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English 9 - Personal Essays 2017-18

Introduction - By: Mr. Donohue


Responsibility - By: George Abraham


Commitment And Basketball - By Alexander Acosta


Title: Being Clean and Responsible By: Joshua Bonilla


A Learned Method, Useful In Adulthood - By Jaden Brunson


Life Lessons - By: Joseph Isaakidis


My Building Experience - By: Justin Jackson


Natures Lesson By Alden Kolenovic


Do Good and You Will Be Rewarded - By : Joshua Legitime


Always Be Honest - By SioWa Luo


Why I Played Baseball - By Jayden Rodriguez


Things I Learned Without Knowing - By: Sebastian Santos


Life Lessons - By: Yianni Simeonidis


Help the customers - By: Randolph Sopp


How do you play basketball? - By: Brendan Stephenson


How I became a Lego Builder: because of my Dad


By:Erick Urgiles


A Growing Young’n - By: Rich Vega


How To Be A Middle Linebacker - By Kemari E. Ward


Do The Right Thing! - By: Elijah Cadet-Melhado


Everyday Before School - By: Justin Castellanos


NEVER BACK DOWN - By :Kayden Superville


Doing Laundry By: Gordon Zheng


The Room - By: Christopher Amos


Lesson - By: Luis Cruz


The Lesson That I’ll Never Forget - By: Jordan Molina


Introduction - By: Mr. Donohue   One of the more powerful tools that Google has added to its arsenal of lineup is the  capability to publish the work you create instantly. The Freshman students at Holy  Cross write. They write often, and they learn to write well. By the midpoint of the  year, they have had many different experiences in both reading and writing. They are  proud of what they have accomplished, as am I.    With this in mind, the class worked on a longer lesson in how to write a personal,  reflective essay. According to the textbook, a reflective essay is one where the writer  explores the meaning of an experience. In class, the students read an essay titled  “Carry Your Own Skis” by Lian Dolan. In this essay she explores the importance of  the lessons she learned as a child. Using this essay as a model, the students wrote  about their own childhood experiences and how these have shaped who they are  today.    When the class complete their first draft, they edited. And edited, and edited until  they created a version of their own story that they want to tell. They prepared their  work for publication. What you see here is the result of all of their hard work and  effort. Please read and enjoy.    Mr. Michael Donohue  Holy Cross High School English Department Chairperson

Responsibility - By: George Abraham     When my mom was a young child she had to take care of herself. She wanted  to become her own women and start her own business.But she didn't, instead she  moved to Florida got married and gave birth to me. When I was young my mom and  I moved to Queens New York.When I was old enough to start taking care of myself  my mom told me to make my bed, brush my teeth,  take a shower and a bunch of things I don't  remember.  What I didn't know was that she was teaching me to  be responsible. She always said do your homework,  and clean my room which my mom was basically  teaching me responsibility skills. Every day for as  long as I can remember she said these things. I  didn't know why she said those words every time  but I did them anyways because it   would make her happy.   Years go by and I am  old enough to walk to school by myself she said those  words over and over even more. She did this because  she was trying to get it in my head. When I would be in  school I see kids who didn't do their homework and tell  the teacher they forgot. If they had the responsibility  they would have done their homework. I feel like now I  understand what my mom was trying to do and it will  help me as an adult when I have a job and a house.   

Commitment And Basketball - By Alexander Acosta Growing up, I was never committed to any sport or hobby, the sport I played  the longest was tennis. However, I despised it because it was forced on me. Both my  parents played tennis and they wanted me to follow in their footsteps as any other  parent would. When I turned ten years old things changed, I became even more lazy and  I quit tennis. I didn't play sports but instead focused on video games. Constantly my  mom would ask me to come run or play tennis with her and I would consistently 

respond with no. “ Hey Alex you wanna play tennis today after school”. “ Sorry  mom, I'm not feeling well”, that was a lie  I  said till the 8th grade.   In the 8th grade I met my two  best friends Bryan and Ronald. They  introduced me to basketball and when I  told my dad he was finally excited about  something I was doing. My dad started  taking me to the local parks and  practicing with me. He stopped because  of  work and I don't know what to do. I realized that I need to practice on my own to  become a better player, I worked hard in school to improve my grades and I asked my  parents to buy me a basketball hoop. They gladly accepted because they were extremely  happy to find out that I was committed to basketball.   In the summer my parents often went away on many vacations. I used the time  with my friends, we called our”the breakfast club”, to practice improve our skills in the  sport. We worked everyday at the park or my house, for hours on end. All this practice  helped me improve my skill and helped me lose weight. My father and mother kept  trying encourage me to be committed to the sport of basketball. This lesson of  learning to be committed to a hobby or a sport helped me realize my passion for the  sport and culture.     

