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Secure Health Information Exchange & Emergency Responder Medical Data Access via Broadband Public Library Consumer/Patient access portals

Community Hospital ER & Clinics

Trama Centers

Department of: Education - Nurses Prisons - Medical team Justice - Legal Guardians

Physicians Nurses EHRs - EMTs


Referrals Payers Eligibility


Telemedicine Research Emergency Responders Fire EMS

FHIN Broadband

Authenticated Patient Identity

Labs Medications Radiology Remote Monitoring Medical Education

Emergency Management FEMA Access Control

Your Family Emergency Data & Contacts

Providing reliable access to your identity while protecting your privacy Vetting Personal Identity

Authorization Access Control

Consent Directives

Identity Management, Consents, Authorizations & Audits (HITSP)

Good Health Network  

GHN is a CA or Certification Authority with a specific focus on healthcare. A CA is defined as a trusted entity that issues and/or revokes a...