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How The Journeymasters Can Help You Grow Your Business (with no initial up-front investment)

Table of Contents What is your Most Powerful Resource for Increasing Revenue?.......................... 2 Your Most Powerful Resource for Increasing Revenue is ...................................... 3 How can you make your business grow without investing new funds?.......... 4 How Does Journeymasters Work?.................................................................................. 5 Journeymasters’ Incentive Travel System: The Pyramid of Dreams..................... 6 Incentive Travel is a Profit Center. It makes more money than it spends......... 7 Beyond The Pyramid is Above & Beyond™................................................................... 8 Six Advantages of Our Program...................................................................................... 9 We are also the Preeminent Designer of Group Incentive Trips.......................... 10 Are Our Winners Satisfied?................................................................................................ 11 A Few of the Companies We have Worked for .......................................................... 12 Questions? Want to Learn More?.................................................................................... 13


Question: What is Your Most Powerful Resource for Increasing Revenue?

The answer is staring you in the face.


Your Most Powerful Resource for Increasing Revenue?

Your Employees. If your business is like most others, the untapped power of employees is the single most important resource that can move your business forward. What is the key to unleashing the untapped power of your employees?

Motivation. That’s right. Time and time again, employers have found that the single most important factor in increasing productivity is an employee’s motivation. Motivated people can accomplish miracles. This is as true in business as it is in sports and related activities. Remember, you already have your employees. Increasing the productivity of your employees makes use of an existing resources. We can show you how to increase the productivity of your employees without any new initial investments. So, how can you motivate your employees in ways that increase productivity and lead to increased revenue?


Journeymasters can help your business grow almost immediately, and without investing any new funds into the process. How can we do this? The Lure of Travel Journeymasters motivates your employees with the incentive of free travel vacations and getaways to exciting, exotic and exhilarating locations. As employees continuously increase their productivity, they earn increasingly luxurious trips.

And the best part? You can make this happen without any up front investment on your part. The process pays for itself. An employee’s trip is paid for from the pool of added revenue generated by the incentive program itself. And if the employee fails to earn the trip, you pay nothing.

People will work hard for the opportunity for free travel. Turn the page to find out just how hard. 4

How Does Journeymasters Work? The process is simple. (2) As your employee’s productivity increases, your profits increase. (3) As your employee brings in a target level of revenue, he or she receives a free trip that matches up with that level on the Pyramid of Dreams (p. 6).

(1) You offer your employees the opportunity to earn free travel by increasing their productivity.

(4) However, your employee has just started! That’s because for any level on the Pyramid, there is always a bigger and better trip that he or she can win.

Your employee’s trip is paid for by a portion of the increased profit that accrues as a result of his or her enhanced productivity. You only pay for an employee’s trip when he or she has brought in more revenue than the cost of the trip cost. As a result, your employee gets a trip, and you get increased profit. If your employee doesn’t earn the trip, you pay nothing. It’s a win-win proposition. As your employee earns bigger and better trips, your profits rise. In most cases, your profits will rise at rates that are higher than the cost of your employee’s trips. Just how much depends on your specific circumstances. Turn the page to see just how your profits rise as your employees are motivated to achieve higher levels of productivity.

A great man was once asked, “How many people work in your company?” In response, the great man smiled and said,“About half.” What he was saying we all know to be true. In most organizations the majority of the work gets done by a minority of the people. That’s because even good people don’t always live up to their potential. Unlocking that potential is the business of The Journeymasters.


Journeymaster’s Incentive Travel System The Pyramid of Dreams Once employees have experienced their first trip, they’ll be ready for more. Incentive travel works by providing the opportunity for employees to earn bigger and better trips by achieving higher and4higher Choose nights levels of productivity. The beauty of our incentive system is that extra effort hotel stay from 2,600+ No matter what an employee has achieved at any point in time, there is is always rewarded. hotels including 547 luxury alwaysthat a longer or richer properties are among the travel adventure to earn.

finest in the land.View hotel list at Choose or is series of eight increasingly desirable and exotic travel adventures The American PyramidAirlines® of Dreams United Airlines® that employees as they take the next step in increasing their productivity. certificates good forcan RT earn in Choose 4 nights continental USA & hotel stay from 2,600+ Canada. OR Choose a 5 day-4 hotels including 547 luxury properties that are among the night cruise on land.View hotel list at Choose 4tsfinest nights 0+in rthe igh ,6lines yAmerican Airlines® or 0Choose RCCL or Carnival hoteleCruise stay 2,600+ u United rom 4 n from x 2 u h l gluxury t e aAirlines® s two. t m ts fas in with air hotels h oo including t certificates good for RT in n DIAMOND g fro 547 547 s i hfor o i