Title: Being Clean and Responsible By: Joshua Bonilla     Five years ago when I was nine, I tried to  learn how to wash dishes by watching other  people do it and wch youtube. Everytime,  after dinner, my parents would go to wash  the dishes and I tried to observe how they  did it. I tried to observe if there was a  certain technique to used the soap on the  dishes, or if there was a certain soap that you  needed to use. I learned that many other kids didn't know how to wash dishes  because when they went home they would talk about how they would play video  games and other games and didn't have to do any chores. I finally figured out why  they would always ask for answers on homeworks, tests and quizzes that we had.  

After this day I came home from school and decided after dinner I was going to try to wash the dishes and ask questions if i wasn’t sure of something I could ask  for help if I needed it. When dinner arrived I was a little nervous to wash the dishes,  however I was certain that I could do it. The time finally came and I was ready to try  to wash the dishes. Before I even started I had already asked a question, whether to  use hot or cold water. My parents told me to use hot water. As I was about half way  through I ask if I had to keep adding soap to the sponge. I cleaned a few plates and  cup then I finished clean the pan. After I put the sponge back, my mother tells me  that is have to squeeze out the sponge before I put it away.   This experience helps me today by teaching me how to be responsible and do  things by myself. I can be responsible by doing all my homework by myself instead  of asking my friends for help or the answers. If I known that I have an upcoming test  I study for the test instead of trying to cheat or get the answers. This also helps me  out of school. I can take care of myself as well as help others if they really need it.     

A Learned Method, Useful In Adulthood - By Jaden Brunson  Things I’ve learned at a young age are common. . Things  like that include laundry. It wasn’t an easy task. The steps  were complicated since it was different controls. I still have  to do laundry to this day so that’s how it relates to my life  now.  I was taught to do things for myself because of the fact that  nobody will do it for me in adulthood. So if I live alone I  can clean my clothes.    If I live alone in the future and I cannot wash clothes, I won’t have clean  clothes to wear. It would be embarrassing to wear dirty clothes outside, that’s the  reason why I was taught to wash clothes.  The bottom line to learning how to do things for adulthood would be to get  the best for the future. As long as I know how to do laundry, I got clean clothes. I  understand why I learned this and I got no Regrets. This is because it helps my future  life. 

Life Lessons - By: Joseph Isaakidis   My dad has always taught me to be polite in every way I can. Some of the ways  he has taught me to be polite was by holding the door for people, not being afraid to  speak up, and always being respectful.  Many people won't say thank you when  you hold the door for them but my dad  has always said to still do it anyway. My  dad has always told me to never be afraid  to speak up and to always be respectful  when talking to people. This way that if I  am talking to someone in a respectful way  they will think of me as a respectful  person.   All of these ways have reflected on how  I live my life All of these ways have guided me to live the best life I can and to  always be polite! I will never forget these because I have been taught these many  lessons many times in my life. My dad has taught me these things so that in the future  I can reflect them onto other people’s lives.        

My Building Experience​ - ​By: Justin Jackson

When I was in elementary, I enjoyed playing with action figures and other toys. Whenever I saw one I would always ask my mother “ Mom can I please get this,  please!” I would beg and beg but then I would get bored after I got it and would ask  for a new one.   Out of all the toys I had my favorite type were legos. I always was interested in  building things on my own. The legos were the start. My mother was so impressed  with my knowledge of combining each little piece to construct something huge. I  moved on to not using the instructions each set of legos gave you and started building  my own creations, or combining pieces together that you were not told to combine.  This evolved into something else later on and it made me understand what I wanted  my job to be and that was to be mechanical engineer. 

During middle school, I started playing with different kinds of toys that were motorized. The first motorized toy I received was from my grandad. I was so excited  because it would have been the first toy that I  built that had a battery and screws. This  helped increase the little bit of knowledge that  I  had on engineering. However, when I was  finally done with it, it was a huge failure. I  finally felt what it was like to mess up at  constructing something. This didn’t  discourage me but made me want to try  harder.  I started building furniture when I was a  senior in middle school. The first piece of  furniture that I ever made was a lamp. There  were many pieces that were not together and  many screws. At this point in my life, I saw no  needs for instructions. I started imagining the  structure as a whole in my mind. When I  finished, it always came out as expected. Many  people were impressed with what I was doing.  Whenever they did not understand how to put  something together, that person would always ask me first before asking anyone else  because they knew I was skilled at this kind of thing. I knew then that I could learn  new things to further enhance my engineering skills.   

