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Collection of unique Tattoo's. Batman edition


Unique Tattoo’s: Batman Edition Unique Tattoo’s: Batman Edition Please enjoy my Batman edition of unique tattoo‘s. Batman: I am a huge batman fan so when I saw this I fell in love right away with it. I love anything cowboy and batman so I am thinking of getting my own unique tattoo of batman wearing a cowboy hat. Have his batman ears pointing through the hat.

Unique Tattoo: Bane The Joker:

Unique Tattoo: Batman Bane:


Unique Tattoo: Catwoman & Poison Ivy Riddler:

Unique Tattoo: The Joker Catwoman & Poison Ivy:

Unique Tattoo: Riddler Harley Quinn:

Unique Tattoo: Harley Quinn Two Face:


Unique Tattoo: Two Face Well there you have it. A full collection of batman and friends unique tattoo’s. Please leave me a comment and tell me what you thought of these. Find out how you can post blogs like this one and make money at the same time. Just click here. Source for pictures: Tatooset


Unique Tattoo's - Batman Edition  

A collection of my favorite bat tats