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Message Hey AIESEC! Welcome to the second quarter! The past three months was a time for us to build our capacity and gauge our strengths and weaknesses as an LC. Now is the time to adapt, adjust and move forward. With this said, it is with great pleasure that I present to you the new Communications structure!

The main difference between this new one and the old is that we shifted from a division structure into a functional structure. This would help us become more efficient and effective in synergizing within and outside the department. If you’re interested in being part of Communications, then feel free to check out the summarized job descriptions of the teams! One AIESEC! Yours, Michael Ray E. Fua Vice President for Communications AIESEC University of the Philippines

New Structure

Vice President for Communications

Brand Management

Creative Development

Internal Communications

Market Expansion

Public Relations

Job Descriptions Brand Management Brand Management is responsible for building the brand equity of AIESEC. This includes monitoring and brand-aligning activities that affect AIESEC’s stakeholders, training members about the brand, facilitating the drafting of communication plans, conducting and analyzing brand audits, and creating and presenting reports. In essence, the department’s role mainly revolves around training members, tracking Communications goals, aligning the LC with the global brand and providing consultation to respective teams.

Positions open: One AVP for Brand Management Three (minimum) Brand Managers

Job Descriptions Creative Development Creative Development is responsible for constantly developing and innovating new and old communication materials and tools for the local committee. This includes web pages design, tambayan design, merchandise design, general layouts for documents, general videos, and others. The team will also provide its creative services to the different communication functions.

Positions open: One AVP for Creative Development Three (minimum) Creative Directors

Job Descriptions Internal Communications Internal Communications is responsible for internal marketing and channel management. This includes creating internal campaigns and activities to induce a target perception and behavior by the members and managing and updating internal channels (i.e. Yahoo group, Facebook group, bulletin board, text brigade system, and newsletters).

Positions open: One AVP for Internal Communications Three (minimum) Internal Communications Officers

Job Descriptions Market Expansion Market Expansion is responsible for networking with youth groups and schools in and out of the university for the purpose of expanding our market reach for the exchange program and projects. This includes creating a partnership strategy, contacting the different entities, consolidating details into a database, and also nurturing the local committee’s relationship with these accounts.

Positions open: One AVP for Market Expansion Three (minimum) Market Expansion Officers

Job Descriptions Public Relations Public Relations is responsible for managing the local committee’s relationship with the public. This includes managing online content, handling social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and the OGX blog, responding to grievances and feedback sent through the channels, publishing newsletters and acquiring media partners and appearances for the LC.

Positions open: One AVP for Public Relations Three (minimum) Public Relations Officers

AIESEC UPD Comm Structure and JDs August 2011  

Structure and JDs August 2011

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