Nature’s Lesson By Alden Kolenovic    My Dad had a passion for hiking. He, in fact, had many passions, just to name  a few: Soccer, swimming, bike riding, chess and hiking it still is. Every little bit of free  time He had, he would try to fit some hiking in His busy schedule. At about four  years old, I started to go to these little local trips with my Dad, like New York  Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, The Zoo, Central Park, Long Island’s beaches and  State Parks. He loved nature.  And so, we would take short walks over these little hills in the gardens, parks,  forests, and beaches. But each time, as I grew older and bigger, we took longer and  longer walks. My Father used to say, “it’s essential that we eat before we start these 

trips and hikes, stretch our bodies a little, warm up, and yes, drink plenty of water.” We took homemade food with us, most of the time, we would find a nice place, a  rock or a fallen tree by the creek or the river, sit down and eat sandwiches and talk  excitedly about our upcoming trip and nature and life. My father taught me so much  about nature. He taught me not to fear the nature, the mighty river, a big tree, a  mountain, the skies. He taught me to embrace all nature, it’s life and surroundings as  part of us, part of our life on this planet.  I used to get tired on these trips, and I used to tell my Dad, “ Dad, please can  we go back, I’m tired?”. Sometimes I even used to say: “ Can you please carry me?”.  And Dad, always being witty and ready for humor, used to say: “ Oh come, young  man, who is going to carry me when I get tired of carrying You? Be strong, and we’re  almost there”. He always encouraged me but refused to help me or carry me when I  was little unless I was exhausted. When I was about 11 years old, we took a weekend  trip to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. We went there very often. In  particular, we loved the area along the Delaware River around the town of Milford in  Pike County. Ready as usual, with light clothes, backpacks packed with water, some  food, insect sprays, healthy snacks we arrived in Milford, a picturesque old town. As  usual, my dad’s first stop in Milford was Turkey Hill, a gas station, where we would fill  up gas.  From Turkey Hill we headed for our favorite spot, the Raymond Kills falls,  about 3 miles south of Milford and about a mile north of the Delaware River. Deep  in between the two tall mountains runs Raymond skills creek, and about a mile from  the river are these amazingly cascade beautiful falls, with the biggest one at the  bottom. Now, this was not an ordinary easy trail. The trail runs from the small  parking lot at the top of the road, steeply winding down to the top of the significant  falls. Then, from there, it goes back up halfway, and then it turns right and continues  down along the huge falls, even steeper to the bottom of the big falls. Here, there is a  fantastic view of the falls, with plenty of tourist and hikers taking pictures and  enjoying it. I had somewhat grown accustomed to this trail, but have never been all  the way down and to the end of the path, which still continues further down to the  bottom of the creek, and then you have a choice of coming back up the same way, or  taking another route up the other side of the mountain and back to the parking lot.  My dad said to me: “ Let’s do this son, you can do it!” I looked at him and with some 

skepticism replied, “Well, I might, and I may not.” “ What if I can not walk back up? What if it gets dark and a black bear suddenly shows up from across the creek?” Dad  replied: “ Do you remember the stories I used to tell you of bears, and how not to be  scared and show your fear to the bear?” I said, Yes I do. As a child of my age, my  Father encountered a bear one early morning on the way to school in Europe. He  remembered the stories His father used to tell him about bears, so he reacted with  almost total calm, and the bear walked away.   So I said, “Well Dad, let’s do it, all the way!”. So we hiked down the trail for  over an hour, took some pictures, really enjoyed the scenery. At the bottom, we sat  down on some rocks by the creek to eat and chat, then as we were about to get up  and leave, as it had started to get a little dark, my dad suddenly stopped talking, and  said to me: “Stay calm, no fear, pretend it’s a dog, slowly get up and start walking back  up that trail, do not turn back, I will walk slowly backwards after you. “ There, as I  turned my head to the left, I saw it, right across the shallow creek from us, looking at  us, the black bear. I did get scared at  first, but immediately, my dad’s words  echoed in my ears, and a survival mode  kicked in. I took a deep breath, and said  to myself “ It’s ok, it’s a friendly bear,  we’ll be fine.” Dad slowly put down all  our leftover food and some food from  the book bag down on the ground, and  as I heard his footsteps behind me, I  also heard him talking calmly on the  phone: “ Hello 911, I am at the bottom of the Raymondskills Falls trail, heading back  up along the falls with my 11 year old son. There is a black bear about 60 feet from us  across the creek….” He had left His phone on with 911 and kept ambling behind me  up the trail. I worried about my Dad, as much as I worried about me, so I kept  turning around and telling my Dad “ Its ok Dad, we’ll be fine, if that bear comes after  us I will protect you” I saw a smile on my Dad’s face I’ve never seen before. The bear  kept looking at us as we walked, moving around, moving its head up and down, and  finally started to cross the creek. As it crossed, it went straight towards the food. And  at that point, we heard a deafening noise in the air. It was a US Park Ranger 

helicopter, and a moment later, Ranger vehicle’s tires screeched in the lot at the top of the trail. By the time the Rangers got to us, we were fairly away from the bear, but not  too far. With their weapons drawn, two of them continued down the trail, while one  of them walked behind us up the trail. Before continuing to walk up, I turned and said  to the two rangers: “ Please don’t kill that bear, it meant no harm, it’s just a hungry  bear” The rangers smiled and said: “ Don’t worry kid, we won’t kill him, if The bear  had attacked you, then yes”.  Up at the lot, He picked me up high and said: Son, I am proud of You, You are  a Man, a fearless man, you will succeed in life. A bit later, I realized that I had learned  a fundamental lesson from my Dad, that fear can slow you down in life, slow you  down or prevent you from achieving your goals, slow you down in everything you do.  Of course, we all have fear, and always will, but to learn to control it is the key. That is  a vital lesson I have learned, along with the fact that we have to strive and work hard  to succeed.   I see other kids sometimes not willing or wanting to walk, their parents,  pushing them, carrying them, carrying their belongings, whining, complaining. While  sometimes I see kids just like me, always ready for a walk, looking fresh and happy,  excited, and cheerful. I see kids afraid to get on a rollercoaster, while some kids can’t  wait to get on them. This, and other lessons I have learned from my Dad and my  Mother are helping me be strong, decisive, persistent, understanding and willing to do  things; I otherwise may be hesitant to do.    