+$250 DIA

C stay that r USA & properties el l othe am among ing reare tcontinental ® Choose hohotel tel cludland.View a wCanada. sOR finest list ata 5 day-4 t e ho lsininthe a n e cruise on th d.Vi ARCCL irli ornight e Choose American Airlines® or s t Carnival Cruise lines e n i an an nes®with ho er ti United p the l ericAirlines® li for RT air for two. o r i r 4 p certificates A dfor RT in Am good & inayd est se nited gooUSA SA f in hoo continental s tal U e&a 5 U e t C s a es n c o e Canada. OR Choose a 5 day-4 i tif ntin Cho ise on ise lin r e night cruise on o c c OR cru Cru . l o RCCL ordCarnival a. ight Cruise iva r twlines a n for n o arntwo. f C Ca with air r ai or CL with RC



or 3 n tels ect ho ND es® Sel 600+AMO Airlin as in a 4 2, DI can es® ose ho on eri rlin Amed Ai OR Cruise ith k w Select c it D. from pic 3 nnights ht nival ON nig r o. 2,600+U M hotels as in a 3 C Select 3 nights from IA D day L or for tw 2,600+ hotels as inDIAMOND C air DIAMOND RC Airlines® pick American or

0 DIAMOND +or+ or r o + EMERALD United Airlines® as in EMERALD +$250 ALD DIAMOND. OR Choose a 4 R E day-3 night cruise on + EM RCCL or Carnival with +$200+ or Select nights from air3for two. 5 +$250 $2

pick American Airlines® or United Airlines® as in DIAMOND. OR Choose a 4 day-3 night cruise on RCCL or Carnival with air for two.

2,600+ hotels as in The Beautiful Secret of Incentive Travel or DIAMOND pick American Airlines® or Whatever level your employee RUBY + United Airlines® as in EMERALD 0 achieves, there is always DIAMOND. OR Choose oao4se + 20 Y ch day-3 night cruise $hotels as inrDIAMOND. And choose don B RCCL a bigger and better + Anwith ND Select 2 nights from 2,600+ U . or Carnival O o D M R American Airlines® or United Airlines® as in DIAMOND A trip for them I ONtwo. airM for D IA s in to move in Ds® a s +$200+ SAPPHIRE + ls a line up to. ote Air +$150 or + h ed

+$200+ or





IRE H PP r A S 0o 5 1 +$ + M U TIN A PL 0 or 15 +$ LD O G or + 5 $12 + + ER V L SI 25 +$ ER D N KE E E W T AT Y H nit

A can

0 ri me o s eA Select 2 nights from 2,600+ hotels as in DIAMOND. And choose r ine s f o s t irl ho PLATINUM A in DIAMOND American Airlines® or United Airlines® igh as R CND 2 n rican O t . c e e ND AMO Sel Am or + +$150 line MOin DI air A I 1 D as Select 3 nights from 2,600+ hotels as in DIAMOND. OR choose 1 night hotel and 1 airline and s innes® certificate on American Airlines® Airlines®. Andachoose Select 2 nights from 2,600+ hotels as or inUnited DIAMOND. tel s i o l l e r h t ot Ai American Airlines® or United Airlines® as in DIAMOND igh GOLD + h ed 1 n es®. 00 Unit 6 e , 2 or lin os ho Air om Choose American Airlines® +$125 or frOR Select 4 nights from 2,600+ hotels as in DIAMOND. R c ited s t O n h certificate on American Airlines® or United Airlines®. D. Select 2 nights from 2,600+ hotels as in Airlines® DIAMOND. OR choose rU or United as nini1gairline DIAMOND ONs® o ct 4 M e lin e l A I lin Se SILVER Air in Dn Air an c s i r a a Select 4 nights from 2,600+ hotels as in DIAMOND. OR Choose American ricAirlines® me els nA or United Airlines® +$25 as in DIAMOND + hot Ame o n e 0 o at Select 2 nights hotel from 2,600+ hotels including 547 luxury properties that are among ,60 the if ic atefinest hotels in the land. ert m 2rtif ic c o r e f ce HYATT WEEKENDER irlin hts 1a nig choose 1 night hotel and 1 airline e 3 s Select 3 nights from 2,600+ hotels as in DIAMOND. OR ect g hoo Sel on certificate on American Airlines® or United Airlines®. Rc O am . Select 2 nights hotel from 76 Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, and 117 Hyatt Place Hotels. e D r a Select 3 nights from 2,600+ hotels as in DIAMOND. OR choose 1 night hotel ONand 1 airline at certificate on American Airlines® or United Airlines®. s th IAM levels. e i D Go to to seeparticipating hotels in SILVER tonDIAMOND t Go to to see participating hotels. s i Weekender per Go to to see participating Hyatt Weekender hotels. aHyatt pro els in SILVER to DIAMOND levels. t y Go to to see participating hotels r o h xu 0+ 7 lu ,60 54 2 g 7 in 11 ud 66fromcertificate on American Airlines® ncl hts nd i Select 2 nights from 2,600+ hotels as in DIAMOND. OR choose 1 airline or United Airlines®. g a i s l , y te 2n Select 2 nights from 2,600+ hotels as in DIAMOND. OR ho Airlines® or United Airlines®. egenc ectchoose 1 airline certificate on American 0+ l R Sel 0 t ,6 ote at g h ati Hy m2 n , i o t t p r t lf ya pa ici 0 U Airlines® Select 4 nights from 2,600+ hotels as in DIAMOND. OR Choose ,6American r or United Airlines® as in DIAMOND m2 ®o


