dried Shiitake mushrooms • One half pound ground pork • MARINADE: • One tablespoon light soy sauce • Two teaspoons granulated sugar • One teaspoon sesame oil • Pinch of cornstarch • OTHER INGREDIENTS: • One small red chili pepper plus one teaspoon chili sauce (more if you want more heat) • Two slices ginger • Two green onions PROCEDURE: • Begin by soaking in very hot water until pliable the transparent noodles without removing the string wrapping around them. Soak them for about five minutes. Then drain well and cut the noodles into shorter lengths before removing the string wrapping. Set aside for frying. • Then soak the dried shiitake mushrooms in hot water to soften. Please reserve one fourth cup of the soaking liquid and you can strain the noodles it if necessary to remove any grit. Then cut the mushrooms into thin slices or bite size pieces. Others do not want to use hot water mushroom instead substitute them with one fourth cup of vegetable or chicken broth for a better tasting mushroom. • Mix the marinade in a small mixing bowl and stir together until smooth. Then add the marinade ingredients to the ground pork but the cornstarch last. Marinate the pork for fifteen minutes at room temperature. • If using the chili pepper, cut in half lengthwise and chopped coarsely after removing the seeds. Do the same thin slices for the ginger too. • Cut the green onion on the diagonal into one inch pieces. • Begin frying by heat the wok over medium-high to high heat on your American stove. Then add two tablespoons of oil to the heated wok. Then throw in the marinated pork. • Stir fry the pork until it has changed color to brown and then remove from the wok to a plate to reserve. Please clean or wipe the wok. • Add one tablespoon oil to the wok. Then the chili pepper and ginger and stir fry briefly until aromatic. Add the dried mushrooms and continue to stir. • Stir fry briefly then stir in the chili sauce and the noodles. • Add the reserved mushroom soaking liquid in the middle of the wok and then return the pork to the pan. • Stir in the green onion. Mix everything together and cook briefly. • Serve this famous recipe for stir fry while it hot. Great to be paired with hot steaming rice.

Easy recipe for stir fry  

On stir fries, the best and most common dishes are actually Chinese stir fries. The recipes for stir fry on Chinese Cuisines have been long...

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