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Taking Over

Payless is a specialty shoe store that has been taken over by the superstore Walmart. I used the size of the photos to indicate the difference between the stores in terms of actual size and the fact that Walmart is such a large chain that sells pretty much everything.


Much like the payless shoe store, Erie Tracker Outfitters is a specialty shop that only sells a few specific items. Those items being fishing an hunting equipment. The superstore Walmart sells both of these things and most likely for cheaper prices.


This is a really good example because Family Sports is a small store in the Seaway Mall and the only Sportchek giving it competition was the store in the Pen Center. But as of today (October 25th), there is a Sportchek in the Seaway Mall as well. And I feel that Sportchek is going to put Family Sports out of business because more people are going to go to Sportchek instead.


Niagard Golf Warehouse, Golfsmith, and Golf Stuff are 3 golf specialty stores in the area and Walmart of course is the superstore. Walmart carries pretty much everything. Walmart carries equipment that is friendly to beginners as well as caters to more serious golf players.

Although grocery stores like Sobeys, Food Basics, and Zehrs are big stores, superstores like Costco and Walmart proveide the same products with better deals and services. Thus cutting into the profits made by the grocery store alone.

Walmart offers a entire section of each store and dedicates it to gardening tools, flowers and supplies. This hinders people from going to the actual Gardening places such as Vermeers because unless you are solely shopping for flowers and flowers only, you will generally stop and get something else at Walmart. So it’s basically a one stop shop. And that convenience makes them successful.

I decided to do video games because there are a large variety of stores where video games are the only things they sell. Walmart also offers a wide variety of video games and gaming accessories.

I decided to make electronics it’s own slide separate from video games because there are a lot of stores that sell electronics that don’t sell video games. But when it comes to Walmart, they sell both in the same section. So they offer everything you might be looking for in terms of electronics. (And most of the time, for a cheaper price than the others.)

Jewellery is a good one to do because even though Walmart won’t have the rarest and most expensive of jewellery, it will have a good variety and for a relatively cheap price. So with that being said, it competes with regular jewellery stores.

Finally, home furniture is another thing that Walmart sells that affects other businesses such as The Brick and Home Furniture. Because Walmart sells everything clearly.


My business entry for the Comptetition chapter.