+ SAPPHIRE +$150 or

SAPPHIRE +$150 or

PLATINUM or PLATINUM +$150 +$150 or

GOLD GOLD +$125 or

+$125 or


How Can I Increase My Revenue With Incentive Travel? Usually, it costs money to make money. But this is not the case for Incentive Travel. Incentive Travel makes use of resources that you already have. You have already built your company’s infrastructure. You are already paying your employees. Incentive Travel increases your revenue by drawing upon unused resources that you already have – specifically, the motivation of your employees. Motivation is not a fixed resource; with a little incentive, even your best workers will proactively seek out new ways to increase their productivity. Let’s imagine that you are in the business of selling widgets. On average, let’s say that your typical employee sells 1000 widgets each month. Each widget brings in $100.00 of revenue, $20.00 of which is profit. Now, let’s create a simple incentive contest. Let’s say that your employee can win a trip for two for a weekend at a nice hotel in the city by selling 10 extra widgets (just 1% sales increase) a month for the next quarter. A total of 30 extra widgets (10 x 3 months) at $20.00 profit for each widget brings you $600.00 of additional profit. The trip to the city will cost you $300.00! So, the trip is paid for and you gain an additional $300 profit. On an infinitesimal 1% sales increase! Now let’s say that salesperson sells the 30 extra widgets in the first month, then looks at the pyramid and says to himself-herself, “I can go higher then that!” And they do. They go from 10 extra widgets a month to 100 extra widgets a month for the quarter. A doable 10% sales increase. Those extra 300 (3 x 100) widgets will bring you $6,000 ($20 x 300) in incremental profit and will bring your salesperson a DIAMOND: The very top award on our Pyramid of Dreams (See page 6). A luxurious vacation totally hassle free because our Redeem Team, in consultation with your winners, will make their air reservations, their hotel reservations or their cruise vacation if they prefer a cruise. The DIAMOND AWARD will cost you, say $2,700. $6,000 minus cost of the award $2,700 delivers you an outstanding $3,300 in incremental profits!

6,000 5,000



How Your “Investment” Pays Off and Pays for Itself

Your Profit

3,000 2,000 1,000

Your “Investment”

0 .02 Percentage In .04 crease (from Ba .06 .08 seline) in Num .10 ber of Widget s Sold Now, three important things have happened: 1. 2. 3.

*You pay nothing until your employee earns more than needed to pay his or her own reward.

Depending on your employee’s productivity, he or she has earned a free weekend in the city, or any number of more exotic trips in any city the USA at one of the area’s most luxurious hotels. You have made additional profit that you would not have otherwise earned – without investing a single dime up front. You are happy, and your employee(s) are ecstatic.

As your employee earns bigger and better trips, your profits rise. In most cases, your profits will rise at rates that are higher than the cost of your employee’s trips. Just how much depends on your specific circumstances. In all cases, your profits will rise at rates that are higher than the cost of your employee’s trips.