Do Good and You Will Be Rewarded - By : Joshua Legitime  When I was younger my parents told me one  thing, “Do good and you will be rewarded”. Even know  this is still instilled in me head. I had interpreted this as  do your work and be kind and you will be blessed with  something nice. At first, I found this as getting  materialistic things. Then, I found a different meaning  behind it. I found that the joy and satisfaction of good 

is your reward. The real meaning is to show how you do good for the feeling and morales.   Nowadays I see children running around helping out, but it seems as a gain.  For me it was always something that had to be done and for the kindness of your  heart. Even today I can see adults out and about yet don’t show any love to someone  who is homeless and can’t even spare one dollar. Clearly, you can tell some of these  people aren’t raised on these types of morals. Yes, that person may be begging for  money, but you must not know what that person is going through. Simply as helping  an old lady cross the street or help the elderly with groceries just doesn’t seem to  happen anymore.   This example that my parents have instilled in me can bring me to greater  things in the future. In the future, when you have to work and go through everything  you have to do good and your best to get the best in life. It is hard to do good in your  life with all the evil. Just as my parents had said though “Do good and you will be  rewarded.” Coming from me do good.      

Always Be Honest - By SioWa Luo   Everyone will makes mistakes when they’re young. Why will everyone make mistake  ?when we are young? It is because during this age, we don’t know that what to do is  true and what to do is wrong. Believe that or not, everyone did tell a lie in front of  their parents, even a person that has been very honest in the future. The reason why  we lie when we are young is either want to get better stuff or when you making a  mistake and you don’t want your parent know. After one time I lied to my father,  everytime I lied I thought about the result first.    A few days after the final test before the summer vocation, on a is a Friday.  after I got my report card, I saw the score I get for my math is 89, not even 90 yet. In  my home country, there are not much tests or quizzes. The only thing we care is the  final and mid term. I am doing well in the quizzes and the midterm, but for the final  term grade - not good.    The first thing that comes out on my head is lie to my parent about the score I  get on final. The score of 89 in math is not enough to get in to the top 30 in the 

grade. And my rank for this year drop from top 10 to 30+. After I told my Mom about my “grade”. She didn’t say anything about it. It looked normal, because I told  her that i got a 96 average for this final. But the bad thing happened when I told my  Dad about my grade. I have been always afraid of my Dad, because he is a chairman  in a company where he leads few thousand people. But in that time he work in  government, he dealt with liers all the time. It was easy for him to find out that I was  lying to my grade. He didn’t say anything during this time. After a few hours, I told  him myself that I was lied to him.    He didn’t beat me or anything, but he told me a story that  happening few days ago and in his office. The person that  lied to him got fired, and because he was getting fired as a  Government officials, he can’t get a job easily in his future.  And that will make his life drop from heaven to the hell.  After the story my father told me, every time I am trying to  lie, I need to think of the worst result for what will cost by  this lie, than I decide is it worth it to lie for this result? The  answer will always be it is not worth it.   

Why I Played Baseball - By Jayden Rodriguez When I was a kid my Dad taught me how to play baseball. When my  Dad was growing up he played the sport and was really good and really  enjoyed. My dad started to teach me to play when I was around 2 and  a half years old. I started to actually understand the sport and not be  scared of the ball when I was around 3, that's when I started to have  the most fun with my dad and baseball. For a long time, when I was  young, the one thing I played was baseball. My parents would almost  have to drag me away from playing. I would always ask my dad for 5 more minutes  and keep asking him every time that 5 minutes was up.  Learning how to play baseball taught me to not give up on anything and not be  scared of failing. My dad said to me that you're not just going to be able to pick up a  bat and a glove know how to play the sport. He said it took practice. I listened to 

him and practiced and practiced. My dad helped me with my technique and form and eventually I got good at the it.  The lesson my dad taught me is really  important in my life right now because there is lot of  school related things that are tough, but if I don't give  up and do the best I can, I will be able to get through  them and success more than in the first place. I will  use the lesson my dad taught me when I am older and  I have my own Kids and I will teach them the same  lesson. 

