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Michael Dettmers – Co-founder of Gylanix Solutions

Michael Dettmers is an author, speaker, and professional organization and design consultant. He is a successful entrepreneur with 35 years of international experience in transforming organizations by establishing team-based principles and practives, and by coaching management and teams in innovation, leadership, and communication.

In 1999, he co-founded Gylanix Solutions, a company that offered customized consulting services to clients including The Wildlife Center of Virginia, The PA Chamber of Business & Industry, The Europe Japan Center, Media Forum Ltd., Paine Webber, Amnex Inc., and PPL Global. In a paper entitled The Era of Knowledge Workers, Michael discusses how 20th century organizations were based on centralized corporate policies and procedures, and why these methods of control are not efficient in today’s highly globalized world where the workforce is better educated and culturally diverse.

He explains that in the 21st century teams, not individuals, are best suited to meeting the challenges of today’s organizations. Networks are more effective than hierarchies, and employees are seeking job satisfaction beyond just money and security.

Michael Dettmers and his team at Gylanix stressed the importance of organizations adopting an agile framework. In such organizations, the companies invested in continuing employee education and skill development through classes and on the job training. This allows employees to think outside the box and innovate. With innovation they bring more wealth to themselves and the company. In essence the employees become stakeholders in the company and equally responsible for its success.

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Michael Dettmers – Co-founder of Gylanix Solutions