So, your high-producing employees have gone all the way to the top of the pyramid.? What now? The Pyramid of Dreams

Go to

What is Above & Beyond? Above & Beyond is an inspired collection of 24 of the most luxurious holiday destinations in this hemisphere. Think Maui or the Big Island. Think Cabo San Lucas or Bermuda. Think Aruba at the Hyatt Regency, or the magnificent Fairmont Banff Springs in Alberta, Canada. Plus three 8 day-7 night cruises on Carnival Cruise Lines in an ocean view stateroom with a private balcony. Moon Palace Cancun Moon Palace Cancun

Hyatt Regency Aruba

And a program that generates excitement when budgets are tight. We call it... On the Spot™ GGO OO OD D LU LUC CKK W W II N N E R ! $









Scratch away and

WIN $5, $10



instantly! Instant R ewar ds and More! ON THE SPOT A game the whole company can play! Ever y ticket is a winner. The more tickets you cash in, the more money you collect, and better yet — the better your chances of winning one of the Magical SuperWeekender Grand Prizes: A romantic weekend just for you and your other. Airfare for two! Deluxe Marriott Hotel! Breakfast for two each morning!

On the Spot™. A scratch ticket game with $5, $10, and $20 cash prizes. You award On the Spot™ tickets to non-sales employees – for improved job performance, safety, behavior, punctuality, for doing outstanding work, staying late, bringing new ideas, etc. To sales reps – for achieving a set number of new appointments, or product demon-strations, selling a set number of new customers. Create sales support teams to support each sales force member – Give each member of the team a ticket for achieving goal.

At the end of the On the Spot™ promotion, one lucky scratch ticket holder will win A MAGIC 3 DAY HOLIDAY for two people: two airline tickets for travel anywhere in continental USA & Canada, plus two nights at any hotel they choose from our list of the 547 most magnificent hotels in the USA 8

What We Do For You Six Advantages of our Program

We Help You Plan Your Program We help determine the incentive plan for your organization.

Quality of Hotels Hyatt, Fairmont, Marriott and Renaissance

We Take Care of Everything We call it the much praised concierge service.

#1. No Upfront Investment And if it doesn’t work – you don’t pay

Our Toll Free 800 Travel Number Winners call us for answers and advice as often as they want

Ever-Higher Rewards There is always a bigger and better trip for them to go for.


We are also the Preeminent Designer of Group Incentive Trips We list here a few group functions we originated that have been copied often by our peers. 1. The Roman Toga Party. Performance at the Cavalieri Hilton Rome. 2.

Her Majesty’s Cold Stream Guards Band Private Performance. Performed at the Royal Festival Halls in London

3. The Mercedes Motor Rallye Motor Rallye: Zurich to St. Moritz to Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Bad Ragatz to Lucerne to Zurich. 4.

A Bruegal Pageant at Laarne Castle. The Cast of Characters: 150 humans + 60 sheep + 374 guests. Brussels.

Her Majesty’s Cold Stream Guards Band London

5. Olympic Pianos Farewell. Five grand pianos, a 12 piece orchestra, a 16 piece “Glenn Miller” band. First performance at the Wein Hilton, Vienna 6. The Ned Kelly Steam Train & Bush Ranger Attack. First performed en route to Seven Creeks Run, Australia. 7. Cocktail party atop Mendenhall Glacier. 25 helicopters to the top. First performance in Juneau, Alaska.

The Mendenhall Glacier. Juneau, Alaska

8. The Grandeur & Glory of America. Combining the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Washington DC. 9. Santa Claus is coming to Kalastajatropa. Because so close to the North Pole, dressed VIP in Santa Claus costume, flew him into cocktail party by helicopter. Children’s choir singing carols in Finnish. First performance, Helsinki Finland.

The Great Hall of the People Beijing, China

10. Dinner in the Great Hall of the People. With identical dinner menu served to the President of the United States. Beijing, China. 11. Group Beer Party in the Heineken Museum. Fivepiece Dutch Dixieland Band, tour of the museum. The Heineken poured like rain all night. Amsterdam,. 12. Dinner with Michelangelo’s David, Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy. Dinner in the same room with Michelangelo’s David. Cocktails in the Hall of the Colossus; string quartet; tour and gourmet dinner; private performance by the Three Tenors from Milan’s La Scala. Five standing ovations.


Michelangelo’s David Florence, Italy


Are Our Winners Satisfied? You bet they are. 557 of the winning couples in our individual travel programs responded to a recent survey. An astonishing 95% percent indicated that their trip either exceeded or met their expectations. An amazing 58% said their trip exceeded their expectations (which even exceeded our expectations)! That 5% of our guests who thought the holiday fell below is sad for us. That means that they didn’t enjoy their award as much as we (or they) wanted them to. But we call each of these guests and try to make it right.