Things I Learned Without Knowing - By: Sebastian Santos    ​My parents have taught me alot without my even noticing that they are 

teaching me a lesson. I remember one time my parents taught me a lesson; they sent me to go get milk for them from the store and this taught me to be careful. They told  me about things that happened in the world and have told me to watch my  surroundings. This helped me in so many ways in my life. I didn’t even notice that  they were helping me through  my life when they told me this.  My parents have told me this  alot without even noticing it  helped me in the future and in  the present.   The lesson my parents  taught me when I was little help  me now in a big way. I always  check my surroundings wherever I am. Because of this lesson they taught me when I  was small I am confident. This lesson also helps me now because I can notice when I  am in a bad situation, or a good situation. This lesson has also helped me now because  I use to think everything was good and since my parents told me to watch my 

surroundings. That lesson taught me everything is not always good and I have to watch myself. This lesson my parents will also help me through the rest of my life  because people always have to watch their surroundings. I also think my parents  lesson will help keep me safe in the future like it has my whole life.  My parents have taught me so many lessons, but this lesson stood out to me  because i always use this lesson. I use this lesson on a daily basis to help me stay safe.     

Life Lessons - By: Yianni Simeonidis     One thing that I learned as a young child was  to study and prepare for my exams. In seventh  grade I went to a new school and thought it would  be as easy as the school I previously went to. The  school I went to never really required a lot of  studying. I thought this school would be the same  way. I found out I was wrong. I took my first math  test on order of operations and I failed. I failed wit  a 47. I felt embarrassed and ashamed because I  wanted to get a get good grade on my first exam at  my new school. This lesson taught me to be responsible an and prepare for future  exams.   After my first exam “flop” my mom and dad hired a  tutor. He helped me learn how to properly study for  exams. He taught me to make flashcards. I went out  to buy hundreds of flashcards with colored pencils  just so i can pass my exams. He also told me to make  practice questions, rewriting my notes and simply  being on task with my work. After this I used these  studying methods with all my subjects and found  myself passing. And with these good grads that i was  able to maintain I got accepted into Holy Cross high school.   This lesson will help me in my future very much. I will know to prepare for  exams for high school and college. When i become an adult I will know that i have  important responsibilities. I will make sure I am prepared for a big day's work or  presentation. That feeling of failing is a feeling I do not want to feel ever again. So I  will make sure to always be responsible for big exams and big days in my life.  

Help the customers - By: Randolph Sopp When I was 7 and my Father owned a UPS store he thought it would be a good  learning experience so from ages 7 - 14 every, weekend, or day I had off from school  my father would bring me to his UPS store to teach me to me work. When I was  younger I taped up boxes and restocked the little shelves we had. I would be  apprehensive about coming because I would rather be staying at home playing video  games, but later in life I came to the realization that if I did not go I would be lazy.  When I was there as a young child I helped my father open up the store and cleaned  up the back so it would be easy working. While I was there I would sometimes try to  sit down and take a break but since my father was trying to help me learn maturity and  independence, he would let me sit until I realised that i'm being lazy and I would start  helping.  As I got older I started to help with unloading boxes and packaging them to be  shipped out. I would load up trucks with  boxes and I started to help customers with  their questions if my father was busy in the  back. Recently, when my father sold the  store he told me what he wanted me to learn  and right then I knew how much this job  helped me. I might not have gotten paid but  I came away with the experience, this job  taught me how to be independent. Whether  it be not having enough workers to help ship  out boxes or having to be the man at the  counter because my father was sick and the other workers were boxing up I learned to  be independent.   In school I see that other students were not taught that lesson. These students  needed to copy homework or couldn't do the work because they didn't listen. I see  how this helped me now because I don't need help when presented with a task that  might not be that easy and I don't copy homework or need help because I listen to the  teacher. During my time working I had to listen because if I didn't get an order right  a lot of things would get messed up. Now that I have this skill I know that it will help  me in my future years of high school and college, In real life it will help the most  when I get an actual job. I will be able to work, I will be able to be a good person, I  will be the best worker, I will be a good listener, and I will be a good helper.    

How do you play basketball? - By: Brendan Stephenson When I was 10 years old, I got curious about the rules and how to play  basketball the exact right way. When my dad was younger, his dad taught him how to  play basketball by bringing him to the park and watching it on tv with him. From  there, he learned how to play the game of basketball the correct way. Basketball has  been an important and big game for many years now. So, one day, I asked my dad to  teach me. He took me to parks near my house and showed me how to shoot and  dribble the basketball. I caught on pretty quick and eventually took it to the next  steps. Defence is a big part in playing basketball. He told me to bend my knees, keep  my back straight, and follow the ball. These are the main steps of basketball that I  learned from my dad.  Besides defence and offence, there are  other rules you have to know about basketball. I  asked my dad “Are the rules of basketball hard  to remember?” He said “You will catch on  quickly and I will teach you.” Another day he  called me over to the living room to watch a  basketball game. He showed me the rules of  basketball and all of the violations that can be  called by the refs. It took me a few games and  some time to think and remember these rules.  Eventually, I learned all the rules and now, I will  never forget them. This applies to my life now  because I learned when I was young and now I  had a lot of practice and became better. This is  a big part of my life now, and if I didn’t learn back then, I wouldn’t be as good now.  This lesson will definitely help me in the future. I can teach my own kids the  same exact lesson my dad taught me. It was very important and something I will  always remember from my dad. Hopefully this lesson will pass on from many  generations and be taught the same exact way. Basketball was one of the main things  that my dad taught me. He taught me the perfect way and I learned very good. This  is one of my childhood stories where I learned a lesson.   

