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There are a few different definitions for genres and they are all correct. Gameplay is a certain way that the players interact with the game. It is also the sequence that is defined through the game rules. Gameplay is mainly the interactive aspects of the game design. There are several types of gameplay and these are Asymmetric, Cooperative, Death match, Emergent, Hack and slash, Levelled, Micromanagement, Nonlinear, Passive, Active, Twitch and Tablet.

Call of Duty Modern warfare 2 The first game that is going to be reviewed is Modern warfare 2. This game is an action game and falls into the sub-genre of First Person Shooter. The aim of the game is to both go through the campaign and complete the missions by going around and shooting the enemies and completing the objectives. There is also the online aspect of the game that is very popular. The types of gameplay that fall under Call of Duty modern Warfare 2 are Death match, Hack and slash, Active and Twitch.

Smite Smite is a Massively Multiplayer Online game and it is a MOBA. The aim of the game is to have a team of 5 against another randomly matched enemies that are a team of 5 and you need to push the lanes to take the main objectives and get into the enemies base. The types of gameplay that fall under this game are Cooperative, Death match, Hack and slash, Active, Levelled and twitch.

Fifa 15 Fifa 15 is one of the most popular sports games that are out and it has a multiplayer and single player option. The aim of the game is to play football/soccer matches against AI or players online. The genre of this game is Simulation and the sub-genre is Sports. The types of gameplay that come under this game are Cooperative, Death match, Active and Twitch. Fifa comes under these categories because you can play with multiple other plays on your team and you are constantly playing for the time given for a match.

Castle Crashers Castle Crashers is a four player story based game and you and 3 others can play through the missions. The genre of this game is a combination between Role-playing and actionadventure. The types of gameplay that this game incorporates are Cooperative, it can be death match, Hack and slash, Levelled, Active and twitch. The reason that I can be a death match is that there are mini game options where you can play and fight against each other.

Day Z Day z is survival horror game and it is also an adventure game. The aim of the game is to go around the map on your own or with some friends and collect items and weapons and create a base and essentially survive the zombie apocalypse and the other players. This is a very popular survival horror game and it also has a few different types of gameplay. The types of this gameplay are Death match, Hack and slash, Nonlinear, Passive, Active and twitch.

Skyrim Skyrim is a Role-playing adventure game and the aim of it is to go through the world completing missions and side missions as a personalised character that plays a part in the story of the game. It is solely single player and has no multiplayer aspect to it. The types of gameplay that are used in Skyrim are Hack and slash, and passive.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Grand Theft Auto 5 is an open world game where you play as 3 different characters to complete the missions to get through the story. There are lots of missions and side missions that can be done at any time whilst playing the game. Grand Theft Auto 5 also has an online option where you can complete missions with other players and play against or free roam with random players online. The types of gameplay that this game uses are Death match, it can be cooperative, hack and slash, Passive, Active and Twitch.

Halo Wars Halo wars is a sub-game from the halo series and it takes a completely different turn to the original action first person shooter games. Halo wars is a Strategy action game and it is a single player and multiplayer game. You can compete against other players with teammates online or play against the AI in missions. The types of gameplay that comes under Halo wars are death match, it can be levelled, micromanagement and Active.

Until Dawn Until dawn is a story based single player game and it is solely based on the choices of the player. The player has an effect on what happens throughout the story. The game styles that this game uses are Emergent, Active and Twitch. This game is emergent because there are a lot of choices throughout the game that makes changes to what happens through the story.

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