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Term Limits

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978-0-7391-0213-8 • Hardback May 2001 • $80.00 • (£49.95)

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The emergence and impact of the modern term limits movement is a unique story of political development and transformation. Despite its significant impact on politics and policy making, the 1990s implementation of term limits at the state level has received limited scholarly attention. This book, divided in two parts, presents an overview and detailed analysis of the origins and effects of the movement. The first part analyzes the political concept of term limits and its theoretical foundations. The second part focuses on the modern process of implementation at the state level. Term Limits will be of significant interest to leglislators, government officials, lobbyists, members of the judicial branch of state government and anyone who seeks an explication of this movement within its full political, economic, judicial, and historical context.

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Michael Harris (academic) Term Limits Rowman.com_ 9780739102138 - Term Limits  

Michael Harris (academic) Term Limits Rowman.com_ 9780739102138 - Term Limits

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