How I became a Lego Builder: because of my Dad   By:Erick Urgiles  When I was little I collected lego and always had my dad build out the sets for  me. That all ended when I was five years old. I had just received a new lego set. The  pieces were fresh out of the box and I was  barely into the tenth step then I gave up  because it was getting too difficult. I asked  my dad to finish building it for me. That’s  when he shocked me at that moment when  he said “No”. I admit at that moment I  was mad and frustrated at him and kept  bothering him to finish building the set. I  didn’t realize until recently was that my father was trying to teach me a lesson by  letting me learn how to do things for myself. He wanted me to build this set on my  own because he knew I could do it and that I should be doing some tasks for myself  on my own. He was right I was able to build the set on my own, eventually.    This applies to my life because my dad was teaching me to do things for myself.  Since then, when I get any lego sets I build them on my own. This lesson didn’t just  apply to when I build lego sets. This lesson I learned from my father can be used on  many of the things I do in my life. I am able to do a lot of things by myself like my  homework, cleaning my room, help my brother and sister, join different clubs that  interest me and figure out how to get to different places so I can participate in other  activities.   This lesson my dad taught me will help me in my future because now I am able  to do the things that I need to do on my own. I now know there are things I should  be doing on my own and my dad has shown me that whatever those things are I will  be able to do them and if I can’t I can always ask for help. My dad is still trying to  teach me other lessons. Sometimes I listen to them and sometimes I don’t. That  doesn’t stop him from trying to teach me. I guess I have more to learn from him.       

A Growing Young’n - By: Rich Vega   People learn many things as children. Most kids already have big dreams from  a young age, maybe younger than the years of seven. As you get older and wiser, you  tend to absorb a lot of common sense. As that falls into place, you develop  responsibility.  One thing I’ve learned was to play basketball. That taught me to be  responsible and to notice that it can be a job one day. My brother used his basketball  strategy as a child. As my brother got older he passed the strategy along to me. He’d  take me outside, and to basketball camps to see what I could on the court. He taught  me the rules and regulations of the game of basketball and what and what not to do.  We often trained three days of the week for about two and half hours straight.   Others may not have or wanted  to learn how to play because of the hard  work needed. Most people that want to  do the same are mainly younger children  and siblings. My little brother is  inspired by me. He always follows me  and my brother out the door when we  leave to go train.   I started applying this work ethic  to my daily life because all the years that  I’ve trained, I am now confident in  myself that I can be efficient on the basketball court. I play everyday and usually have  games almost every week. After I come home, we go straight to the gym. Sometimes  we go to the weight room because if you ever watched the NBA (National Basketball  Association) the players are very strong.  This lesson is going to support me in life as I grow into a young man. In the  long run, this is a lesson because if you noticed that you can be something, fulfil it!     

How To Be A Middle Linebacker - By Kemari E. Ward   I have played football since I was 4 years old my dad was the one who inspired me  to play it and plus it runs in the family. Growing up, I was always overweight  compared to the average kids. for most of my football years I played football I played  defensive line. And on my way back from practice my dad would always tell me how  he played middle linebacker and how good he was. A middle linebacker is the 

defensive captain. He is the center of the defense who lines up behind the defensive lineman. One day I remember asking, “Dad, do you ever think I can play middle  linebacker.” he looked at me and said “well you know your a little too big for that, so  I don't think so.”  So, tried to lose weight . I told my dad what I wanted to do and he helped me  with working out , the exercises that we did were running , jumping ability and  reaction. The diet I was on, and the dedication to the work I did helped me lose 15  pounds. During the offseason I started working out with the linebackers and that’s  who my dad coached . I remember the first thing my  father said to all of us “ read and react !” he had us  do a drill where we watch to see if the coach (my  dad) hands off the ball or drops back everyone  messed up including me because we always  anticipated his “pattern”.  After about a week I perfected the drill and I just  figured out there was no pattern and it was just  reading and reacting. My dad told me that playing  middle linebacker will teach me great lessons for life  and i didnt then but I do now realize that all the  techniques we use is similar to the situations. For  example a middle linebacker is the captain he has to  be a able to orchestrate the difference I may need to  be a boss or a manager one day and i need to take  control of the people who work for me and give  them orders .  In all honesty becoming a middle linebacker  has taught me many important lessons that I must  carry on in life one how to never give up on something I believe in, is to how to  conduct a team , always keep your head up and observe everything. I may sometimes  use these skills but they will help me when I begin to mature more and get older. 