CLIENT SATISFACTION Program Pyramid of Dreams*

Above & Beyond*



Exceeded Expectations





Met Expectations





Fell Below Expectations





Total Replies




*Entries indicate number of replies.

How Do We Achieve Our Success? By honoring our first principles: Make the Goal Attainable!. We’ll help you to develop your incentive system. Well show you how to set up the system painlessly, both for you and for your employees. By having attainable goals, you’ll soon see the results you are looking for. Make the Reward Deluxe! Deluxe! We mean a trip the person could not duplicate on his or her own no matter how wealthy they were, or how willing they are to spend that wealth. Your trip must fulfill that objective. Promote Your Reward Plan Constantly! We show you how to promote your program. We’ll show you how to do this easily -- with weekly emails, standings reports, bulletins, anything and everything. Every Promise Will be Kept. Your trip must be exemplary if we are to create an inspired experience. And so, in order to meet your needs with our suppliers, we ask when asking is required; we cajole when we must cajole; we stroke when stroking is needed. However, if all is not as we asked, cajoled, and stroked for – we will demand! And we will obtain whatever is necessary to satisfy the promises we made to our guests. 11

Just a Few of the Companies We’ve Helped Grow

The classic game show on the CBS network currently running daily. We furnish the deluxe travel prizes for the winners.


Questions? Want to Get Started? Want to Learn More? Please contact Bob Guerriero, President of The Journeymasters 1-800-875-3422 About Bob The following is an excerpt of an article from Insight magazine (2002), announcing the granting of the SITE (Society of Incentive Travel Executives) 4th lifetime achievement award to Bob Guerriero, CITE (Certified Incentive Travel Executive), President of the Journeymasters.

Bob Guerriero SITE Past President Robert J. Guerriero, CITE, was named the recipient of SITE’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was announced during ceremonies at the Society’s International Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. In announcing the award, SITE president Carolyn Dow noted, “Bob Guerriero’s vision laid the foundation that has allowed both SITE and the incentive travel industry to prosper.” Guerriero was one of the founding members of the Society and served as its second president. He founded the Salem, Massachusetts—based incentive company The Journeymasters in 1968, when incentive travel was entering adolescence. His vision and insights into the impact of motivational travel has helped steer both the company and the industry in which it functions to a comfortable maturity. At the Society’s formation meeting, Guerriero was selected to the “aims and objectives” committee. Educational programs were quickly identified as a critical need. Guerriero helped launch outreach efforts that many found perplexing — “teaching the competition.” Why this approach? “ Each time an incentive travel group was poorly managed,” he noted, “it reflected on everyone in the industry.” By teaching the basics to all those interested, he reasoned, the number of well-managed programs would increase and word would spread about the power of these programs. That educational approach has become a bedrock principle for the Society. Guerriero was well equipped to teach others about the ways of incentive travel. His programs have earned applause from clients and competitors alike. He is the recipient of five Crystal Awards (1983, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989); earning recognition for all facets of program design and delivery. In 1985, he earned the professional certification designation in the incentive industry and added “Certified Incentive Travel Executive” to his list of accomplishments. A graduate of Siena College, Guerriero first made his mark in retailing; with stints at Abraham & Strauss, Hecht Company, and Lit Brothers. In these positions he often dealt with salespeople “motivated” by sales incentive programs. Guerriero remembered this tool when he moved to the position of director of advertising for Shetland-Lewyt Corporation. There, he conceived and instituted one of the first large group incentive travel programs in the US for the top distributors of the vacuum cleaner and floor polishing company. Guerriero’s vision was broad enough to see that group travel was one solution to motivate performance … but not the only one. He was well ahead of the industry in identifying the need and desire for individual incentive rewards. Once again he forged a path and the industry followed. Guerriero has spread the word about the impact of incentives around the globe. In 1969, Guerriero was named an “honorary citizen” of Venezuela for his efforts at bringing the first large tourist group to Caracas. In 1973 he was designated “Tourist Personality of the Year” in Rio de Janeiro for this promotional efforts. He served as the first president of the SITE Foundation, the independent research arm of the Society. His advice is much sought after — he served for seven years on the advisory council of the IT&ME (now The Motivation Show) exhibition and for 10 years on the Las Vegas Corporate & Incentive Travel Council. In presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to Robert Guerriero, Dow noted that “much of the recognition that the industry and SITE has received began with Bob Guerriero.”


The Journeymasters Building 254 Essex Street Salem, MA 01970 13

JourneyMasters Booklet  
JourneyMasters Booklet  

A booklet advertising the JourneyMasters program for incentive travel.