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January 13th, 2013

Published by: Miked

Do You Remember What it Was Like Playing In The Rain? Remember how free you felt playing in the rain? What happened to those feelings?

Do You Remember What it Was Like Playing In The Rain? | Mike dewald's Empower Network Blog Do you remember playing in the rain? It is Sunday morning here in Cincinnati and its raining. Personally I love the rain. But do you remember being a kid and not caring about anything? Just go play in the rain, get muddy, have fun, enjoy life. Then we grow up and forget what it was like. I am thankful I found the Empower Network so I can remember what it is like playing in the rain. Here stare at the picture below and remember back when you were a kid.

Remember the Feeling of Playing In The Rain? I equate the feeling of playing in the rain with freedom. Why? Because I remember how it felt to not care about anything but having fun. I didn’t care about my homework, didn’t care about my chores, sure as hell didn’t 1

January 13th, 2013

Published by: Miked

care about a job.

But its never too late to start over. That was something I realized once I saw this business.

I work on the 4th floor and we have these really tall windows where you can just stare

The Empower Network has given me back my dreams and they can give yours back to you

out at the work going on around me. as well.

Reminds me of being a kid and just staring out the window.

Learn To Play in The Rain Again

I want to be out there!!!!

It is never too late to rekindle the dreams you had as a kid. Remember the how free you felt playing in the rain. Remembering how it felt to go play with your friends and to have fun again. One of my dreams is to have a pontoon with all my friends who are free and just party all night long. I love all music but am partial to rock but I heard a country song that really embodies what I just said and turns out the song title is “Pontoon” I heard an old Amway tape once where they talked about having a party like this all night long.

At what point did we give ourselves permission to stop dreaming?

They could because every single one of them were free. Free to play.

It’s time you started dreaming again.

So What Happened Childhood Dreams?



Who Said Life Has to Be Blah!!! • At what point did you accept that life had to be boring and a chore?

Has time passed and you no longer remember what you used to dream of you’d be when you

• At what point did you accept the status quo?

grew up?

• At what point did you give up on your dreams?

I always wanted to be a writer and live wherever I wanted to. I love the U.S. so I wanted to write about my travels. Then I got in school and found out that I hated English classes so I never paid attention.

• At what point did you roll over and just wait to die? If you are doing the same thing day-inday out and you are expecting things to

So I went into Drafting and Design lol


You get the leap I’m sure.

You are fooling yourself.

Then that all fell apart and I did tech work.

It is up to you to change your life.

You can see how my childhood dream of being a writer is going. If you are one of those self driven types and have accomplished all your childhood dreams, then I say way to go. I wish I had followed mine.

It is up to you to remember what it felt like playing in the rain. Problem you face now is how do you get that back. There are many ways to do it but without a system you will struggle. Without knowing what to do you might just give up like you did earlier in your life. 2

January 13th, 2013

Published by: Miked

The Empower Network lays out a plan of attack for you to remember what it was like to be free. Live your dreams and stop settling.


Do You Remember Playing in the Rain?