Do The Right Thing! - By: Elijah Cadet-Melhado   As a young child, my mom always made me take care of my chores and work  before I had fun. When I was ten, my main chores on Saturday were to wake up,  walk the dog, finish up any remaining homework, & then clean the bathroom. My  mom made it clear that I was not able to watch television, or play on my game system  until I took care of my chores. Every single Saturday as a child, I would dreadfully 

wake up at the thought of “doing chores”. I thought my mother was being cruel, or mean for giving this much work for a young child. Little did i know, she was teaching  me a life lesson.  I didn't realize until a couple of years  later, but my mom was teaching me to take  care of my responsibilities before I even  thought of having fun. My mom would often  yell at me or punish me if I didn't take care of  my chores. This taught me to always take  care of my responsibilities. Fast forward a  couple of years: I realized that my mom’s rule  made a tremendous impact on my life. I  would always take care of my homework and  chores before I went out to have fun,  opposed to my friends who would wait  last-minute to get their work done. This  improved my school work and grades. On  the other hand, my friends habits of having  fun before taking care of their caused them to get bad grades. I would always hand in  assignments on time, and if I needed help with anything, I had plenty of time to ask.   I realized that all my peers didn't learn the same lesson as my mom taught me.  And this called them to often fail assignments because they chose to have fun instead  of taking care of their responsibilities first. I know that my moms lesson will  positively affect me in the future as it has in the past & current day. Even now, i  realize that out of my peers, the ones who take care of their responsibilities end up  having better grades & more opportunity, meanwhile my peers who don't take care of  their responsibility tend to have less opportunity and failing grades. I know my  mom’s rule will affect me in the future because I already see how it is positively  affecting me now.    

Everyday Before School - By: Justin Castellanos     One thing that I learned as a child that taught me responsibility is to Clean the  bedroom everyday before school or on the weekend. My parents taught me this  when my mom would always clean my messy bedroom and she finally showed me  how to keep it clean. She showed me how to fold the blankets, Clean the dresser, and  Sweep the room. The other kids haven't learned this because their room is always 

dirty whenever I go to their house Such as clothes being on the floor and everything is very dusty and the sheets are messy. They also don't show  any responsibility for anything they do. Such as asking their  parents for everything still.  This will help me in the future because I can take  responsibility for my own actions. Actions such as me not  having to ask my friends for money or to borrow anything  or school loans. I can also take care of myself and own my  own house or apartment. Then there's other people that  will rely on their parents for everything which won't allow  them to actually experience the world. That's why having  responsibilities is a very great and hard task. Even though I never liked cleaning it  because I wanted to be playing video games this still made me responsible.       

NEVER BACK DOWN - By :Kayden Superville  

One thing that I learned that my mom taught me was to never give up. Never giving  up no matter what the task is. When I  was young in kindergarten I started to  learn. I would try and try my hardest  and she wouldn't let me give up. She  taught me and gave me examples.  Weeks later and I finally got it. I listen  to my and we were both happy at the  end.  I see it in others all the time.  Nobody should ever give up on  anything.   Giving up is just basically telling yourself  that your not capable of doing the task at hand. On day, I was watching YouTube and  saw my favorite basketball team play. It was the championship game. They were  down by ten but they didn't give up yet. ‘They turned up the heat”, meaning they  started to go even harder than before. At the end they ended up winning by 10.  Another time I was watching my favorite player, Reggie Miller. He played for the  Pacers . They were playing against the Knicks and they were down. He shot the 3 

pointer. Leading towards that after, he stole the ball and hit another three. They ended up winning the game because Reggie Miller gave up.  In my life ,now, this has helped me alot. It has helped me work for an  scholarship to go to an great school. I would always follow and remember what my  mother has taught and told me. It will help me in the future by helping me get  through tough times that i will go through. In life I would have bumps in the road  but, I have to get through them and try my hardest no matter what is going on.   

Doing Laundry By: Gordon Zheng   When  I  was  little  my  parents  always  taught  me  how  to  be  responsible.  Like  looking  at  both  sides  before  crossing  or  doing  your  own laundry.  They always taught  me  to  look  after  myself.  My  parents  told  me  to  bring  my  laundry  basket  to  the  basement  every  friday  or  saturday  to  wash and dry.  In  the  same  day  or  the  day  after  I  had  to  fold  and  hang  my clothes.   One  day  both  my  mom  and  my  dad  decided  it  was time to do my own laundry.  I got my own laundry  basket.  They  taught  me  how  to  put  laundry  detergent  in  the  washer  and  how  to  use  the  dryer.  They  also  taught me how to fold and hang my clothes.  This  not  only  taught  me  how  to  to  laundry,  but  it  also taught me to be responsible.  In middle school some students forget their lunch  or  an  assignment  that  was  due  that  day.  They  probably  weren’t  taught  to  do  their  laundry.  Because  of  my  parents  I  learned  to  look  after  myself  and  bring  my  assignments,  learned  how  to  pack  my  own  bags  and  much  more.  By  learning  to  do  laundry  in  the  future  I  can  be  more  organized  and  be  a  more  reliable  person.  When  I’m in senior year or maybe in college I can bring my assignments and other essentials.         The Room - By: Christopher Amos  When I was younger, by maybe a few years, my mother always told me to  “keep your things organized”, and I did. It helped a lot since she started to tell me  this. Mostly in school and at home, which is the only place I can keep my things  organized. Organized means to have everything nice, clean, and in order. It is  something really simple, but some people just don’t take advantage of that simplicity. 

I started to be an “organized person” when I was about 10. Now I do many other things around the house like, dusting, laundry, dishes, etc. There was one thing  that was not apart of my “to do” list, and that was cleaning my own room. So one  day my mother purposely  disorganized my room. She then  said “Try to clean and organize  your room”. I thought to myself  “Okay, how hard could this be,  you do everything else by yourself,  so why not this?” I planned this  out carefully. First organize the  clothes in the closet, then make  your bed, then clean up the toys  and games, and finally vacuum the  floor. I didn’t really need to ask  how to do this because like I said  before, doing something like this  is really simple. This was the time that my mother started to tell me “keep your things  organized”.  Today this method of organization helps me to find things more easily,  especially in school. Unlike me, I don’t notice this kind of organization in my peers.  They always have messy lockers with paper and books everywhere. In the future, this  could potentially help with college and job applications and any other thing that I  need to be organized for.     

Lesson - By: Luis Cruz   One thing that I learned as a kid was to take  responsibility of things that I do. No matter if it  was something wrong, or right my parents always  told me this every time I did something wrong .  The way that I was thought this was when I used  to get into trouble with my parents. Always they  knew that I did “it”, so they would know if I was  lying. So they would say that it is better to take  responsibility instead of lying. 

I've seen other people learn this lesson later on and when I see people lying. It would probably have been better if they would of told the truth but they lied so it  didn't turn out too good for them. This applies to my life now because I realized if I  tell the truth people would trust me more instead of people finding out that i lied they  probability of them trusting me is very low.    

The Lesson That I’ll Never Forget - By: Jordan Molina   When I was in the sixth grade, I would always leave  the front door unlocked. I would go outside to play  basketball with my brother and friends. My dad would  always remind us to lock the front door before we left to go  play ball. Some days it would be annoying because he kept  repeating himself multiple times. For years my dad would be  a constant pain in my neck because every afternoon and  weekend when I went outside to play he would always say  the same thing.  One afternoon, I was rushing outside to play  basketball on a Friday afternoon. My friends were waiting  for me and I was running behind, and I did not want to run  back upstairs to my room to get my house keys. All I wanted to do was to go play  basketball because it was the first week of summer vacation. I left the house around  11:00 A.M with my brother and my friends. I headed to Juniper Valley Park in Middle  Village. I spent the entire day playing basketball, riding bikes and hanging out with  my friends.   I knew I always had to be home by dinner time so I left the park around 6:00  P.M with my brother. When we got home everything seemed normal. My dad’s car  was in the driveway and my mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I went up to my  room and took a shower and washed up for dinner. As always we ate dinner as  normal. After dinner I went up to my room to play video games. When I went into  my room I sat down in front of my TV and went to grab my playstation 3 controllers  but they were missing. I figure that my brother took them and was using them. So I  didn’t think twice about it. I then went to grab my laptop to play World of Warcraft,  then noticed that I could not find my laptop. It was also missing. I was getting mad  because I could not find it.  I went downstairs and asked my mom if she had seen my computer and she  said no, go ask your father. I went into the living room where my dad was watching 

TV and asked him if he had seen my laptop. At the same time my brother was looking for his beats headphones and could not find them. I asked my dad again if he  had seen my laptop and he responded with “ did you lock the front door?” I got even  angrier because he did not answer my question and all he was concerned about again  was locking the front door. My dad repeated again did you lock the front door so I  answered him knowing that I would get in trouble and said no.  My dad said “I came home early today because I got a call from the police  department. Someone broke into our house and took many electronics from the  bedrooms and basement. I was shocked and scared and more importantly upset that  all of my belongings were stolen. For days I was upset that I didn’t take that extra  time to run up stairs and get my keys before I went to play basketball at the park. As  the summer went on I was mad almost everyday because I  was no longer able to play video games with my friends. I  knew my parents could not afford to buy a new playstation  and a new laptop so I had to deal with the consequences of  no locking the front door.  As the summer ended, my dad came into my room one  evening and asked me if I know understood why I always  reminded you to lock the front door, and I said yes. From  that day on I locked the door every time I left the house.  That night my dad bought me back my laptop and play  station that i thought was stolen. I was really happy that I had my electronics back. I  understood the importance of locking the front door so nobody would walk into the  house and steal our property. From that day on even at school I always make sure my  lockers are locked and I always remind my friends to lock their lockers.             

Personal essay English 9 period 8 Mr. Donohue  
Personal essay English 9 period 8 Mr. Donohue  

2017-18 freshman personal essays about learning responsibility.